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This semester I joined my first tabletop RPG campaign. It is a Pokemon campaign using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. Today I shall continue to tell the tales of our exploits! Be sure to read the previous chapters here first!

Sorry for the late post. I've been so busy with school work that I haven't had time to write these for a while. But now that I am on Thanksgiving break it's time to get caught up!

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The team decides the best option is to dump Zhukov on a random uninhabited planet to fend for himself. After doing so, they take a look at the data they recovered from the warehouse on Banton.

Morgan is able to determine that the Red Suns used the data they acquired from Gigan Station to create a virus to hack a warp gate. Dmitri, with his knowlege of the occult, can tell that it somehow enables the gate to be activated without destination coordinated. Knowing the Red Suns, Arlon suspects that they are probably trying to weaponize the gate somehow.

Putting their heads together, our heroes discover that this virus modifies the targeting system to allow the gate to be fired at local coordinates instead of launching ships across the galaxy to other warp gates. When fired, it creates a spacial rend, a tear in the fabric of warp space, that can really mess up whatever it is fired at.


Before heading to sector 25 to confront the Red Suns, the Dunsparce makes a stop in Sinai space to pick up some supplies. Morgan purchases a dawn stone and Arlon purchases a dusk stone for future use. Back on the ship, Morgan uses the dawn stone to evolve her Eevee into an Espeon. Shane uses the upgrade disc he acquired days earlier to evolve his Porygon, D.A.T.A., into a Porygon2.

Arlon then sets a course for sector 25!

While on the way, the team takes the time to train and run experiments. H creates a ridiculous super army knife with a bajillion different functions. He then analyzses the string shot capabilities of his Beedrill and Morgan's Beautifly, only after Morgan reluctantly agrees once H assures her that no harm will come to it.


As a result of training, Shane's Lotad evolves into Lombre and Arlon's Froakie evolves into Frogadier.

Upon dropping out of warp space, the crew of the Dunsparce find themselves in the middle of a space battle! A small fleet of Red Suns' and other pirates' ships are engaging three Federation cruisers. There also seems to be a small Sinai meditation sphere flying around and observing.


Arlon swings the ship in towards the Red Sun ship hovering near the gate and Dmitri opens fire upon it. Dmitri misses the first couple of shots as the vessel turns in order to return fire. Dmitri hits them dead on with the ion laser and disrupts their shields, he then lights them up with the proton laser and blows the ship up.

Arlon pulls the ship up and around the back of one of the Federation cruisers and flies inverted over the top of it so that Dmitri can get an angle on the ship firing on it. He downs its shields with the ion laser and then the cruiser blows it up.


On the sensors, Morgan picks up a strange warp signature as the gate begins to glow red instead of its typically bluish-purple. She senses something bad about to happen. The gate begins to glow even more intensely. One of the Federation cruisers attempts to fire but its shots bend around the target. The cruiser then begins to glow and get distorted.

The meditation sphere hails the Dunsparce and Arlon accepts the call.

"This is a dangerous area. The warp gate is behaving strangely. I advise you leave the area." a voice comes through in a Sinai accent.


"What about you?" Arlon asks the man.

"I felt a disturbance in the warp. I came here to investigate."

"We know what's happening." Arlon tells him.


"We've been pursuing these pirates for some time. They hacked the gate and are trying to use it as a weapon."


"If you wish to help, unhack the gate."

Arlon swings the ship back towards the gate, passing by the damaged cruiser which is getting ever more twisted up by the spacial rend. Morgan is able to hack into the gate and preventing further damage to the cruiser. She then fires it at one of the Red Suns' ships.


Meanwhile the third cruiser is taking heavy damage as the other non disabled cruiser continues to move towards it to assist. Arlon swings in and Dmitri opens fire on the Red Suns. After disabling a few more ships, the other turn tale and flee the system.

The cruisers then dock with each other to try to stabilize the pressure and put out the fires. One of the cruisers hails the Dunsparce.


"Thanks for the assist."

"No problem." Arlon replies.

"What happened here?" Morgan asks.

"We were attacked by pirates."

"What did they want?"

"We don't know. To destroy the gate maybe."

After the conversation ends, they are then hailed by the Sinai man again.

"You mentioned a disturbance..." says Morgan, "What kind?"

"What these pirates did here..." he says, "To this gate... It sent out fluctuations. Those trained in these matters are able to feel it. What are you doing here?"


"We've been tracking these pirates." Arlon explains.

"I would like to know your names."

"What's it to you?"

"You are interesting."

H suddenly comes flying into the room on his extendo-legs and magnetizes to the wall.


"I am Arahaoshyangha! The being that will achieve perfection!"

"I am Gilgamesh. Now you really interest me. I am a gym leader and student of the warp."


"We're trying to get to a sector without a gate." Morgan tells him.

"Ah. And you think this gate might help."

"We think we can re-purpose this virus to get us there." says Arlon.

"Messing with the warp in this way may be dangerous to you. Where are you going? I am curious."


"Here." Says Morgan after transmitting the coordinates.

"What is so special about these coordinates?"

"It's a job."

"There was a promise of knowledge." Dmitri chimes in.

"Ah. You seek knowledge. This reminds me of a tale. Have you ever considered the difference between humans and Pokemon?"


"Humans evolved from Pokemon, I know." says Dmitri.

Gilgamesh looks at him like he's crazy.

"Have you considered the difference?"

"Only humans are capable of good and evil." says Arlon.

"Ah, yes. It is said that at the beginning of time, when life began, it was simpler... and it was. In the beginning there were two trees, the tree of life and the tree of knowledge. It is said that most life ate from the tree of life and they became the first Pokemon. Some however ate from the tree of knowledge and became man. Those that did gained the knowledge of good and evil and the power to choose between them. This is the difference between humans and Pokemon. Pokemon cannot feel hate... nor love, as much as we would like them to."


"But we can still love our Pokemon." says Arlon.

"And in the end that is all that matters." says Gilgamesh, "Our love for our Pokemon help them to grow. Peace be with you."


Suddenly there is a loud explosion in the cargo bay.

"Damn it. I thought that would work. I'll deal with it." H says.

He drops off the wall and hurries off to the cargo bay. Arlon follows him to see what the problem is. Upon entering the cargo bay, they see a giant white sticky mess coating the walls.


"Someone had a good time." Dmitri jokes.

Morgan laughs nervously for a second before saying "Why did I give you my Beautifly again?"


"The shot was right but the pressure was too much." says H, "Seriously, does anyone have a dive ball? Oh never mind I'll buy one."

After dealing with the mess in the cargo hold, the crew finds that Gilgamesh had sent them a message.


"If you are looking to go to a gateless sector it is important to have a way back. This may help you."

Along with the message is a data package. It contains religious writings connected to the warp. I speaks of a being or beings that reside within the warp that seems to take travelers on their way and trap them and help those that are lost find their way. The rough translation states that it will interact only with "that which it finds interesting."


The party gets the sense that getting the attention of this warp being is the easy part. Getting it to do what you want is another matter entirely.

"Let's go!" says Arlon.

"Wait!" H protests, "We need a dive ball first!"

"There's no time! If we leave the Federation will have this sector locked down by the time we come back."


H resigns to downloading the schematics for a dive ball so he can attempt to make one on the way.

Working together, the time activates the gate with a re-purposed virus and it glows green. Arlon flies into the gate and the Dunsparce is launched into the unknown depths of warp space.


Meanwhile on one of the Federation cruisers an engineering officer reports the anomaly: "Uh sir, the colors and numbers are way off." If the Federation wasn't already on it's way, they definitely would be now.

As opposed to normal warp travel where it feels like going along a rail from Point A to Point B, this time it feels like the Dunsparce is being flung out of control. A sense of uneasiness and panic permeates throughout the ship.

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Arlon stares paralyzed out the front viewport in the cockpit into the void of warp space. The void stares back. It stares deep into his soul. Dmitri huddles up in a corner, freaking out, clutching his Sandile tightly. H, in a slight state of panic, magnetizes himself to the wall and hugs his Swablu for comfort, eventually falling asleep. Morgan and Shane remain levelheaded despite being very uneasy.


Morgan attempts to move Arlon away but his eyes remain locked with the void, he remains frozen in place. She tries to cover his eyes but that doesn't do anything. With help from Shane she is able to move him to his bed and they lock him in so he doesn't get in trouble.

Shane then hides away inside the computer. Dmitri attempts to calm himself by getting drunk.


After hours adrift in warp space, the paranoia is starting to set in. Morgan sits down by the computer and Shane attempts to calm her down. At this point Arlon is now aware of himself again, although he remains very distraught.

Suddenly the ship drops out of warp hard and throws everyone about. Morgan goes flying and smashes into a bulkhead. Arlon is snapped to his senses as he hits the floor, having been launched out of bed.


It would seem that the ship has hit something and has stopped moving. Arlon tries to exit his room but finds he has been locked in. He starts pounding on the door.

"Guys?! What happened? Can someone let me out?"

Shane gets H to attend to Morgan's injuries and then lets Arlon out of his room. Arlon then goes to the cockpit to see what happened. It seems that the ship has "landed" on a giant rock of some kind, perhaps a moon.


The ship is a bit banged up but otherwise all systems are okay, except for the sensors. Using a bunch of bullshit and a ton of string shot, the crew modifies the heat suit to serve as temporary second space suit. Dmitri takes the regular space suit, Arlon takes the modified heat suit, and they go outside to explore with Shane who is able to survive in the vacuum.

Looking around, Dmitri finds two moonstones and Arlon finds one as well. They pick up some life signs so they head in that direction. Emerging from a giant crater, a planet looms on the horizon, brown and barren. They stare in awe at the sight before them.

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"Guys... I think this is Earth... The origin planet." says Shane.

They are snapped back to the present situation when three Clefariy appear. They send out Aron, Rotom, and Beldum and prepare to engage the Pokemon.


One bounces up closer to them and Dmitri offers it a candy bar. It eats it. Shane shows it a Pokeball and it stares back blankly. He shows it a sitris berry and tries to bait it into the Pokeball but it just takes it and eats it. Shane is now pissed and switches out to Klefki.

Dmtiri sends out his Floete which is also a fairy type to try and commune with it. He then tries to catch it in a Pokeball but fails. The Clefairy backs off . Klefki angrily jingles it's keys and prepares for battle. Dmitri puts one to sleep and throws a great ball but fails again. Aron runs up and uses rockslide on two of the Clefairy. Both Dmitri and Shane attempt captures but both fail.


Beldum and Klefki use take down and astonish while the third Clefairy sings Aron to sleep. Aron immediately wakes back up. Dmitri throws one more Great ball and this time makes a successful catch. Shane does the same but fails. He then swaps back to Rotom.

Beldum lands another take down and the Clefairy responds with sweet kiss, confusing the Beldum. The other does the same to Aron. Aron snaps out of its confusion right away and uses rock slide again but misses. Dmitri uses confuse ray on one and Shane throws a pokeball for the capture! He names his new Pokemon R.A.G.E.


Rotom uses thundershock and Beldum uses stuggle on the last Clefairy. It then use double-slap on Beldum. Aron hits it with take down and Dmitri confuses it. Arlon then throws a pokeball and captures it.

After returning to the ship and reporting their findings to H and Morgan, the party flies the ship down to Earth. Scanning for various things, they get a lock on the faintest of life signs, only standing out because the planet is so dead. It seems to be coming from what was once South America.


Arlon takes the ship down into the fossilized jungle where the signal is originating from. After landing, our heroes exit the ship into the mild acid rain that sings ever so slightly. They track the signal down into a cave and descend into it.

Arlon sends out his Quilava to light up the area but H one-up him with electric lights. Suddenly a swarm of Zubat descend upon them from the ceiling! They're all dead and fossilized. They collect six fossils and move on.


Deeper down, they reach a purplish light. They exit into a big open chamber with a pool of water in the center. A giant rock-crystal structure of what was once a tree stands in the center of the pool.

Dmitri finds a helix fossil lying in the pool. He then approaches the tree and touches it. He gets a strange feeling. He then hugs it and feels warm inside. H collects some samples of the water. Dmitri drinks from the pool. It tastes crisp, cool, and clear. Good yet strange.


The signal appears to be emanating from the tree. Morgan approaches the tree and attempts to use her skrying ability that she discovered on Banton. She gets a few faint flashes but she's not sure what she sees. Glimpses of what might be a Pokemon. Flashes from its perspective, looking up at the tree. It appears to be out in the open, as a living tree, surrounded by ancient Pokemon. It cycles through from tree to rock to crystal and back to a tree again, slowly sinking into a cave as time passes.

She then senses a glimmer in the water in the spot that was looking up at the tree. There she finds a skull and lifts it out of the water. It seems to be an ancient Pokemon skull encased in crystal.

Illustration for article titled Spacemon - Chapter 9: Into the Void

H breaks off a piece of the tree and it turns black once it is separated.

They then return to the ship and take off. Before departing the system, they take several pictures of the planet Earth.


They then jump back into warp space with no plan, no destination, and no certainty of survival...

Session Notes: A lot of fun stuff happened this time. We got our first taste of space combat and it was fun. Finally got to put my pilot skills to the test! And then lots of RP fun on the way to Earth! Rolling low on focus and driving the party crazy. I had the lowest rolls as you might have been able to tell.


The Earth stuff was fun and I totally did not see it coming. But looking back now, what else would have been in the mystery sector? See you next time!

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