This semester I joined my first tabletop RPG campaign. It is a Pokemon campaign using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. Today I shall continue to tell the tales of our exploits! Be sure to read the previous chapters here first!


While Arlon, Shane, Morgan, and Dmitri were fighting their way through the water gym inside the space Wailord, H went on a bit of an adventure of his own. Having woken up in the lab after being knocked out by Shane, H found the ship empty and set out to explore the inside of what he viewed as a truly magnificent and superior being.

Still in a somewhat delusional state from being knocked out, H ventured forth and made his way to the brain of the Wailord. He found it higher than he could reach so he developed Amazing Device A to scale the wall and get above the brain. Amazing Device A is better known as string shot on a rope.

Once he made it up he experimented by shooting the brain with electricity. There was no response from the Wailord. He then fell down onto the brain and hit his head again. This allowed him to get in contact with the creature and it showed him the history of its people. The Wailord is lonely and subject to the whims of humans. But H comes to the realization that this Pokemon is using its surroundings, its human "master" to its own advantage.

In his delusions of believing he is in fact speaking with the Wailord, H determines that in order to progress in his destiny to become the most superior being he must use his surroundings. He must use his inferior companions. He must help them to help him achieve his goals. The Wailord then gives him a new name: Arahaoshyangha!


H then returns to the ship where he waits for only a brief time before his companions return from battling the water gym, soaked in Wailord's bodily fluids.

"Hello my friends. Welcome back." says H.

Arlon, Morgan, Dmitri, and Shane give each other very confused looks.

"I am a changed man!" H continues.

"I see...." says Arlon.

Eager to get cleaned up, they move on and take turns using the ship's tiny shower to cleanse themselves of Wailord goo.


After his turn in the shower, Shane speaks with H about their previous confrontation as they walk to the lab.

"I hope you learned my limits on what I will and will not allow." Shane tells H sternly.


"Of course." says H, "You have your limits and I have mine."

Before he can say anything more, H suddenly goes flying at the wall of the lab and his head becomes quite stuck to it. H explains that he has been messing around with magnetism. Having come to an understanding, Shane uses his telekinetic abilities to free H from the wall and the two begin working on some stuff in the lab together.


Once everyone is all cleaned up, Arlon takes the ship to the warp gate and makes the jump to Banton's sector. During the warp flight, Shane, Dmitri, Morgan, and Arlon take the time to train their Pokemon.


After dropping out of deep warp space, there's only a quick jump to Banton. Arlon takes the ship in and lands near the outskirts of one of the smaller settlements on the desert world where his old weapons dealer friend Korben Danstar operates.

On the walk into town, the party encounters some wild Pokemon. A Cacnea, a Sandile, and a Helioptile specifically. Arlon sends out his Froakie which uses water pulse to deal a big chunk of damage to the Sandile, confusing it in the process. The Helioptile charges itself up while Dmitri sends out his Scyther which uses false swipe on Sandile to bring it down to very low health.


Dmitri quickly throws a pokeball at it but he fails to capture it. Morgan then sends out her Beautifly which uses bug bite on Helioptile, dealing quite a bit of damage. The Sandile uses swagger on Froakie to pump its attack up and confuse it as Shane sends out his Porygon which uses agility. The Cacnea then attempts to use absorb but it misses. Dmitri then uses his hex maniac abilities to cause it to flinch. H sends out his Rhyhorn but he has it just roll around so as not to accidentally knock out any of the Pokemon they are trying to catch.

Arlon then throws a pokeball as the Sandile and successfully catches it. H then throws one at the Helioptile but it breaks out. Froakie then smacks itself in confusion and almost knocks itself out. Helioptile then uses parabolic charge in a desperate attempt to heal itself but Rhyhorn absorbs it with its lightning rod ability. The Helioptile is very confused as to why nothing happened.


Porygon then tackles the Cacnea and Scyther follows up with a false swipe. Beautifly attempts to use stun spore on it as well but misses. Rhyhorn continues to derp around as Dmitri casts hypnosis on Cacnea. Shane then throws a pokeball at it and successfully captures it.

Froakie snaps out of confusion while the Helioptile charges itself up again. Scyther uses false swipe on it and then H throws a great ball at it. Unfortunately he is unsuccessful. He immediately throws another and this time he is successful.


With all the Pokemon successfully captured, the team then heads into town and they make their way to Korben's shop. Upon entering they see racks of guns everywhere. Small arms, rifles, heavy weapons, laser swords, grenades, anything you could possibly imagine. However there doesn't appear to be anyone there. Arlon walks through the shop and locates his old friend in the back room checking inventory.


"I see business is just as good as ever." says Arlon to Korben whose back is turned to him.

"You certainly have an eye for it Arlon Jett." says Korben, turning around. He does not look at all surprised to see his old friend, "Still alive and kicking I see. What can I do for you?"


"I need weapons... and information. As usual."

It is at this moment that Shane walks into the room. Dmitri can be heard making loud noises in the main room.


"Friend of yours?" Korben asks.

"My new crew." Arlon replies.

"That would make sense"

"Indeed. I need to know where the Red Suns are operating here. I heard they were on the planet but couldn't get a specific location."


"And you think I might know."

"Of course. You know everything about the underworld on this planet."

"I heard something about them being here. In the capital surprisingly."

"Thanks old friend. Now let's get down to business. We need some weapons."

The team stocks up on weapons since all they have are two stolen laser pistols from Gigan Station. Arlon also grabs an incendiary cannon thinking it might be useful if they're going to hit the Red Suns.


On the way back to the ship Dmitri catches himself a Sandile. When they make it back, Arlon begins to fly the ship toward the big urban capital on the other side of the planet. H takes the time to make a cybernetic upgrade to his feet.

When they reach the other side of the planet, Arlon lands the ship in a docking bay and the team disembarks. They are greeted by a docking bay manager.


"Hello and welcome to Banton. The docking fee is one-hundred credits."

Between the five of them they easily pay the docking fee and then proceed into the city. They head to a bard favored by smugglers and other criminals to see if they can get any information on the whereabouts of the Red Suns.


They look around the bar but don't see anything out of the ordinary for a place like this. Arlon approaches the bar.

"What can I get you?" The Bartender asks.

"Actually, I'm looking for information." says Arlon.

"Funny how more people seem to order information than drinks." The bartender quips.


"I'm looking for the Red Suns."

"Never heard of 'em."


"Look pal, I just mix drinks."

He seems to be telling the truth so Arlon just orders a drink while looking around to plan his next move.


Bored, H approaches a random guy and asks him how his day is going while Dmitri joins Arlon at the bard to get a drink for himself.

"Uh... Who are you?" The man asks H apprehensively.

"I am the man who wishes to be enlightened by you."

"Okay? What do you want from me?"

"Tell me about your day, your week, your lifestyle! All there is to know so that I may improve myself."


"I'm a a farmer?"

Growing bored with this man, H walks off to find someone else to talk to.

Meanwhile Morgan looks around the bar looking for any sort of indication that someone here might be a Red Sun. Suddenly a weird feeling overcomes her and the place looks kind of different. She looks at a guy and suddenly she sees him working somewhere, moving creates in a warehouse, crates with Red Suns logos. Her vision then zooms out and gives her an indication of where it is located.


Morgan then looks up and everything seems to be back to normal. She looks very confused about what just happened to her and a bit shaken up. Shane notices her distress and walks over to her.

"Something wrong?" he asks her.

"I'm not sure. That's never happened before."


"I saw something."

"Like here... or what?"

"No not here. That's the really creepy part."

"What did you see?"

"I looked at that guy and he was somewhere else and I think he's a Red Sun."

"I'm gonna go get the rest of the group."

They all gather at the table and begin to discuss what happened. H puts his feet up on the table and everyone sees that he has replaced them with cybernetic feet.


"What happened to your feet?" Morgan asks.

"I have improved myself." H replies.

"I'm not gonna ask." says Shane.

"It's painful but I will learn through the pain."

"Okay..." says Arlon, "So what's up?" he asks trying to get the conversation back on track.


Morgan explains what happened and they resolve to go check out the location she saw since it is their only lead. As they walk to the warehouse, they notice a Trubbish in a dumpster but decide to leave it alone.

They soon arrive at the warehouse and discover that the door is locked. Arlon and H climb up to the window to get a look inside. There are some grunts moving crates around just like Morgan saw in her vision. There is also a large bald guy directing them. Arlon recognizes him as Kiril Zhukov, one of his old allies back when he was part of the Red Suns. It will be a tough fight if they have to go against him.


Arlon opens the window and H stealthily lowers him down on a rope. He then sneaks up closer in order to listen in.

"Hurry it up! The boss wants this cargo delivered now!" Zhukov yells at the grunts in his thick Romanov accent. The grunts appear to be loading the crates onto a ship.


Arlon sneaks back to the door and opens it up unfortunately a grunt sees it open and sees Dmitri just standing there. Dmitri just waves at the confused worker. Arlon runs up to him and chokes him out but he manages to let out an audible sound before he gets knocked out. Arlon quickly drags the body out of site as Dmitri runs into the warehouse and hides with Arlon.

"It came from over here!" a grunt shouts. It sounds like they're around the corner. Arlon quickly climbs up on top of the stack of crates. Dmitri is not fast enough and the guys come around the corner and see him and Arlon who is reaching to pull him up.


"Boss I found 'em!" one of them shouts. Arlon runs along the crates and jumps down in front of them and looks very intimidating.

"Don't try anything." he says to them and the pair turn tail and run.

Meanwhile another pair of grunts run out the door to investigate. Morgan blasts one of them with confusion and knocks him down. The two grunts then freak out and run away from the warehouse.


"I didn't get paid for this!" one screams.

Morgan is again very confused and worried about what just happened to her.

H then comes in through the window and asks what's going on.

"We've been spotted." Arlon tells him.

"Wonderful!" H exclaims in excitement.

They can here the sound of Zhukov walking up the path between the rows of crates. Arlon releases his Quilava and the others follow suit, sending out Scyther, Solrock, and Rotom.


"Greetings comrade!" Dmitri shouts to his fellow Romanov from atop the crates and gives him a wave. He is currently the only one the Zhukov can see as Arlon and H are behind the crates and Shane and Morgan are still outside.

Zhukov waves back at Dmitri and then grabs a heavy weapon off his back and aims it at Dmitri. Rotom tries to use thunder wave on him but he dodges out of the way.


Arlon then runs around the corner and joins the fray. Zhukov sees him and looks very surprised to see that Arlon is alive and in the warehouse. Then his surprise turns into a very pissed off expression.

"Arlon Jett! You have balls coming here!"

He then reaches down to his belt and grabs two pokeballs. He throws them out and releases two Electrodes.


"We shall see whose balls are bigger!"

"Compensating much?" Dmitri goads Zhukov against his better judgement. Zhukov responds by firing his cannon at Scyther. A giant blast of ice hits Scyther and freezes it solid.


One of the Electrodes targets Quilava and then charges at it with rollout but it misses and goes hurdling past towards the wall. The other one does the exact same thing but this one hits Quilava dead on.

Dmitri switches out to his Haunter while Quilava fires an ember at the Electrode that hit it and burns it. Rotom then hits the other one with confuse ray. Solrock then blasts the burned one with ancient power.


H kicks his legs up and fires his foot at the wall and it magnetizes to it and pulls him at it with a large length of cable. Using his momentum he flips himself up and magnetizes himself to the ceiling as he throws out his Rhyhorn thirty feet in the air above Zhukov. Rhyhorn uses stomp in mid-air and crashes down on Zhukov doing massive damage to him and knocking him out.

Unfortunately this causes his other two Pokemon to come out of their pokeballs. A Weezing and a Gengar, In response Arlon and Shane switch to Sandile and Porygon.


The burned Electrode bounces off the wall at an increased speed and hits Sandile with another rollout. The other Electrode also bounces off the wall at an even faster speed and covers itself over with ice as it rolls at Rhyhorn but it misses and bounces off some crates.


The Gengar then shoots a focus blast at Porygon and knocks it out instantly. Haunter throws a shadow punch at Gengar but Gengar interrupts with sucker punch. Haunter survives the hit and still lands a blow on Gengar. Shane then switches out to Rotom again. Solrock then hits Weezing with confusion and Weezing hits Rotom with sludge bomb.

Feeling more confident in her new found abilities, Morgan also blasts Weezing with confusion while Dmitri jumps off the crates an grabs another heavy weapon off of the unconscious Zhukov. Meanwhile Arlon jumps up onto another stack of crates to get a better view while Shane switches to Klefki.


The two Electrodes are moving even faster now and have bounced back for another hit. One hits Sandile with rollout and the other hits Rhyhorn with ice ball. Sandile responds by trapping the Electrode in a sand tomb and fainting it.

H fires a charge beam from the ceiling which boosts his special attack. Rhyhorn absorbs the beam with lightning rod. Klefki attempts to hit Gengar with fairy wind but misses. Solrock tries to use psywave on it but misses as well.


Weezing floats over to Shane and his pokemon and explodes! The blast instantly faints Klefki and almost kills it. Shane teleports out just in time, leaving a wake of glitchiness behind him. He looks very shaken up. Weezing leaves behind a poisonous aftermath that does damage to both Haunter and Gengar.


Rhyhorn fires a rock blast at Gengar but it dodges out of the way. Morgan then uses confusion on it and knocks it out. Dmitri casts hypnosis on the remaining Electrode and puts it to sleep. It is moving very fast now and it keeps rolling along in its sleep.

Cacnea fires a pin missile at Electrode and Sandile follows up with Assurance, dealing a big chunk of damage. Rhyhorn stomps on it and does even more damage but also wakes it up in the process. Before it can do anything else, Dmitri strikes it with his laser sword and finishes it off.


With the battle won, H drops down from the ceiling and the party then loots the area. They find some credits on Zhukov and split them up evenly. Dmitri finds a TM for venoshock in one of the crates, Morgan finds a hyper potion, Shane finds anther incendiary cannon, H finds a thunderstone, and Arlon finds a shiny stone.

They then search the warehouse for any clues that might help them out. In the small administrative office, they find a laptop and not much else. Morgan hacks into the laptop and discovers data on Gigan station and the warp gate in that sector.


The information looks useful so they take the laptop and then tie up Zhukov and bring him back to the ship. They lock his Pokeballs up in the lab and then wake him up in the cargo hold for interrogation.

"Wha..? Where am I?" he asks groggily.

"That's not important right now." says Arlon. He puts his foot on Zhukov's broken ribs and applies some pressure, "What are you planning?"


"I have nothing to say to you." he tells Arlon angrily.

Arlon responds by pushing down harder but Zhukov simply spits blood at him.

Dmitri tries cutting off Zhukov's beard and feeding it to him but nothing seems to happen.


Morgan then tries using confusion on him which sends him into a very confused state.

"Ready to start talking?" Arlon asks, but Zhukov seems to be very out of it now.


"Where am I?"

Morgan decides to try some deception and somehow convinces the confused Zhukov that everyone is a Red Sun.


"What's the plan?" Arlon asks Zhukov.

"We're using the virus we created from the Gigan data to hack the warp gate."

"Where is the virus?"

"Only the boss knows."

"Where is the boss?"

"In sector twenty-five."

It seems that they got all they could out of him so the other mess with him a little bit.


"Would you rather fight a Ponyta sized Farfetch'd or a hundred Farfetch'd sized Ponyta?" Shane asks. Zhukov seems very confused by the question.

"How has your day been?" H asks.

"It is alright." Zhukov replies, "I am not feeling so good." he says and then throws up. H hits him with an electric shock and knocks him out again.


They treat his wounds and then tie him back up and plan their next move. Arlon advises against it, but the other decide to wonder trade Zhukov's Pokemon. Dmitri gets a Floette, Morgan gets a Pidgeot, Shane gets a Trapinch, and H gets a Swablu. Shane trades the Trapinch to Dmitri for his Houndour and H sells Shane his Lotad.

With the trading done, the gang works out what to do with Zhukov.

Session Notes: We finally had all our players back again! H's player came up with some crazy story of what his character was doing while we were fighting the gym. It provided a change in his character so that he would be less of a dick to everyone else's characters and give all of us some amusement.


With our party in tact we could focus on some plot! We headed to Banton and delved into more of my character's backstory. That meant fighting one of the Red Suns characters I came up with: Kiril Zhukov. I told DragonStorm he favored exploding Pokemon so he built a team consisting of Pokemon that all knew the move explosion! Everyone would have hated me if more than just the Weezing actually used it though.

The fight was made way more interesting when H's player did some crazy stuff with his feet. And then he rolled a nat 20 on Rhyhorn's stomp so it messed Zhukov up so bad. Fun! See you next week with chapter 9!