Spacemon - Chapter 7: Belly of the Beast

This semester I joined my first tabletop RPG campaign. It is a Pokemon campaign using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. Today I shall continue to tell the tales of our exploits! Be sure to read the previous chapters here first!


Upon returning to the ship, barely seconds after getting back on board, Dmitri uses his psychic abilities to cast confuse ray on Arlon, inconveniently as soon as Morgan decided to rant at him.

"Arlon Jett was it?" Morgan asks him menacingly.

"What....?" says a completely disoriented Arlon.

"This is not okay. I can almost deal with this warp bullshit, but if we're going to die, it better not be because of something so mundane. "


It is at this moment that Shane arrives on the scene, having returned from the lab. He is very confused as to why there seems to be a lot of tension between the party members.


"From now on," continues Morgan, "with anything that concerns any of us... There will be no lies, half-truths, deceptions, or obfuscations. Otherwise I will not hesitate to push you out the airlock."

"Woah man that's intense." Says Arlon, still in his confused state.

"Uh... What's going on? Shane asks.

It is at this moment that Arlon manages to finally snap out of his confusion.

"He knew who those pirates were." Morgan angrily explained.

"Pirates?" asks Shane who still isn't that familiar with the past exploits of the party.


"You know, the pirates who blew up the station where we all met." Arlon tells him.

"Oh right. I remember you telling me about that."

"Well.... I may have neglected to mention that I used to run with them... back when they were an respectable team of bounty hunters... I'm sorry I didn't tell you guys. I was waiting for the right opportunity but then stuff happened. But what about you? Where the hell have you been? Where is H anyway?"


Before Shane can give any explanation, Dmitri suggest that everyone get to know each other a bit more. Morgan seems to think that she has nothing to hide but Shane thinks she's full of crap.

"Really? It seems like with that code you were trying to decipher... You were really into it and I don't think that could have been passion alone."


"What would you know about passion?" asks an angry Morgan, "You're just a computer."

"How do you know about that?"

"You told us."

"Oh... Uh.. right..."

"I'm just a student from Geneva." Morgan continues, "There's nothing else to is."


"You still might be hiding something."

"I'm not the one who should be grilled here." says an angry Morgan, "What about you? Who the hell are you anyway?" she asks Dmitri.


"Well... Um... My parents were Romanov researchers and I grew up on a Romanov research station. It was an old station that was a hot spot for paranormal Pokemon activity that the Romanovs were researching. Once I was old enough, I left the Romanov Union and I didn't return until we delivered the package to the Alexi System."

"What package?" Shane asks.

"Shortly after we acquired this ship we made a deal to deliver a package in exchange for a warp drive." Arlon explains, "It turned out to be a fossil of a Pokemon called Genesect and the Romanov are using it to clone an army."


"Anyway, what the hell happened in the lab?" Arlon asks.

"Science." says Shane.

"Now whose being evasive?" Morgan asks.

"H and I were experimenting with the goo on various objects. A key chain, a loaf of bread, and a potted plant."


"We had bread and weren't eating it?" Arlon asks.

"Yeah I just kind of found it."

"I take it it's no longer safe to eat." says Arlon.

"I would assume so. Not that it was before. It now regenerates but I wouldn't eat it."


"So where's H anyway?"

"He's in the lab."

The four make their way to the lab but there is no H to be found.

"Well he was here." says Shane.

Morgan has a feeling Shane isn't telling them something and heads over to the closet and opens it up. An unconscious H falls out right on top of her.


"I can explain." says Shane.

"I'm sure you can..." says Morgan who is still fuming, "Would you care to begin?"


"You know how pushy H can be. When he finally realized I was an AI he wanted to put me in a computer and trap me there to experiment. That's the very reason I ran away from Sinai."

Dmitri pokes H's body while the discussion is happening.

"I never really liked him anyway." says Morgan.

"You could have told us." Arlon tells him.

Shane and Arlon pick H up off the floor and lay him down on the medical bed and then figure out how to work things out.


"As long as we can all understand each other from now on I suppose things will be alright." says Morgan before storming out of the lab.

"Is there something wrong with her?" Shane asks.

"Absolutely." says Arlon, "but we have no idea what. Now I think we best be heading to Banton now. We have a lead on getting to that uncharted sector."


Arlon heads to the bridge and pulls the ship off the station on Manitou V. He sets a course for the warp gate and flies away from the large gas giant.

As the Dunsparse approaches the gate the sensors start to pick up a string signal. It seems to be something coming out of warp space. With their combined knowledge, the party can tell that is definitely not a ship. Messing with the sensors, Morgan is able to clean up the signal. It seems to be some kind of Pokemon cry.


Just then a giant pink space Wailord drops out of warp space and flies directly at the ship.


"What the fuck is that!?" shouts Arlon. He tried to turn the ship away but the Wailord pursues. He then pulls a risky flight manuver, turning the ship around with a hard Immelmann turn and then fires the engines to maximum, flying full speed at the Wailord in an attempt to dodge past it. Unfortunately, the Wailord opens its mouth wide and swallows the ship.

Dmitri tries to run to the weapons but the ship shakes and he falls over. A rush of water pushes the ship deep inside. After several minutes the ship comes to a standstill in what appears to be the stomach. The ship is laying on a large fleshy island in a pool of stomach acid.


There appears to be a man inside this behemoth, standing a ways away from the ship. He's wearing a fancy naval uniform though it appears to be wet and covered in goo. He waves at the ship and the four shaken up heroes disembark.

"Sorry about that. Seems Wailord here has taken a liking to you."

"That's... a nice way to put it..." says Morgan.

"Terribly sorry, but since you're here... this is the water gym."

"There's a water gym inside a Pokemon?" Shane asks.

"Yes." the man says.

The party proceed to ask him many questions such as what he eats and what drugs he might be on. The real question is if they will be able to leave if they battle him.


"Of course." says the man.

"Can we get out without battling?" Dmitri asks.

"Now where's the fun in that?" the man asks.

"Let's do it." says Arlon confidently.

"'I'm Captain Benz by the way. What are your names?"





"Well met! To defeat this gym you must make it to the end."

Benz then hops across the fleshy islands to what appears to be the exit where he turns around and watches. The party send out Porygon, Pikachu, Scyther, and Deino. They run to the shore and a Dragalge emerges from the acid.


Pikachu sprints to the shore an hops across to a nearby island while Scyther uses wing attack on the Dragalge and deals a bit a damage. Deino runs to the shore and uses dragonbreath which only succeeds in paralyzing the other dragon.


Shane recalls Prygon and sends out his newly acquired Klefki which he obtained when a keychain was exposed to the goo.

Dragalge uses sludge wave, hitting both Scyther and Pikachu and dealing a lot of damage. Pikachu responds by using slam to deal some damage back but it is also poisoned due to Dragale's poison point.


Scyther flies back to Dmitri so he can heal it with a potin while Klefki moves in range and uses metal sound to lower Dragalge's special defense. Deino then uses crunch to do a solid chunk of damage.

Dragalge floats off into the acid and then uses dragon pulse to take Deino down. Arlon then sends out Aron. Morgan uses a super potion on Pikachu while Scyther flies over and uses wing attack to deal more damage to Dragalge.


Klefki then uses fair wind but Dragalge's special defense is still too high for it to do anything. Dragalge then launches a sludge bomb at Scyther, nearly fainting it. Aron uses rock slide to deal a lot of damage to Dragalge and then Scyther finishes it off with one more wing attack.

Benz nods approvingly in the distance and then proceeds to the next "room." The party follows and find themselves in some kind of sac between the stomach and the esophagus. They send out Aron, Rotom, Abra, and Treecko for this round just as a Seismitoad emerges from around the bend and uses aqua ring.


Arlon switches out to Froakie first thing as Aron is not the best choice for this fight. Rotom moves in range and confuses the large toad Pokemon. Treecko uses absorb to deal some damage. Dmitri then switches out his Abra for Haunter. Froakie then hits Seismitoad with a pound attack to deal a bit of damage.

Seismitod heals from aqua ring before it leaps forward and uses earthquake. Froakie faints and Treecko takes some damage. Haunter and Rotom are both unaffected. Treecko uses absorb again and Haunter uses nightshade. Rotom then uses astonish. While it does no damage to Seismitoad, Rotom succeeds in startling it and stopping it in it's tracks.


Arlon sends out Mightyena who then uses crunch but it misses. Treecko attempts to absorb again but misses as well. Haunter lands a shadow punch and Rotom astonishes the Seismitoad and causes it to flinch once more. It also deals a sliver of damage.

Treecko uses absorb again and lands a critical blow and Haunter lands another nightshade. Seismitoad slams itself in it's face in confusion. Shane switches out to Porygon while the other Pokemon all land some blows. Seismitoad has been healing all the while with aqua ring so it's still standing.


Desperate for health, Seismitoad uses drain punch on Mightyena. Mightyena responds by landing another crunch and beating it's health back down. Haunter puts the thing to sleep while Treecko and Porygon finish it off with absorb and psybeam.


With another victory, the party proceed into the Wailord's esophagus with Klefki, Treecko, Aron and a freshly evolved Kadabra. Benz stands behind a Clawitzer, waiting.

"You may fire when ready." he says to his Pokemon before leaving.

Kadabra leads off by moving up and hitting Clawitzer with confusion. Klefki follows up by moving up as well and using metal sound. Treack also moves up and uses absorb. Clawitzer then takes aim at Kadabra and fires off a dark pulse, fainting it instantly. It clamps its claw down and an audible click is heard as it "reloads."


Aron runs up to Clawitzer and uses rock slide to deal a lot of damage and flinch it. Dmitri then sends out Haunter which uses nightshade. Klefki moves up into Clawitzer's face and uses draining kiss to deal some more damage. Treecko uses absorb but misses. Aron then charges with take down to deal more damage. Haunter confuses Clawitzer and Klefki uses metal sound again. Treecko lands one more absorb before Clawitzer launches an aura sphere at Aron, causing it to faint.


Arlon sends out his Mightyena which misses with crunch as soon as it is released. It is no matter since Klefki finishes off Clawitzer with draining kiss. As it goes down, it fires a water pulse at the ceiling which soaks everyone.

After the battle, Treecko evolves into Grovyle. Before proceeding, Morgan and Dmitri switch to Pikachu and Slugma and Arlon uses a potion to heal Mightyena.


The next area appears to be the back of Wailord's throat. A Starmie flies out and hits Mightyena with a water pulse, causing it to faint. Arlon quickly switches to Cyndaquil which uses flame wheel to do a bit of damage. Pikachu then uses volt tackle to deal massive damage and paralyze Starmie. Pikachu takes a heavy hit from recoil and then faints due to being poisoned from the Dragalge.


Klefki and Slugma use metal sound and smog while Morgan switches to Grovyle. Cyndaquil then uses ember to deal some more damage. Klefki whittles it down further and then Grovyle lands the final blow with absorb as Starmie is paralyzed and can't move. Cyndaquil evolves into Quilava after the fight.

"Hmm. Impressive." Says Benz before leaving into yet another area. After gathering their wits and switching out some Pokemon, the party follows Benz and arrive in a large chamber filled with water. Benz stands on a small fleshy island in the center. A small boat sits in the water.


Morgan and Arlon get into the boat with their Pokemon Totodile and Houndour and start rowing. Ripples start forming along the water and a Gyarados burts out of the water and uses aqua ring.

Haunter flies up to Gyarados and the two roar at each other. Gyarados intimidates and frightens Haunter, Houndour, and Totodile, but Haunter also frightens the Gyarados.


Gyarados dives back into the water and swims around. Houndour uses the time to howl and boost its attack while Klefki blasts metal sound into the water. The party are unsure if it did anything. Gyarados emerges in front of Klefki and blasts it with flamethrower. Haunter uses night shade while Totodile and Houndour scratch and bite it.


Klefki uses draining kiss but the Gyarados dodges by diving down deep into the water. The other Pokemon can't do much else but wait for it to reemerge. Shane takes the time to heal Klefki with a potion.

The boat is a little over halfway to the island but it's not fast enough as the Gyarado charges up from below the water and sends the boat flying. Arlon dives off at the last second while Morgan uses protect to break her fall. Both Totodile and Houndour take damage, but Houndour faints because it is a fire type. Just before it collapses, Houndour evolves into Houndoom!


Haunter curses Gyarados to negate the effects of aqua ring while Morgan and Arlon climb onto the island. Arlon sends out Quilava, his last remaining Pokemon. Totodile, Quilava, and Klefki hit Gyarados with scratch, ember, and fairy wind to deal quite a bit of damage. Gyarados dives under again and emerges behind Totodile and fires off a hyper beam! The beam hits Totodile and faints it, but not before it evolves into Croconaw. It keeps going and hits Klefki to do a bit of damage and goes right through Haunter who is immune to normal type moves.

Morgan switches to Eevee while Haunter hits Gyarados with another nightshade. Eevee uses bite, Quilava uses ember, and Klefki uses fairy wind but Gyarados is still going strong. Eevee then uses helping hand to boost Haunter's attack as it uses shadow punch. Quilava lands one more ember before the extremely wounded Gyarados recharges from using hyper beam and dives back under the water.


Klefiki retreats back to the shore while Haunter moves in to protect it. Quilava uses smokescreen to cover the island to make it harder for Gyarados to hit it or Eeevee. It does not matter because the Gyarados bursts out of the water near Klefki in a last ditch attempt to take one more thing down.

Haunter interrupts with sucker punch! Fist raised, it flies into Gyarados's mouth and phases through the other side. The fainted Gyarados continues flying though and still hits Klefki, finally taking it down.


"Hmmm.... Hmmm..." is all Benz says before giving each of the four trainers a Nebula Badge and a choice of TMs between Dive, Aqua Ring, and Water Pulse. The party then returns to the ship and are able to fly it out of the Wailord.

H's player was absent yet again but at least Shane's player was back. Since he was the only one of the two who showed up, he got full reign over deciding what happened with Shane and H in the lab. He gave quite the good bullshit on goo experiments that resulted in a Klefki, a regenerating loaf of bread, and a potted plant that grows in reverse.


The water gym was easily the most interesting of the four to date. Having a gym battle inside a space Wailord was genius. Next week hopefully all our players will be there and we can finally get into the plot again!

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