This semester I joined my first tabletop RPG campaign. It is a Pokemon campaign using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. Today I shall continue to tell the tales of our exploits! Be sure to read the previous chapters here first!

After defeating the gym on Silicron and winning the Star Badge, our heroes have begun planning their next move. After several hours recovering and relaxing after the gym battle while orbiting Silicron, H and Shane appear to have gone missing.

Arlon, Dmitri, and Morgan soon discover the lab door sealed shut and they are unable to open it no matter what they try. They also cannot get any sort of read on the room from the ship's sensors or security systems. All they can hear through the door is the sound of science. It is apparent that they will have to wait and see what will happen.

The remaining trio decide that they should go to the galactic core, the heart of the Federation, in order to prepare for their mission into uncharted space. The Dunsparse returns to the warp gate and then makes the long jump to the core. Our heroes use the time to train their Pokemon.


After several hours, the Dunsparse drops out of warp space into a Federation sector. The ship is then hailed by one of three Federation destroyers that guard the gate.

"GSC Dunsparse. State your business."

Arlon bullshits up some story about supplies and ship repair which the Federation troops seem to buy. They then dock with the ship for a routine inspection. First the troops search the cargo hold but find nothing of interest. They then proceed to the warp drive to check where the ship has been.


"You seem to have gone quite a few places in the outer rim." the officer comments.

"Yeah we sort of travel all over." Arlon replies.

"For business or for pleasure?" the officer asks.

"Pleasure." Dmitri chimes in.

"I would say both." Arlon corrects him. "We've been traveling around fighting the gyms and taking odd jobs here and there."


"What sort of jobs?"

"Well, uh, mostly transportation."

"Shipping or... smuggling?"

"Shipping." Arlon says confidentally, hoping his bluff holds.

" Really?" the officer asks incredulously, "Search the cargo hold again." he then order his men. However they still don't discover anything, not even the now empty smuggling compartment.


The Federation troops continue to search the ship and find nothing else amiss until they arrive at the lab.

"This door is locked." says the officer.

"It is." says Arlon.

"We're going to need you to open this door." the officer tells him, clearly fed up with his crap.


"I'm afraid we can't do that." Arlon explains, "We've been trying to open the door but nothing seems to work."

After much insistence from the officer, Arlon, Morgan, and Dmitri once again attempt to open the door with a variety of means.

"Look this is one of the reasons we needed to come all the way here." Arlon lies, "We need a skilled ship technician to take a look at this. The ones out in the outer rim just don't have the chops to handle some weird thing like this."


The officer seems satisfied with this answer and determines that the Dunsparse passes inspection. Once the Federation soldiers disembark, the crew of the Dunsparse proceeds to take care of their business in Federation space.

First up is the wonder trade station since both Morgan and Dmitri have stuff they want to trade out. First Dmitri trades his much hated Caterpie away and receives a Shellos. Then Morgan trades away her Lotad and receives a Pikachu. The Pikachu seems to be pretty well trained. Morgan thinks it will make a great addition to her team. Having used up his wonder trade for the day, Dmitri asks Arlon to wonder trade one of his Pokemon for him. Arlon trades away Dmitri's Lotad and receives a Gulpin. Morgan seems very satisfied with her trade results but Dmitri seems less-than-ecstatic.

While still on the station, Morgan uses a space internet terminal to look up information on warp travel. She thinks it might be useful to their trip into unexplored space. She finds some information on how it works and stuff like that as well as a great article about the history of warp travel.

The history of warp travel dates back to the early days of the Sinai Ascendancy. Sinai life ships from Earth landed on planets rich with ancient ruins that gave them insights into the mysteries of warp space.

Through collaboration with the Geneva Confederacy, known for their scientific prowess, the Sinai developed long distance communication through warp space. With backing from the rest of the Federation, these powers later developed warp drives for ships, enabling them to travel much greater distances.

With the full collaboration of all Federation powers, the first warp gate was created. These gates work with a ship's warp drive to slingshot them across the galaxy. The federation pushed for seeding the galaxy with warp drives.

Early conventions called for transmitting the steps for assembling the gate through warp space and having the local government oversee the construction. Once the Federation began to expand this became more difficult for outer rim sectors. With newer technology, the Alliance has been creating new ships with much more powerful warp drives capable of much longer distance warp travel in order to go out into uncharted space and construct a new warp gate on site.


Morgan also discovers many "troll" articles explaining warp phenomena with crude and inaccurate science. This is not entirely unsurprising as there were so many more trolls these days than in the distant past. Most online forums are referred to as bridges due to the sheer number of trolls.

In the meantime, Arlon searches for information about the Red Suns and the attack on Gigan Station. All he can find is one article discussing the station's destruction and an ongoing investigation into a possible pirate attack. Arlon determines he isn't going to find any insights into the Red Suns' activities this way. He thinks it's about time he visits some of his old contacts to see what he can find out.

Once back aboard this ship, our heroes decide they need to find a place where they can upgrade the ship. They search for nearby planets that meet their parameters and make a jump. They arrive at the planet Otho in a nearby system. Otho is a jungle world with many large urban cities. There is lots of plant life integrated nicely into the urban sprawl.


They find a spaceport on the planet where they can upgrade their ship. The three heroes haggle with the merchant until they get a good deal on installing a weapons system. They appeal to his Genevan pride by hyping up their mission into unexplored space as a mission for the advancement of scientific knowledge and get five-hundred credits off.

It will take six hours to install the weapons system so they take a shuttle down to Otho's surface to take a look around. Feeling homesick, Dmitri leads them to a Romanov restaurant where they have a great Romanov style meal.


After eating, the trio head into the jungle to explore and look for Pokemon. Eventually they come across a Treecko, a Nuzleaf, and an Abra. Both Arlon and Dmitri lay claim to the Abra but Dmitri uses his capture specialist skills to throw his pokeball hard and fast, catching the Abra before anyone even knew what happened.

The party then send out Houndour, Scyther, and Beautifly to fight the other two. Nuzleaf uses fake-out to flinch Scyther while Houndour bites Treecko for a solid chunk of damage. Treecko then uses absorb on Houndour before Beautifly tackles it. Morgan then throws a Pokeball and captures Treecko. Nuzleaf then gets confused, bitten, hit with false swipe and poison sting, and put to sleep before it can do anything. Morgan then throws a Pokeball but she fails to catch the Nuzleaf. She then throws another and successfully captures it.

They then head back to the city where Dmitri purchases a metal coat for his Scyther and the party then runs across some tourists.


"You all look like Pokemon trainers." one says to them.

"Indeed." Arlon replies.

"How about a battle?"

"Sure." says Arlon with a smirk, expecting an easy win.

"Let's make this interesting." the trainer says, "We each put in five-hundred credits, winner take all."


"Sounds good." says Arlon.

Arlon, Dmitri, and Morgan send out Aron, Shellos, and Pikachu respectively. the three trainers send out Ivysaur, Nidoking, and Cryogonal.

Cryogonal leads off with ice shard against Pikachu but it misses. Pikachu responds by using slam on Ivysaur but it also misses. Nidoking is up next and uses earth power to completely decimate Pikachu.


Ivysaur then uses vine whip on Shellos to deal a solid chunk of damage. Aron then uses metal claw on Cryogonal to deal some major damage. Morgan then sends out Eevee to replace the fainted Pikachu.

Nidoking, now the fastest on the field, uses thunderbolt to faint Shellos. Ivysaur moves next and uses sleep powder to put Aron to sleep. Eevee then uses covet against Cryogonal and it responds by using aurora beam. Dmitri sends out his Slugma since Shellos can no longer battle.


Eevee leads off the next round with quick attack and faints Cryogonal. Nidoking then uses earth power to knock Slugma out of the battle before it could even do anything. Ivysaur attempts to vine ship Eevee but it derps up and tangles its vines. Eevee then uses covet on Nidoking and does a bit of damage. Aron finally wakes up finally as Dmitri sends out Houndour.

Nidoking uses sludge bomb on Eevee and knocks it out of the battle as well. Ivysaur attempts to poison Houndour with poison powder but misses again. Houndour responds by using ember and deals a chunk of damage.

The freshly awoken Aron uses rock slide on Nidoking, dealing a critical hit for massive damage, completely taking it down. Morgan then sends out Solrock. Solrock uses confusion on Ivysaur but misses then Houndour lands a hit with ember. Ivysaur attempts to vine whip Solrock but misses for the third time in a row. Aron uses metal claw to finally bring it down and our heroes emerge victorious!


"Well fought!" exclaims the Nidoking's trainer. The other two look a bit more dejected at the outcome, especially Ivysaur's trainer.

"And you as well." says Arlon, "That's quite a badass Nidoking you've got there."

"Thank you."

After collecting their winnings, the trio then browse a TM shop but find nothing they want that they can afford that interests them. Dmitri does sell his rock slide TM from the rock gym though.


They then return to their newly outfitted ship. It now has a weapons system but it still need weapons.

"Don't we need lasers or rockets or something?" Dmitri asks.

"Don't worry." says Arlon, "I know a guy who can outfit this ship with weapons for a lot cheaper than anything we can find here."


"I don't even want to know." says Morgan.

"Look, he's an old acquaintance I used to run jobs for. Not only can he supply us with weapons, but he might have some information about how we can get to that uncharted sector. He's set up on a mining colony on the fifth moon of Manitou out in the outer rim."

Arlon sets a course for the warp gate with a detour to the wonder trade station at Dmitri's insistence. While there, Dmitri wonder trades away Gulpin and gets a Solosis. Then it's off to the gate!


The Federation ships don't seem to care that much about the Dunsparse leaving. They mainly care about inbound ships into Federation space. They receive an automated message recognizing they want to use the gate and then warp off into the outer rim.

Dropping out of warp space, they arrive at Manitou, a large blue gas giant with six moons. There are some mining facilities and colonies and such floating in Manitou's atmosphere as well as scattered across its moons.


Arlon flies the ship towards the fifth moon, a terrestrial rock with no atmosphere to speak of. The moon is barren on the surface but deep down it is rich with ores. There is a rather large mining colony on the surface where many organizations, both legal and illegal, operate out of, including Arlon's old acquaintance Maxx Aler.

Maxx is a merchant of scavenged ship parts. He mainly specializes in weapons but he also sells various ship upgrades. He carries a lot of questionably acquired merchandise and is the best at what he does in the outer rim.

After landing, the trio disembarks from the ship and heads out to meet Maxx. Upon arriving at Maxx's shop, they find him scanning through his datapad not really paying attention.


"Ahem." Arlon clears his throat, causing Maxx to look up.

"Arlon Jett? Is that you?" he asks.

"Yup." Arlon replies.

"I heard you were dead! What have you been up to my old friend?"

"Well, I've been 'dead.'" Arlon says jokingly.

"Ah yes." says Maxx, "So what can I do for you?"

"Well I've found myself with a ship without weapons. You're the best in the business so that's why I'm here."


"Ah. I see. What sort of ship is it."

"Genevan, bucket class."

"Ah a Genevan Bucket. those don't normally come with weapons systems."

"Yeah. We had one installed since we're going on a dangerous mission into uncharted space."


"Oh ask him about the warp stuff." says Dmitri.

"Let's worry about the weapons first." says Arlon.

Maxx gives them his spiel about his wares and the party settles on acquiring a photon laser and an ion laser. Dmitri seemed set on getting a rocket launcher but Arlon assured him this would be a better investment considering their funds.


"That will be three-thousand credits." says Maxx.

"I don't suppose you could give a discount to an old friend?" Arlon asks.

"I heard your friend wanted to get some information." Maxx explained, "Why don't we see what sort of information I can give you to sweeten the deal?"


"Very well." says Arlon, "We're going on a mission into an uncharted sector but we don't have a way to get there."

"I see." says Maxx.

He gives the party a spiel about some weaponized warp tech he somehow acquired from the Alliance but there isn't much useful information he can provide in terms of getting to the uncharted sector.


"There's one other thing." says Arlon, attempting to pull Maxx aside, "The Red Suns seem to be up to something and I need to find out what it is."

"Ah yes, the Red Suns. They seem to be expanding. Ever since Garth took control." says Maxx.

"Wait, you knew who those pirates were and you didn't tell us?" asks Morgan.

"Uh, I didn't think it was important at the time." says Arlon, not expecting to have been overheard.


"There's a lot of things you didn't think were important." Morgan says.

Maxx looks on in amusement.

"Okay. I guess I probably should have told you guys once I decided you were trustworthy. They're called the Red Suns. I used to run with them back when they were an elite team of bounty hunters. Let's just say that the last op I ran with them went south. We were set up and our leader was killed. I got framed for it and I had to fake my own death to survive. Now the new leader seems to be expanding, employing pirates. He's up to something and I need to find out what it is. Maxx I assume you heard about the attack on Gigan Station."


"Indeed." says Maxx.

"Well they stole something, a data package of some kind." Arlon tells him.

"I may be aware of what they stole, something that pissed off a certain Alliance corporation. One dealing with exploration of uncharted space. I also might know the current whereabouts of the Red Suns. I here the Romanov Union is gearing up for something. If you can bring me something tangible on that I may be persuaded to share this information with you."


"We might have just the thing." says Arlon, "Something we acquired while making a delivery. We need to go back to the ship and get it."

"Very well."

Before they leave Dmitri inquires about a black market for selling Pokemon. Maxx gives him some information on a ring here on Manitou V but says that the information didn't come from him. He also warns him that their sellers often become their targets.


They all go back to the ship where Dmitri leaves his good Pokemon and valuables before setting off to meet these Pokemon black market dealers. Morgan wants no part in this and stays on the ship to scrub the data they are giving to Maxx clean of any signs of her decryption techniques.

Arlon stealthily follows Dmitri just to make sure he doesn't get into trouble. Dmitri finds them and inquires about selling some of his Pokemon.

"What makes you think we want what you have? Are they any good?"

"They're decent." says Dmitri.

"He says they're decent boys." the leader says, "Let's see if he's telling the truth." He pulls out a Pokeball and sends out a Crawdaunt. Dmitri sends out Shellos.


Shellos gets off a few hits with mudbomb before fainting and Dmitri switches to Solosis. It doesn't do much of anything before Crawdaunt takes it down with night slash. Dmitri then sends out Numel.

Crawdaunt uses crabhammer but misses. Numel then uses magnitude for some pretty big damage. Crawdaunt uses harden and then Numel uses lava plume, fainting it.


"That Numel is impressive, but not so much for the others." says the leader, recalling his Crawdaunt, "I'll give you eight-hundred credits total for all three and I suggest you take it." Dmitri takes the deal and then the party meets up at Maxx's shop to make a deal.

"I believe we have some information you might be interested in." Morgan tells Maxx.

"Go on." says Maxx.

"We made a delivery to a Romanov research station and we stole some data on what they working on." Morgan explains.


They hand over the data they have on Project Genesect and he seems very intrigues by it.

"Interesting. Very interesting."

"The Red Suns are in an outer rim sector near Alliance space. On a desert planet called Banton. It's a rather civilized world but there's still a large underworld there. Perfect place for people like me an Arlon."


"I know the planet." says Arlon "In fact I have an old friend on Banton I was planning on doing some business with."

"And the corporation they pissed off is the Megasteller Association. Their shareholders are all other companies who specialize in exploring uncharted space."

With the deal complete, the party purchases the weapons for their ship from Maxx and head back to the ship.


Session Notes: This week's session was rather interesting. Both H's and Shane's players couldn't make it this week so it was just three of us. According to DragonStorm this was a completely unplanned session. We didn't have out two best bullshitters this time so he's just going to have them use their bullshit skills to let us all know what the hell was going on in the lab next week.

Since we were down two players DragonStorm let the rest of us send him some ideas for what we wanted our characters to do. I wanted to delve into my character's (Arlon) backstory so I planned to meet a few of his old contacts on various planets to find information about his former gang the Red Suns. So I came up with three characters and three planets. We only went to one though: Manitou to meet with Maxx Aler.


We also got the first taste of DragonStorm's random planet generation system. He rolls a d12 to determine it's biome and a d4 to determine the level of civilization. That's where Otho came from. We had an interesting battle on Otho. That Nidoking was lethal but I rolled a nat 20 on my accuracy check for rock slide and destroyed it. And of course Ivysaur has a bunch of bad rolls.

A funny thing happened at the end of the session. DragonStorm used his random planet generator to come up with the planet the Red Suns are on and it turned out to be a level 3 civilization desert planet near Alliance space which is exactly like the planet Banton I came up with for one of the other contact locations. DragonStorm just rolled with it and decided that the planets were one and the same.