Spacemon - Chapter 5: Silicron Showdown!

This semester I joined my first tabletop RPG campaign. It is a Pokemon campaign using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. Today I shall continue to tell the tales of our exploits! Be sure to read the previous chapters here first!


After meeting with the mysterious Mr. Silver, our heroes are preparing themselves to travel to the uncharted coordinates he provided to them. They know their Pokemon are far from ready, so they have decided to take on the gym in the nearest outer rim sector. They know it's going to be a fire gym so they've stopped by a station in Sinai space to pick up some burn heals and other items. They also all pitch in for a space suit for the ship. Arlon is the only one with the foresight to pick up a heat-resistant hazard suit for the harsh environment they are going to.

Once the party has stocked up, Arlon takes the ship to the Sinai warp gate and makes the jump to the sector where the fire gym is located. The trip through warp space is an hour long so the party members find ways to keep busy. Arlon, Dmitri, and Shane take the time to train the Pokemon they will be using in the gym battle down in the cargo hold and H continues to mess around in the lab. Meanwhile, Morgan locks herself in her room for about half the trip. Once at the halfway point, she exits her room in a hurry, headed for the ship's computer and sensor controls, accidentally dropping her Pokedex outside her door.

After training, Arlon hurries to the bridge so he's ready when the ship drops out of warp space, passing by Morgan who seems to be super focused on doing something on the computer. Shane heads to the living quarters and notices Morgan's Pokedex lying on the ground. He picks it up, noticing it was left on and was viewing a series of messages. Not interested in snooping, Shane returns to the main menu to see if he can figure out whose dex it is. After determining it belongs to Morgan he decides to look for her so he can return it to her. But first he attempts to hack it and copy her Pokedex data to his own Pokedex. He succeeds in copying her seen Pokemon data, but not her caught Pokemon data.

The ship drops out of warp space in the fire gym's system. This system has twin suns orbiting each other and has four planets, two terrestrial worlds and two gas giants. A quick scan of the area reveals the gym to be on the second planet from the suns, one of the terrestrial worlds. Due to spending a lot of time in the outer rim, Arlon knows the planet is called Silicron, a harsh volcanic desert planet.


Meanwhile in the computer room there is quite the commotion. Shane has been attempting to give Morgan her Pokedex but she is unresponsive. Suddenly H's Rhyhorn, Number One, comes leaping out of nowhere in an attempt to grab the Pokedex. Shane dodges out of the way with ease however.


"What are you doing!?" Shane demands of H.

"Number One has smelled something interesting."

"What the hell is going on back here?" Arlon asks as he enters the room, drawn by the loud noises.


Shane and H start to argue about the Dex. H says something about Morgan not wanting it and Shane finds that to be ridiculous. Not wanting to put up with this crap, Arlon uses his stealth skills to snatch the Pokedex from Shane, put it in Morgan's pocket, return to the bridge, and start taking the ship in atmosphere before anyone even knew what happened.

"Warning: Surface temperatures exceed recommended landing parameters." the ship informs Arlon, "Confirm?"


"Yes." says Arlon as he takes the ship down. He searches for a good landing point so they can explore and deploys the landing gear. The shields are turned up to maximum to keep out the heat. Arlon, Dmitri, and H decide to go out and search for Pokemon. Shane opts to stay on the ship since he doesn't think it's a good idea to leave Morgan alone in this state.


Arlon dawns his hazard suit and Dmitri puts on the space suit but H foolishly goes out without any sort of protection. After a quick look around, the party of three notices a Slugma and a Cyndaquill chilling out by some lava. Suddenly, a group of three Numel run by with a pair of Houndour in pursuit. Arlon and Dmitri call dibs on the Houndour while H decided to go after a Numel. The send out Froakie, Gastly, and Rhyhorn. Dmitri and Gastly confuse both Houndour and Froakie uses water pulse a couple times on one of the Houndour. Arlon catches it just before it faints itself in confusion.

Meanwhile, Rhyhorn plows into the Numel and starts racking up some hits on one of them. H catches it and Rhyhorn slowly tanks through the other two. Dmitri catches the other Houndour and both Froakie and Gastly help Rhyhorn to faint the other Numel. H then pulls Rhyhorn back as it has very low health while Dmitri and Arlon go after the two remaining Pokemon.


Both Froakie and Gastly miss a few times before they start landing some hits. Dmitri fails at catching Slugma while Arlon carefully whittles down Cyndaquill's health. Once he get's it sufficiently low, Arlon throws a pokeball and catches it successfully. Dmitri once again fails to capture Slugma. He does eventually catch it with his last pokeball. Gastly evolves into Haunter from all the fighting!


Suddenly the sand beneath their feet turns to glass as it starts getting hotter. The glass begins to crack and glow red.

"RUN!" Shouts Arlon and they take off running toward the ship.

Meanwhile back at the ship, Shane decided to help Morgan do whatever it was that she was doing. It turns out she was trying to decode the data she had hacked from the station in the Alexi System back in the Romanov Union. Together they (mostly Morgan though) decode he data and uncover information about "Project Genesect" as well as blueprints to the station. Shane also finds and upgrade disc. Morgan is feeling proud of herself since she proved to herself that she could do something on her own.


The exploration party returns exhausted and out of breath, and burned in H's case. They spend some time recuperating and discussing what to do about Project Genesect. They decide it might be a good idea to let the Alliance or even the Federation that the Romanov Union is attempting to create a Genesect Army.

They also determine that crazy heat and lava fluctuations happen frequently on Silicron and decide to move the ship. Arlon relocates the ship to the large plateau where the gym is located.


The gym is completely open-air and exposed to the elements. A lone trainer stands in the center, wearing nothing but a pair of rather short shorts an sunglasses.

"HAVE YOU COME TO FEEL THE HEAT!?" He shouts to the party.

"We've come to challenge you!" Arlon replies.

The rules are set. The leader will have two Pokemon out at a time while each challenger can have one out at a time with one in reserve. It will be 5v2!


The party send out Aron, Rhyhorn, Haunter, Lotad, and Porygon and the leader sends out Magmortar and Chandelure. Magmortar quickly moves up to Rhyhorn and Haunter and hits both with a Solarbeam powered by the twin suns. Rhyhorn is downed instantly and H switches to Trevenant.


Haunter uses confuse ray on Chandelure which then hurts itself in confusion. Well... It would have if its defense didn't outmatch its physical attack by so much. Lotad then uses nature power, which turns into earthquake, against Magmortar, dealing a bit of damage. Trevenant hangs back and uses growth which is aided by the twin suns.

Aron uses rock slide, which Arlon just taught him using the TM he acquired from the rock gym, to do a ton of damage against Magmortar. Shane's Porygon, known as DATA, uses Psybeam against Magmortar but misses. Magmortar then uses overheat to deal damage to Porygon and Lotad. Lotad is fainted almost instantly. Morgan switches to Solrock.


Haunter uses nightshade to faint Magmortar. The leader switches out to Hondoom which then goes after Haunter with fire fang. Haunter attempts to interrupt with sucker punch but fails and gets hit. Solrock then uses ancientpower against Houndoom. Porygon uses conversion2 to become water type.

Chandelure snaps out of it's confusion and uses will-o-wisp to burn solrock. Houndoom then uses thunder fang against the Porygon which is now water type. Porygon somehow survives the super-effective hit. Solrock uses confusion against Chandelure while Aron uses iron defense and Trevenant uses growth again. Chandelure uses hex on solrock for massive damage, knocking Morgan completely out of the battle.


Porgygon moves away from the fray and uses conversion2 again to become ground type. It's of no use as Houndoom uses inferno and faints it. Aron then hits Chandelure with rock slide. Shane sends out Rotom which then confuses Chandelure. Haunter then confuses Houndoom.


Chandelure derps around in confusion while Trevenant uses horn leech against Houndoom, causing it to faint. The gym leader sends out his final Pokemon, Torkoal. Aron uses metal claw on Chandelure and then Torkoal uses inferno against Trevenant. Trevenant uses teleport to get away at the last second.

Haunter and Rotom both launch attacks on Chandelure but it's still standing. Chandelure responds by using shadow ball to knock out Haunter. Dmitri switches to Scyther which uses pursuit to finally take out Chandelure. Torkoal and Aron then both uses iron defense.


Scyther uses agility as Trevenant misses with leech seed against Torkoal. Aron uses take-down for a whopping one damage, taking one in recoil as well. Torkoal then uses inferno on Aron which barely survives with 1 health and a burn. Arlon uses a burn heal and H uses his medic skills to heal Aron.

Scyther uses a wing attack but it does absolutely no damage. Rotom confuses Torkoal, Trevenant moves into range and Arlon switches to Deino. Torkoal attempts gyroball but completely fails in confusion. Scyther backs up and uses focus energy and Rotom uses astonish, succeeding in flinching Torkoal. Deino uses dragonbreath which paralyzes Torkoal and deals a bit of damage.


Trevenant successfully uses leech seed on Torkoal and Scyther misses with wing attack. Deino uses dragonbreath once again to do some more damage.

Trevenant vanishes!

Rotom uses astonish but nothing happen!

Torkoal is paralyzed and can't move!

Scyther attacks and does nothing again!

Rotom astonishes Torkoal and flinches it again!

Deino uses dragonbreath but misses!

Trevenant reappears right above Torkoal and uses phantom force to deal absolutely catastrophic damage thanks to maxing out it's stats with growth so many times!


Torkoal goes down and out heroes win the battle!

Each party member receives 1000 credits and a TM of their choice: fire fang, will-o-wisp, or overheat. They all also receive a star badge in recognition of their victory.


Session Notes: After last week's RP heavy session, this week was all about combat! There was some great and terrible rolling this session. H's player rolled a nat 1 on percentiles for finding wild Pokemon so DragonStorm threw a bunch of stuff from our wish lists at us. This was right after I rolled a nat 1 for determining who would roll for finding Pokemon. And then I and Dmitri's player both rolled 1s again for accuracy checks later on. The good news is we didn't roll badly during the gym fight. H's player rolled really high when we took down Torkoal. What will happen next time? Find out next week!

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