Spacemon - Chapter 4: Who is Mr. Silver?

This semester I joined my first tabletop RPG campaign. It is a Pokemon campaign using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. Today I shall continue to tell the tales of our exploits! Be sure to read the previous chapters here first!


After leaving the station, the party decides to check out the swamp planet that it is orbiting. Arlon lands the ship in an open area that seems solid enough to land and the party sets out to explore. Arlon is interested in looking for more Pokemon while H and Dmitri seem intent on doing more goo experiments.

H injects a nearby shrub with his a sample of the goo which causes it to turn black and two purple flowers with glowing pink cores appear on it. The flowers seem to be miniature warp gates and any object placed into the core of one flower appears out the other end. Dmitri picks one of the flowers which causes a burst of energy too shoot out from it as it implodes in his hand. Then the shrub shrivels up and dies.

"Interesting." says H.

"Can we look for Pokemon now?" Arlon impatiently asks.

The party agrees and then look around. They see a nearby pond with a loan Froakie sitting on a lillypad. Morgan's Eevee dives in the water and starts swimming in to engage. Arlon has his Deino use dragobreath from the shore which knocks the Froakie down into the water. Then the three lillypads emerge from the water, revealing themselves to be Lotads!


H uses his electric shockwave attack to hit everything in the water. Arlon quickly throws a pokeball at Froakie and catches it just before H's attack faints it. Morgan is quite frustrated with H for damaging her Eevee. H says something about healing it up later. The rest of the party mop up the rest of the battle and each catch a Lotad.

After the battle, Dmitri does some fishing with his old rod and reels in a couple of Magikarp that he and Arlon catch as well as a Totodile which Morgan catches.


H returns to the ship and gets another sample of goo and then the party sets out to find "a larger specimen" as he said. The see a massive tree in the distance and decide to make their way over there. The swampy forest gives way to a large clearing with sparse trees, the large one looming in the center. H wastes no time in injecting this tree with the goo. After a few moments, glowing pink sap starts oozing from the wound that was made in the tree.

"If only I had something to collect this with." says H.

"I still have this bottle of alcohol." Dmitri offers.

"Very good dump it out so that I may collect this sap."

"No. I never waste good alcohol. I need to drink it." says Dmitri as a true citizen of the Romanov Union


Dmitri then proceeds to chug the entire bottle of hard liquor and then falls on the ground coughing and sputtering. H checks to make sure he is still breathing. Just then the tree starts glowing black and then vanishes, leaving behind a giant glowing hole.

Everyone in the part starts getting a really bad feeling as they start to back away from the crater. Arlon sends out his Deino as he feels like something bad is watching them. The others follow suite and release Rhyhorn, Beldum, and Solrock.


Suddenly the tree appears behind them and attacks with Phantom Force! Arlon dodge out of the way but everyone else gets hit. Beldum and Solrock faint instantly but Rhyhorn and Deino weather the hits. The other party members receive some pretty bad wounds.


Gathering their wits, the party realizes that the tree had mutated into a powerful shiny Trevenant! Dmitri uses confuse ray on it and directs his Scyther to attack, doing minimal damage. Deino tries to use Crunch but misses. The Trevenant then knocks Deino out. Arlon then sends out Poochyena. The party slowly whittles down the Trevenant's health and H throws a pokeball. It shakes once.... twice... three times.... and it's caught!

Arlon breathes a sigh of relief... "Holy shit... that just happened...."

Poochyena starts glowing and it evolves into Mightyena!

Morgan starts freaking out and bursts into tears. "Oh my god this is not okay!"


"That was incredible!" H proudly exclaims, completely ignoring Morgan.

"Hey we should-" Dmitri starts to say but is quickly interupted by Arlon, "Shut up you're drunk."


Dmitiri then passes out. H and Arlon throw him on Rhyhorn's back and they all head back to the ship.

Once back in orbit, Arlon sets the ship to stay in orbit while the party recuperates. Arlon plays with his newly evolved Mightyena while he searches for information about the attack on Gigan Station. Unfortunately the heavily censored space internet of the Romanov Union provides no information.


While everyone is relaxing Morgan takes the controls and starts to pilot the ship. A curious Arlon heads to the bridge to investigate.

"Where are we going?" he asks.

"Home." says Morgan.

"What for?"

"I need to get away from all this. From these experiments, from them." She says, pointing to H and the freshly woken and hungover Dmitri.


"Look." says Arlon, "I don't think going back to the Confederacy is the best thing to do right now. It's not someplace I want to go. If I go back there I'll be arrested for sure."

"I don't care." Morgan says coldly.

"Wow. I thought we were all friends here."

The party spends quite a bit of time trying to charm and persuade Morgan to no avail as they want to head to Sinai space to see if they can learn anything about the goo. In the end Dmitri uses Hypnosis on her and puts her to sleep. H and Dmitri take her to her bed while Arlon sets a course for the warp gate.


Before they can warp out of Romanov space, the ship must undergo another inspection. The party decide it's time too take the go out of the airlock. They remove it, wrap it in plastic wrap, place it in a box, and then put that box in a drawer in the med bay.

The Romanov inspectors find nothing amiss. When they get to the bridge Arlon notices a flashing light indicating a message. Worried about what it might be, he bullshits something about a fuel indicator.


"Also you have a missed call." says the Romanov officer.

"Ah yes. I will get to that as soon as you finish your inspection."

"It is not polite to keep people waiting." says the Romanov officer before leaving the bridge.


The Dunsparce is then cleared to go through the gate. Morgan wakes up and seems to calmed down a bit. She does seem annoyed that they are going to Sinai space though. The party gathers on the bridge and listens to the message.

"Greetings GCS Dunsparce. I understand that you have made an interesting discovery. My employer would very much like to acquire a sample and is willing to pay. You can find us at any of these coordinates."


The message displays five different sets of coordinates, one of them in Sinai space. The party is a bit skeptical of making such an exchange without more information and decide to think it out for a while.

While making the long warp flight to Sinai space, Arlon and Dmitri spend time training their Pokemon while H fiddles around in his lab and Morgan looks at old family photos.


After dropping out of warp space, the party comes across a stalled Sinai ship sending out a distress signal. Arlon hails them but there is no response. He brings the Dunsparce in and docks with the ship. The party boards the ship and are greeted by a Sinai monk.

"Thank goodness." says the monk.

"What seems to be the problem?" Arlon asks.

"Well we detected a stowaway and then all our systems started going haywire. We're starting to get power back."


"Mind if we take a look?" Arlon asks.

"Certainly not." says the monk, showing the party to the sensors. There are two normal signatures for Arlon and H, two mildly psionic signatures for Morgan and Dmitri, thee accounted for strong psionic signatures for the monks, as well as one odd signatures that seems to be moving between the cargo bay and the engine room.


The party is escorted to the cargo hold where they have a look around. Morgan and Arlon send out Eeevee and Mightyena to see if they can pick up any scents. This proves unsuccessful so they start searching some crates. Morgan gets a strange feeling coming from one of them and opens it up.

Out pops a stowaway! He looks to be a teen with electric blue hair and very brightly colored clothing.


"YOU!" The monks shout and ready their pokeballs for battle.

"Who is this guy?" Arlon asks.

"It is an internal Sinai matter."

"Well we helped you find this guy so you should tell us."

"He is an escaped experiment and none of your concern."

H says something about being Horacio somethingsomethingsomething, a superior being who deserves to know more. This appears to piss off the monks and they prepare to fight the party. Arlon tries in vain to defuse the situation but when the monks send out their Pokemon it seems clear that they cannot be dissuaded.


The blue haired guy hides behind the party as the monks send out Delphox, Xatu, and Jynx. H and Dmitri send out Scyther and Trevenant (also known as Number 4) to join Eevee and Mightyena in battle. Jynx and Xatu hit Trevenant with ice punch and night shade. Delphox surrounds itself with three fire balls using its fox fire ability. Mightyena bites Delphox for massive damage but is hurt badly by one of the fireballs. Eevee then finishes it off but also takes damage from a fireball. Trevenant and Scyther dispatch Jynx. Xatu is then quickly dealt with by Mightyena.

Having been defeated, The monks flee toward the warp drive and the party decides it's time to leave. They run back to the ship and bring the blue haired stowaway with them. They detach from the ship just as it warps away.


The new guy introduces himself as Shane. Arlon asks why the monks were after him.

"Do you know about AI?" Shane asks.

"Well yeah." says Arlon.

"An inferior form of computing that was abandoned because it is not as powerful as a living mind. Cyborgs are the way of the future. Organic matter to think and machine to do." H chimes in


"Well what if I told you that you were wrong." says Shane, "The Sinai created a much more evolved AI that could think freely."

"I would say that's impossible." says H.

"That AI is me." says Shane.

"I see. Well let me show you to your room." says H who then tries to lead Shane to the airlock.


"We're not launching him out the airlock." says Arlon sternly.

It takes a bit of time but H is convinced not to send Shane out the airlock but it is clear that the two will become rivals.


They show Shane the goo that they created and he uses his Sinai knowledge to identify it as some sort of space black magic. This makes the party more uneasy about selling the goo but they all decide to go to the coordinates anyway just to investigate and find out more.

After a brief jump, the Dunsparce arrives at a large ship. Arlon hails the ship and receives a transmission: "You may dock. Mr. Silver will see you now."


Arlon docks with the ship and they are greeted by polite and professional guards. The party brings small samples of the goo and the tree sap before boarding the mysterious ship. The ship seems to have all kinds of sensors and monitors everywhere but it is also very stylish with lots of light and lush red carpets. The party is lead to a somewhat dark office with a figure standing by a viewport but they can't get a good look at him.

The doors close behind them and the figure turns to face them. It does not appear to be human. It is actually a Mr. Mime! But there is something strange about it. It appears to be cybernetically modified and has various receivers on it and it has a screen for a face! They have a feeling that it is being controlled by someone else.


"Greetings. I see you brought both samples." Says a voice, presumably Mr. Silver. A soundwave moves on the screen as he speaks.

"How did you know about that?" Arlon asks.

"I know many things."

"I prefer to talk to somebody in person. I don't like making deals when I can't see their face." says H.


"I am very far away."

"We can come to you."

"That would be inconvenient... I conduct various business throughout the galaxy... I found the only effective solution is to be in multiple places at once..."


There is a long pause. Shane appears to be terrified by the situation.

"I see you brought the thing you created on the planet in addition to the samples. How willing are you to part with these samples?"


"That would depend on your intentions." Says H.

"My intention are my own."

"I must know what you are planning to do with them. I cannot become better without acquiring more knowledge."


"Ah yes... Experiment number 1749XQR5Z-H, your name has crossed my desk many times. I believe we may be able to come to some arrangement. I will provide five-thousand credits for each sample."

"We can provide the goo and the sap as long as we can keep some samples for ourselves." says H, "But Number Four is mine and I intend to keep it."


"Very well."

"I don't suppose you could give us a little more for these samples?" Arlon asks.


"What more could I possibly give?"

"Well these samples seem very valuable to you, and we went through a hell of a lot to get them. You clearly have a lot of money so five-thousand seems a bit low."


"Money, is that all you bounty hunters care about? I believe there is more to you than that. Only time will tell if you will find the answers you seek."

"And what about you? What is it you want?" he says, turning his attention to H.


"Knowledge. How can I be the most superior being if I do not know all there is to know about these specimens? If I am to give them to you I want to know what you are doing with them."

"Knowledge is an honorable goal." Then turning to Dmitri, "What is it that you want?"


"To catch more Pokemon." Dmitri replies enthusiastically."

"Interesting. And what about you?" he asks Morgan.

"I want to go home."

"And what is home?"

"The Geneva Confederacy."

"Not where, but what. What is home? Will you really find it by going back to Geneva? No. It is up to you to decide whether you will get there by going forward or by going back."


"And what is it you want?" Arlon asks, turning the tables on Mr. Silver.

There is a brief silence. Mr. Silver seems to be contemplating.

"I will give you each five-thousand credits for the samples and a set of coordinates. They are in an uncharted sector in the outer rim. There is no gate that reaches this location. It is for you to decide what to do with these coordinates. Will you go forward or go back? You've proven yourselves resourceful so far, it is up to you to decide if you will continue to do so."


Session Notes: We got a new player! Originally there were supposed to be five of us but the fifth player dropped out last minute so we played the first three sessions with just four of us. Our new player spent the majority of the session finishing up his character building. We did run for nearly six hours this session so he was able to hop in at the end. There was lots of RP this time around. In real life I'm bad at dealing with people but my character is the best at dealing with them out of all the party members in-game. I found that to be funny. We've me the enigmatic and mysterious Mr. Silver and have reached the end of Act I it would seem. What will happen next time? See you next week with Chapter 5!

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