This semester I joined my first tabletop RPG campaign. It is a Pokemon campaign using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. Today I shall continue to tell the tales of our exploits! Be sure to read the previous chapters here first!

Arlon docks the Dunsparce with Mr. Silver's ship and the team boards. Just as with the last ship like this they were on, our heroes are led by a security to a dimly lit room with a desk and a view port looking out into the vastness of space. A Mr. Mime with its back to the door.

"Mr. Silver?" Morgan asks.

The Mr. Mime turns around and looks at the group of individuals who entered. It's screen-face showing a static line and nothing else. Shane is visibly creeped out but keeps it together unlike his last meeting with Mr. Silver.


"We've been to Earth." Morgan says sternly.

"Ah, yes." says Mr. Silver, data from the team's Earth scans moving across the screen-face.

"How much are you willing to pay us?" Dmitri asks.

"How much are you willing to part with?" Mr. Silver counters.

The party then shows him what they have brought: the collection of Zubat fossils (minus two that were left on the ship), the samples of water they collected, the Helix fossil, and the samples of the crystal tree.


"We found these fossils." says Dmitri.

"And we collected these samples of water." says Arlon, "In a strange pool that was so clear and purified surround this crystal-tree-thing, which we also brought samples of.

Scans and data appear on Mr. Silver's screen. Morgan determines that he is comparing the water to known water samples.


"And we have this." says Morgan, revealing the skull that she found in the pool.

"I see." says Mr. Silver, shifting his focus to the school.

"You said you'd pay us." Morgan continues, "How much?"

"I am prepared to give you one-hundred-thousand credits for the skull."

"And what about the other stuff?" Arlon asks.

Mr. Silver shifts his attention back to the other items the team brought. Numbers roll across the screen as he evaluates the value.


"Five-hundred each for the Zubat fossils. Five-thousand for the Helix fossil. Two-thousand each for the water samples. Twenty-five-hundred each for the branch samples."

"What is the skull?" Morgan asks.

"It's interesting." Mr. Silver replies.

"I told myself I wouldn't part with the skull until I knew what it was. Will you tell me what it is?" Morgan asks him.



"Perhaps is not good enough."

"What else are you willing to give me in exchange for this future information?"


"I have more information on the Genesect."

"You are proposing an exchange of information?"

"I suppose."

"Very well."

Morgan trades her information with Mr. Silver, and data passes across the screen-face once again.


"How do we know you won't turn back on the deal?" Shane asks.

"In my line of business, my word is worth a great deal."

"Do you want to buy some warp ink too?" Dmitri asks. Shane looks at him like "Dude, what the fuck?"


"Did you find something else in the void?" Mr. Silver asks.

"I assume you've noticed by now." says Shane, showing his brand.


"I'm still not on the table for a trade."

Returning to business, Shane attempts to get more money for the water samples and Mr. Silver agrees to buy them for twenty-five-hundred a piece.


"It was a dangerous mission. We should get a bit more compensation for risking our lives." says Dmitri, attempting to charm Mr. Silver.

"It was a dangerous mission that was probably not survivable but we came back." Shane adds.

"But you did go by choice." says Mr. Silver.

In the end he agrees to give them another sixty-nine credits each. He then gets down to the bottom line and the team sells five water samples, five branch samples, four Zubat fossils, and the skull for a grand total of one-hundred-twenty-seven-thousand-eight-hundred-eighty credits with the added compensation.


Finally, he turns back to Morgan. "As a token of good faith, on the so-called Genesect, should you choose to act here's a set of coordinates. You might want to hurry. You have eighteen hours should you choose to act upon this."

Then he turns back to everyone, "Now if you'll excuse me, I have another appointment. I advise you leave before then."

As the team returns to the hangar, they see a ship approaching. It's the Red Suns flagship! The very one that attacked Gigan Station. The other appointment must have been with them!


Arlon's expression reveals his anger boiling up. Shane and Morgan both advocate leaving but Arlon refuses. He know Devlin Garth is on the ship. This may be his only opportunity for revenge.

There's no going back as the boarding ramp deploys and a man and a woman step off the ship. Arlon recognizes the man as Devlin Garth, the man he is convinced was the one who killed Lars Rickets, the former leader of the red suns, and framed him for it. The woman is Rena Bordeaux, the expert sniper of the Red Suns.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Arlon Jett." Garth says in his gruff accent from many of the Alliance colonies, "Ya here to spoil another job?"


"I did nothing!" Arlon retorts, "I know it was you! You set me up!"

"You have no proof." Garth fires back, "As far as I'm concerned yer hear to ruin another job."

"I have my own business here." Arlon responds.

"Hell, I don't know yer motives. I don't know whose payin' you."

"Will I not be able to do experiments until these guys are gone?" H asks Arlon, bored with talking.


"No you will not." Arlon tells him.

"Alright then." says H. Everyone reaches for their Poke Balls and the battle begins!

Garth and Rena send out an Aggron and an Alakazam respectively. In response the party sends out their own Pokemon. Arlon sends out his Houndoom, Shane sends out his Houndour, F.I.R.E., Dmitri sends out his Inkay, Cthulu, Morgan sends out her Espeon, Yvonne, and H sends out his Rhyhorn, Number One.


Houndoom leads off with fire fang and deals some damage to Aggron. Yvonne then runs up and bites the Alakazam, dealing a ton of damage to its weak defenses. Alakazam then fires a focus blast at Houndoom and hits it dead on.

Houndoom crashes into a crate and falls to the ground. It makes one attempt to get up, struggling for a moment before falling still, dead.

"NO!" Shouts Arlon, enraged by the death of his Pokemon. Garth smirks in satisfaction.


F.I.R.E. runs up to the Alakazam and bites it, fainting it. Cthulu fires a psybeam at at Aggron but misses. Aggron then charges at Number One and hits the Rhyhorn with iron tail. Rhyhorn then attempts to stomp it but misses.

Rena throws out another Poke Ball and a Gardevoir emerges. Arlon throws out his Aron, Ironhide. H then recalls Number One and then grapples across the room with his grapple feet, throwing out his Snorunt, Number Eight. Shane then vanishes, the Red Suns seem to be quite weirded out by this.

Rena's Gardevoir fires a moonblast at Cthulu and faints it with one hit. Dmitri quickly recalls the Inkay and sends out his Haunter, Wilhelm. F.I.R.E. then shoots an ember at Aggron. In response, Aggron hunkers down and uses Iron Defense.


Ironhide then charges at Gardevoir with Iron Head but it teleports out of the way just in time. Shane then reppears right at Gardevoir's new location and hits it with phantom force. Before it can react, Wilhelm charges in with shadow punch boosted by Yvonne's helping hand. H then uses his grapple to pull Number Eight into his chest pogo stick, sending it flying into Gardevoir with a super headbutt! It slams into the Gardevoir and knocks it into the wall.

F.I.R.E. then shoots another ember at Aggron. The big metal monster then looks down at the Houndour and hit it with a lethal stone edge, killing yet another Pokemon. Ironhide then charges across the room at Gardevoir and hits it with a critical rock slide, knocking it out of the battle.

Rena recalls her Pokemon and sends out a Metagross. In response to the new steel type on the field, Arlon recalls Ironhide and sends out Quilava and Dmitri recalls Wilhelm and sends out Trapinch. Shane then sends out his Clefairy, R.A.G.E.


H throws one of his sticky grenades at Aggron and traps it in place to keep it from doing any more damage. With Aggron out of the picture, Quilava focuses on Metagross and blasts it with ember, doing significant damage. Yvonne then hits it with sand-attack, temporarily blinding it.

Metagross fires a shadow ball back at the Espeon but it misses because of its blindness. In response, Dmitri inflicts malediction upon it, dealing some more damage. Number Eight then hits it with powdered snow.

The Aggron thrashes around, trying to break free of the sticky string but it is of no use. R.A.G.E. then uses minimize to up its evasion to avoid getting hit by anything. Dmitri then puts the Metagross to sleep and H shoots the Aggron with charge beam. Because Aggron is stuck, Garth recalls it and the string falls uselessly to the floor. He then sends out an Absol.


Quilava immediately blasts it with another ember and Number Eight follows up with icy wind. Yvonne then uses helping hand to help out R.A.G.E. as it bounces up to Metagross. The Clefairy smacks the metallic Pokemon around with wake-up slap dealing a ton of damage. Metagross wakes up momentarily before falling to the ground unconscious.

Rena recalls her last Pokemon and then turns and walks away.

"Don't you walk away from me!" Arlon shouts at her, still angry that her Pokemon killed his Houndoom. H then grapples up onto the ceiling above her and throws another sticky grenade. It hit her hard and traps her on the floor, a very disgusted and very French sound escapes her mouth.


Dmitri then attempts to put Absol to sleep but fails because it is a dark-type. Quilava then attempts to fire another ember but Absol interrupts it with sucker punch, knocking it out.

Number Eight then hits Absol with powdered snow but it doesn't do much. R.A.G.E. uses metronome and its comes out with defend order, which does no good in this fight. Trapinch then uses rock slide which just narrowly hits the Absol and takes it down.

Garth recalls his Absol and sends out a Tyrantrum, the giant rock dragon lets out a roar as it emerges from its ball. H shoots it with a charge beam while Dmitri switches back to Wilhelm the Haunter. Arlon sends out his Frogadier which shoots a water pulse at Tyrantrum, Number Eight then uses powdered snow, boosted by Yvonne's helping hand. R.A.G.E. then sings the beast to sleep.


All the trainers order their Pokemon to hold back while R.A.G.E. uses wake-up slap to mess up the Tyrantrum. Frogadier and Number Eight then finish it off with water pulse and powdered snow.

Garth then returns his Aggron to the battlefield, now free of its sticky restraints. It is greeted with the full force of our hero's Pokemon. Wilhelm hits it with nightshade, Yvonne hits it with psybeam, Number Eight hits it with Powdered snow, and R.A.G.E. hits it with double-slap. Frogadier shoots a water pulse but misses. The Aggron then slams its tail down at Number Eight but the Snorunt manages to dodge out of the way. Frogadier then hits it with water pulse and it goes down.

Garth turns and starts running away but H throws another sticky grenade and stops him in his tracks. Our heroes then recall their Pokemon and then gather their fallen Pokemon and their new prisoners. They return to the Dunsparce and jump away.


Arlon secures the prisoners in smuggling compartment while he figures out his next move. Dmitri goes to train his Magikarp which evolves into a Gyarados at long last. Shane trains R.A.G.E. some more and then evolves it into a Clefable with a moon stone that he purchased from Dmitri.

Morgan stays with Arlon in the cargo hold as he pulls Garth out of the smuggling compartment and drags him along the floor. He throws Garth into a crate rather aggressively.

"Start talking." Arlon sends intimidatingly.

"'Bout what?" Garth responds snarkily.

"Why are you meeting with Mr. Silver?"

"It's a job."

"What job?"

"I don't know yet. You so kindly interrupted me when I was going to get it."

"You attacked us." Arlon retorts.

"The way I see it, you came here to ruin another job."

"We had our own job." Morgan tells him coldly.

"Really?" Garth says in a condescending town.

"Yes." she replies.

"You and I both know I had nothing to do with what happened during the Geneva Job!" Arlon shouts at Garth, slamming him into the crates again."


"Do we?" Garth replies with a sarcastic tone.

"Enough of your bullshit!" Arlon shouts, bashing Garth's head into the crate, "I know you did it! I know you sabotaged the job and I know you killed Lars!"

"You aint got evidence."

"I don't need evidence. Everyone knows you wanted to take over the Red Suns. You wanted to turn the team into some sort of pirate gang of low life thugs. You and Lars were always at each other's throats about it. With him dead and me out of the picture you could take over and turn the Red Suns into something they're not which is totally pissing on Lars' grave. And do you think that if I did it I would so fucking stupid as to not frame you for it you son of a bitch. Now you're gonna tell me why you did it!"


"What's there to tell? Really not that much of a story. I saw an opportunity and I took it and there aint nothin' you can say to prove it."

Arlon, realizing he should have been recording this but was too blinded by anger to think of it sooner, reaches for his Pokedex and starts recording, he then quickly moves his hand to his gun to make it look like he was reaching for it.

"Ya gonna shoot me?" says Garth, not thinking Arlon has the guts.

"I would very much like to... But you're no good to me dead."

Morgan looks into the smuggling compartment which had been left open and sees that Rena looks quite pissed after hearing Garth's confession. She pulls Rena out and when Garth sees her glaring at him his smug expression vanishes, replaced by one of defeat. The look in his eyes just says "fuck..."


Morgan ungags Rena and starts trying to befriend her.

"What's your name?"

"Rena Bordeaux." she says with her smooth French accent.

"What's a your story with this brute of a man?"

"He's been leading us since Lars died."

"Now what's a beautiful woman like you doing with a guy like this?"

"A girl's got to make money somehow. Bounty hunting is not the worst job."

"Maybe things would be better if you were in charge?"

"You mean like him?" Rena asks, nodding at Garth.

"Yeah, why not? You seem smarter than him. Us girls always are."

Rena seems a bit weirded out, and might be starting the think that Morgan might be a lesbian. Arlon however thinks that Morgan is on to something.


"Look, Rena, I know you think that things were better when Lars was in charge. When the Red Suns were a respectable tram of bounty hunters, not some sleazy pirate scum."

"What would you suggest?"

"Well right now it seems like you're the most logical person to take charge now."


"Oh really?"

"Look, I know you don't trust me so that's why I'm not trying to take over or anything. I think you'd be a great fit as the leader. Also we kind of dumped Zhukov on a random planet because he was trying to murder us."

She shakes her head with a bit of a chuckle, not at all surprised about what happened with Zhukov.


"So I think you ought to take over and get the Red Suns off my back." Arlon tells her.

"I don't really have a choice do I?"

"Not really."

"Fine." she says with a sigh, "What about Garth?"

"As much as I'd like to kill this son of a bitch, I'll leave it up to you guys."


"I think we're in agreement."

Arlon unties Rena and returns her weapons and Poke Balls to her.

"What are you gonna do with him?" Arlon asks.

"You were burned most by this so I'll let you handle it."

After dropping out of warp space and stopping at a nearby station to pick up supplies, they drop Rena off and she calls her ship to come pick her up. The team stocks up on items and TMs and then makes the next jump towards the coordinates Mr. Silver gave them.


During the jump the Morgan approaches H and asks about getting an eye augmentation. H agrees and gets to work on preparing for the procedure. Shane stands by to make sure H doesn't try to do an "extra" augmentations. Meanwhile, Arlon and Dmitri take the time to train their Pokemon.

The Dunsparce drops out of warp space and the crew is greeted by the magnificent sight of a massive Federation dreadnought flying past. The gigantic vessel hails the comparatively puny Dunsparce.

"This is the FNS Halberd. State your business"

"We're here to collect a bounty." Arlon declares with the intent of turning Garth in for hijacking the gate at Sector 25.


"Um... Okay." says the awkward officer on the other end. He seems to be new at this.

"Uh, hold on. Let me transfer you to..." he trails off as he scrolls through his datapad.

"According to the Remington Statute of 2943, section 17-b, the current bounty officer on deck would be... Me. Oh... Okay."


"First day on the job? Arlon asks jokingly.

"Yeah. Yeah.... Please hold a moment. What is the bounty you would be collecting today?"

"Devlin Garth. Perpetrator of the Sector 25 incident."

"Alright. If you can just bridge him over we can take it from here."

The Dunsparce is sent docking instructions for port hangar alpha and Arlon takes the ship in and sets it down in the hangar. The officer he talked with and several guards board the ship to collected Garth.


"We can take it from here." says the officer, "It will take some time to process the prisoner. You can wait here if you like. It could take up to eighteen hours."

Having dealt with Federation bounties many times before, Arlon knows that number is bullshit. Bounties like this took up to several days to get through all the bureaucracy.

Shane pulls Arlon aside as Garth is escorted away and asks if they should bring up their other, more time sensitive, reason for being here. Arlon agrees and flags down the officer before he leaves.


"The bounty isn't the only reason we're here." Arlon tells him.

"Oh?" the officer replies nervously.

"We have it on good authority something bad is going to happen at these coordinates."


"You should report and suspicious activity to the proper authorities and... and... and..."

"Look. Go get your boss."

"Do I have to go get her?" he asks very nervously.


He briskly walks off and calls his commanding officer.

The gathered party members here bits of the conversation.

"Yes Ma'am. I'll send them right away."

He then hangs up and motions to the party to go with him.

"Just follow the tram, you'll be fine."

A pair of guards escort them to the tram which takes them on a twenty minute ride across the ship. Then they spend another few minutes on an elevator ride up to the bridge. The guards escort them to an office with the name "Vice-Admiral Alexandra Graves" written on it.


The party is ushered into the room where they see a woman in a formal uniform with pale skin, a stern face, and cold eyes.

"Yes, what is it?" she asks.

"We have reliable information that something bad is going to happen at these very coordinates." Arlon tells her, handing her a datapad which has the information from Mr. Silver, as well as the Genesect Data that Morgan collected.


"I need you to analyze this data." the vice-admiral orders into the intercom

"Right away ma'am. That will take about..."

"No, now."

"Right away. Five minutes."

"Thank you."

She then turns back to the people in her offices and addresses them.

"Who are you all again?"

"We're just space explorers." Arlon tells her, "And we've been to some weird places."


"I see..."

"I don't suppose you happen to have a Poke Ball cannon lying around? H asks.

The vice-admiral gives him a strange look.

"Uh... He's kind of an odd fellow." Arlon says.

"Keep him behaved." she tells him.

"He's not dangerous, just strange." Morgan tells her.

The console suddenly beeps and the analysis of the data comes through. The vice-admiral reads through the reports and then stands up and turns to look out the view port.


"This matter you've brought to my attention, do you attempt to see it all the way through?"

"Yes." says Arlon.

"We came didn't we?" Morgan adds.

"You did. And if this data is accurate, then they will too."

She hits a button and calls for battle stations. "The works" as she puts it.

"If you truly intend to help, how do you plan to do so?"

"We could use a better ship." says Shane.

"Do you see many other ships here? What do you bring to the table."

"Sector 25." Says Arlon, "We saved your asses."

The vice-admiral brings up the information on the Sector 25 incident and scrolls through it.


"Against a rabble of unorganized pirates." she says.

"And yet they crippled two of your cruisers."

"Have you read the specifications?" she asks referring to the Genesect.

"Yes." says Arlon.

"And you will fight that in your ship?"

"A better one would be... better, but e will if we have to." Shane tells her.

"You're braver than I thought." the vice-admiral tells them, "Very well."

She gives H a requisition order for a Pokeball cannon and he quickly walks out of the room. She then gives Shane an order for the engineers to outfit the Dunsparce as its crew sees fit. As Shane reaches for the door, H barges back in.


"One more thing! The cannon must be able to work with my prototype grenades based on Poke Balls!"

With that, our heroes return to the hangar and figure out what to do with their ship. There's a stripped bucket class ship lying in the hangar as well as an impounded Alliance make civilian frigate whose crew is arguing with some Federation officers.

The team approaches the stripped bucket and determine that it has some working shields, power generators, and weapons that they can cannibalize.


"Hey you!" Shane shouts at one of the engineers, "gets some guys to outfit our ship with this stuff."

The engineer starts to question him but then sees the order signed by the vice-admiral.

"Okay. You got it boss." he says, "Oi! You lot!"" he shouts at a group of idle engineers, "Get to work upgrading this ship with this scrap!"


"Got any other weapons?" Arlon asks. The engineers return a short time later with a beam weapon.

Partway through the upgrade process, Shane goes over to the crew of the frigate and starts talking to them. They seem like merchants.

"There's going to be a battle here. Are you wiling to help us out?"

"A battle? You mean like a space battle?"

"Like a space battle."

"And you want us to fight?"

"I noticed weapons on your ship. I guess I assumed too much."

Shane then walks away. The crew of the frigate begin murmuring and getting antsy about getting out before the battle. but returns shortly afterward with Arlon and Dmitri with a plan to get a better ship.


"We might have a way for you to get out of here." Arlon tells the captain.

"I'm listening."

"Well.. what if we traded ships?" Shane asks.

The captain makes a concerned face.

"Our ship's not on lockdown so you can get out of here and we can stay to fight the Romanv menace!" says Dmitri.


"Aren't you... from... the Romanov Union?"

"I left for a reason."

"You can take the deal and get out of here, or stay and die in the battle." Arlon tells the captain.


"The smaller ship is a better option for an escape as it is more maneuverable." says Shane, "We can swap our ships but we each keep our equipment. We can also offer monetary compensation if you require."

"You drive a hard bargain but I need to talk with the crew first." says the captain. He consults with his crew and returns a moment later with a decision. "We'll take the deal, but we would like to swap the warp registries. We have a clean record and would like to keep it that way."

"Sure." says Arlon. They shake on the deal and then Shane flags down the head engineer to tell him the plan.


"Normally I wouldn't do this, but considering the circumstances, I'll do the swap."

He whistles at the engineers and motions for them to move all the stuff from the Dunsparce to the frigate. The team collects all their gear and personal effects from the Dunsparce and move it on to their new ship. Once the engineers strip down the Dunsparce and attach the Alliance crew's upgrades, they fly off, eager to get away.

With that taken care of, the engineers begin outfitting the frigate. With all its upgrades the ship now sports a level 2 shield, reinforced armor and a beam weapon, an ion laser and a plasma laser.


"Everything's taken care of. The was a minor glitch when transferring the registry so you're just gonna have to rename the ship." The head engineer tells them.

The party christens their new frigate the UAS Helix.

They get themselves set up on the Helix and get settled in not a moment to soon. The warning siren sounds throughout the Halberd.


It's time...

Session Notes: Damn this was a long session! We went over by two hours! So much happened. We made so much money thanks to our expedition to Earth. Then my character unexpectedly achieved his goals. DragonStorm unexpectedly threw the Red Suns at us again and what a battle it was! We had our first Pokemon deaths of the campaign. F.I.R.E. and Houndoom who were caught together on Silicron all those weeks ago have been laid to rest. Then it was time to interrogate Garth and find out what went down in Arlon's backstory. I left the plot open ended so DragonStorm could throw something unexpected at me. It turns out Arlon was right all along and Garth was the traitor! Now his name is cleared and I really don't know where to take him next which is why I'm going to roll a new character next semester. If he survives the battle to come he will probably become a recurring character in some capacity.


We got a new ship! Finally! We didn't even have to pay for it. It will serve us well in the final battle next session. It's gonna be a hell of a time and one epic finale! Stay tuned for the write-up for the conclusion for the first season of Spacemon!