Spacemon - Chapter 10: Descent Into Madness

This semester I joined my first tabletop RPG campaign. It is a Pokemon campaign using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. Today I shall continue to tell the tales of our exploits! Be sure to read the previous chapters here first!

Sorry for the late post. I've been so busy with school work that I haven't had time to write these for a while. But now that I am on Thanksgiving break it's time to get caught up!


Our heroes once again find themselves adrift in warp space. The good news is that they are only in regular warp space and not deep warp space as they were on the way to Earth. However without a destination or a way home, the feeling of uneasiness still fills the ship.

Dmitri gets the feeling that something is aware of their presence and looks out he view port to see shapes moving around.

"I see stuff floating in warp space!" he declares to the party. The scanners determine that they are Pokemon, a pair of Inkay specifically.


Dmitri goes to the guns and tries to shoot at hem.

"Dmitri, what are you doing?" Shane asks him harshly.

"Trying to get their attention." Dmitri explains.

"There are way better ways to do that."

The Inkay dodge and start circling around the ship, now quite interested.

"What have you gotten us into?" Shane asks, locking down the weapons so Dmitri can't do any other stupid things. He then sends out an SOS signal, hoping someone will pick it up.


Dmitri waves at the Inkay from the view port and one of them floats up to it. It turns upside down and watches Dmitri as he leads it to the airlock. He opens it up and it flies in. Shane sends out Klefki and opens the airlock. The Inkay curiously floats into the ship.


Dmitri offers it some food and it eats a bit. Morgan and Dmitri send out Espeon and Kadabra to attempt to commune with it. Inkay looks from Espeon to Kadabra and bac to Espeon and then back to Dmitri and eats more food. Dmitri pets it while Kadabra and Espeon are recalled. He then holds out a Pokeball and it boops the button with a tentacle and is caught.

Dmitri names his new friend Cthulu and sends it out to fetch the other Inkay. The other Inkay follows Cthulu back into the ship where the two of them derp around for a while. Dmitri charms it a bunch like with the last one while Shane waits for a timer ball to wind up. Once it reaches maximum power, Dmitri charms the Inkay into the timer ball and Shane successfully captures it!


Ten hours pass with nothing really interesting happen. The crew has spent time training their Pokemon but there is not much else to do. Unsettled muttering is heard from within the lab but the doors are sealed tight.

Dmitri begins to mess around with the shields and accidentally shuts them down. He quickly enables them again while Arlon stares him down. He wanders away and begins praying to the warp. It is clear that he is beginning to succumb to warp madness.


"Oh vast and mighty warp please bequeath unto us the path to salvation!"

"Dmitri, what are you doing?" asks Morgan.

H steps out of the lab and sees Dmitri dancing around.

"Mighty warp! Mighty warp!"

H starts screaming as, in his delusional state, he sees Dmitri as the messiah. He tries to knock him out because he believes the messiah must be cybernetically augmented. Arlon stares him down and he backs off, still babbling about purifying the messiah.


Shane's Inkay, which he has named D.E.R.P., uses its ability to erase H's last five minutes of memory.

"Do you mind stopping? I think H is losing it." Shane addresses Dmitri. Dmitri calms down and walks away.


Morgan gets the sense that they are headed in the right direction, whatever that means.

Shane writes an eloquent letter in D.E.R.P.'s warp ink and releases it out into the warp, hoping it reaches the warp being Gilgamesh spoke of. It flies off and burns up in purple flames.


H feels like something from beyond is watching him. Morgan observes from the bridge as an interesting effect begins to appear in front of the ship.

Nineteen hours pass and Dmitri and Shane have begun to slip into warp madness. Shane spills warp ink across the table in the lab and tries to make his hand warp through one puddle and appear out the other.


It works! But from H's point of view, Shane is just bashing his hand into the table.

"That only works with lava!" H declares skirting around the hole he made in the ship from his Numel's lava.


"What have I done!?"

Of course to Shane there is no lava hole in the floor.

Meanwhile, Dmitri has begun to paint on the walls with Cthulu's ink. He paints the walls of his room with glyphs that begin shining.


Morgan checks in on Dmitri and sees that the runes are not glowing at all.

Back in the lab, H has dumped lava in the heat suit which holds it in.

Back in Dmitri's room, Morgan gets a vision of some Sinai ruins from the glyphs.


"Dmitri, what are you doing?" She asks, "Pay attention." She slaps him and gets his attention.

He tells her that it is a recreation of a Sinai wall of glyphs but he doesn't know why he knows that.


"What does it say?"

"Thy powers vast, thy form unseen
O lord of warp, please heed our call
Take us to where we know we've been
Or take us to our own downfall.
And should you grant your mark to one,
Their power shall blot out the sun."


"What does it mean?"

"I Don't know."

Back in the lab, H throws a pokeball at the heat suit and catches it!

"Giratina!" Dmitri then screams. He then runs out of the room towards the cockpit. Everyone slowly congregates in the cockpit and sees the shadow that had been forming in front of the ship. It looks oddly like the drawing Shane made in the lab. His ink drawing appears before his eyes. Dmitri and Morgan see Dmitri's glyphs.


Dmitri uses hypnosis on it and it begins swirling. His hypnosis bounced back off the view port and hit him dead on.

The ship begins to shake violently and it feels like it's being pulled into warp space. The ink fades away and the crew sees black warp energy all around the ship, a dark void that stares into their very souls.


H panics and begins mashing the fire button but nothing happens since Shane had locked the weapons down.

Arlon sees a pair of red eyes starting back from the void. Soon everyone sees them. Shane freaks out and teleports to the cargo hold.


"Giritina." Morgan whispers and the eyes appear before her.

"What do you want?" she asks it. Nothing happens.

"Take us home." says Arlon. The eyes appear before him and he gets a bit terrified.


"Can you help us?" Morgan asks.

"What is that?" H asks, falling down to the floor. The eyes appear above him, looking right down at him.


Dmitri reaches out and feels nothingness. He steps in and the eyes vanish, leaving him standing there like an idiot.

"Speak of the devil and he shall appear." Shane says in the cargo hold, which brings the eyes to him. He stares into the eyes and feels the concept of nihilism.


"Can we strike a deal?" Shane asks.

Suddenly everyone is pulled into the darkness and find themselves standing in a circle around Giritina, which is in turn surrounding them.


Dmitri resumes his dance and offers eternal servitude.

"I would give anything to go home." says Morgan, "What do you want?"

"I can spread warp madness to all in your name." says Dmitri.

"I am not a human, but a creation of humans. I offer my servitude. With the power to warp through shadows, nothing will be safe."


Giratina looks to Dmitri, then Shane, then at both of them, and then back to Shane. Shane gets the sense that it is looking for a fun toy to play with. Giratina approaches Shane and reaches out.

"Well it will be fun either way." says Shane and he reaches back.

An intense searing pain travels up his arm as a light appears on his hand and swirls up to his shoulder in a runic patter of black, red, blue, and purple glowing.


The party then finds themselves back on the ship, now fully cognizant again. H finds the heat suit lying on the floor, a pokeball taped to it.

Shane sits down at the helm, envisioning the vast network that is the warp, determined to fly the ship back to civilization. As he is about to control the ship, his eyes glow as if they are warp portals, and he instead beings controlling the warp paths, shaping them to guide the ship towards its destination.. They soon find themselves launched out of Gate 25 and right into a large group of Federation cruisers!


The main ship hails the Dunsparce and Arlon accepts the call. An admiral appears on the screen.

"Attention undeclared ship. This is an active investigation."

"We have business here." Morgan tells him.

"We are going to need to search your ship."

The cruiser docks with the Dunsparce and prepare to board. Thinking quickly, H hides Shane under the lab table and sets off a string shot grenade while Arlon heads to the airlock to greet the Federation officers. On the way there he notices Dmitri's wall writing but there's nothing he can do about it.


"We're going to have to search your ship and ask you a few questions." the Admiral explains.

"Sure." says Arlon.

"What was your business here a few days ago?"

"We make delivers between here and Sector 17." Morgan tells him.

"Hmm. Yes. This seems to check out with you jump data." Scrolling further down he seems to notice an inconsistency.


"After the battle you were reported to have left the sector. Where did you go?"

"Sector 17." Says Morgan, "The gate was messed with so it might not be recorded."


"There is no data on you being in Sector 17."

"Check the ship's computers." says the Admiral.

"Okay... full disclosure." says Arlon, "the gate launched us into deep warp space without a destination. We've been lost in warp space for four days and by some miracle we got spit back out here."


"Why did you not mention this sooner?"

"Well we thought you wouldn't believe us." Arlon lies. He knows that the Feds will take credit for their discoveries if they don't keep them secret.


"Very well. We will continue our search of the ship."

They arrive at the living quarters next and find Dmitiri's writings.

"What in the void is this?" The Admiral asks, "This looks like warp madness... except..."


"Except what?" Arlon asks.

"Nothing. Take pictures of it." He orders his men, "I want this whole place documented."


"What?" Arlon asks, "Why?"

"Sir, this is an ongoing investigation. We cannot discount any of this as being connected."


Next up they go to the lab.

"You probably don't want to go in there." Arlon tells them.

"Sir, we need to search the entire ship."

"Take a look for yourself."

"Care to explain?" The admiral asks after seeing the mess in the lab.

"You will probably want to talk to our scientist."

H comes in and explains how he was experimenting with string shot and it failed. After much back and forth, he convinces them it might be toxic so they have to call in a hazmat team with laser cutters. This buys Shane the time to gather all the sensitive materials and teleport himself and everything to the smuggling compartment in the cargo hold.


When they finally clean the lab up they find nothing suspicious and move on to the cargo hold.

"We need you to declare all your cargo." The admiral tells the party.

"Just some empty crates at the moment." Arlon tells him.

They quickly search the empty boxes and move them away. The team still needs to buy some time for Shane to teleport away again so they plan some distractions.


H distracts them with a pogo stick augmentation that he made while suffering from warp madness.

Two officers look at each other with confused faces.

"Warp madness?"

"Warp madness."

Arlon sneaks out and sets off an alarm but it noticed on the way back in.

"What did you do?" The admiral asks.


"Search him."

They find nothing suspicious other than his pistol.

"You'd be crazy not to have a gun in the outer rim." Arlon protests.

Suddenly H sets off another string shot grenade. As a reflex all the Feds draw their guns and point them at H.


"Sorry." he says, "A failed experiment as I said. I keep them on me so I can keep an eye on them."

"Make sure it doesn't happen again or it will be on your head."

By now, Shane has managed to teleport back to the lab. After getting gut free they only free up H's arms and tell him to cut himself free.


They soon discover the now empty smuggling compartment.

"What's this?"

"It came with the ship. We don't use it. It was a discount. Beggars can't be choosers, you know?" Arlon bullshits him.


"I believe you. But if we catch you using it, you will be dealt with."

After the search, they document everything and leave.

"Stay out of trouble." The admiral tells them before departing.

With that out of the way, the crew prepares to head to the "Mr. Silver coordinates" in sector 25. It's a few jumps away so they pop by a few systems on the way. They come across an ice world called Fluroth with a main settlement and a few ice farms and decide to land and take a look.


Arlon sets the Dunsparce down in an unpopulated area and they set out into the cold to explore. On a nearby snowy slope they see a Glaceon, a Snorunt, and a Bergmite. The team sends out Aron, Houndour, Metang, Helioptile, and Solrock.


Helioptile uses thundershock to do some damage to the Snorunt and also paralyze it. Solrock uses fire spin on the Glaceon. The Glaceon attempts to bite Helioptile with ice fang but misses. Houndour uses ember on Bergmite and Metang uses confusion on Snorunt. Bergmite hardens itself while Snorunt uses icy wind on Solrock and Houndour. Aron tries to headbutt Bergmite but misses and buries its head in the snow.


H uses quick attack on the Snorunt but lands a devastating blow and knocks it out. Dmitri then confuses Glaceon and throws a pokeball to catch it. Metang then uses confusion on Bergmite which responds with a bite. Shane then throws a pokeball and catches it.

The team then proceeds onward and come across another Snorunt as well as a Sneasel and a Swinub. Dmitri charms the Swinub off to the side and offers it some food while the other party members engage the other two in battle.


Arlon sends out Quilava and it uses flame wheel on Sneasel. Helioptile uses thundershock on Snorunt but it uses protect. Sneasel then lands a feint attack on Quilava. Morgan sends out Croconaw and it scratches Snorunt. Arlon throws a pokeball at Sneasel and successfully captures it. H then throws a great ball at Snorunt and captures it this time.


Meanwhile Dmitri has been charming the Swinub and he successfully convinces it to come along with him and it goes into a pokeball.

Done with their business on Fluroth. The team returns to the ship and they fly away. On the way to Mr. Silver, they pass by a sparsely populated ocean world and mark it on their map for later.


As the Dunsparce approaches one of Mr. Silver's ships, they are sent docking instructions. It appears the Mr. Silver has been expecting them.

Session Notes: Whew! This was a long session! We went well over an hour later than we usually do. We got so much done.


H's player was late so we ended up starting without him. As a penalty he has some low focus rolls so when he showed up he was very delusional which added to the comedy as the crew of the Dunsparce went insane with warp madness. I still can't believe he tried to catch the heat suit. He statted it and everything before DragonStorm told him he didn't actually catch it. He even rolled an 8 on percentiles to capture it!

We went for hours with just straight up RP, with only a couple wild Pokemon battles at the end. We even avoided fighting the Inkay in the beginning because Dmitri's player did like James in the anime and just befriended them. I can't believe how many Pokemon he charmed to capture in this session. It's ridiculous.


We are approaching the end of the semester so the first "season" of Spacemon is drawing to a close. We have two more sessions to go before the finale! But we will return for season 2 next semester! Some of us are even preparing stuff for it!

See you soon with the next chapter!

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