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Welcome to the Spacemon Appendix! Here you will find background information on the characters and lore of the story. If you’re here, it means you clicked the link in the footer of whatever chapter of Spacemon you just read. Now that the series has reached its end, the Appendix has been updated with a ton of new information.

WARNING: Contains spoilers for the entirety of Spacemon. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK. I used to update this post incrementally with each batch of chapters as new information came to light, but now that the series is all done I recommend reading all of it before you read anything in the Appendix to avoid spoilers. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

The Crew of the UAS Helix

Using a character creator, the other players and I attempted to approximate our characters’ appearances. Some are more accurate than others, and some have been made a bit more accurate thanks to Photoshop. However, they are still just approximations. Each player character’s section here will provide you with a physical description and background information in addition to their picture.

Morgan Durand - Played by ClarissaGavin

(Note: this section is incomplete because Clarissa just didn’t update it. I’m working on doing it myself but it might be a while)


Info: Morgan is a 21 year old student from Genevan space. She is the only child of Orion and Arianna Durand, a well respected ship design engineer in the employ of the Genevan government and a homemaker, respectively. Complications during Morgan’s birth rendered Arianna unable to have any more children. Orion always wanted a son to continue his work legacy, believing women to be incapable of his level of work, and for this reason he greatly resents Morgan. Wanting to prove her father wrong, Morgan strove to excel in school and was pursuing a degree in engineering before a massive fight with him was the final straw in convincing her to run away. While her mother is still searching for her, Morgan has no intention of ever returning. She specializes in Pokebot construction and is discovering latent clairvoyant powers.

Appearance: A slightly tall, skinny young woman with shoulder-length brown hair and grey-green eyes. She wears clothes that tend to obscure her figure, such as baggy shirts and cargo pants, and could be mistaken for a boy by casual observers. Her wardrobe is mostly dark green and black. While working, she also wears a pair of tough leather fingerless gloves to protect her palms.


Personality: Morgan is fairly arrogant, and views people primarily as obstacles who hinder her with their stupidity. Being exposed to unnecessary danger is for her the ultimate stupidity, and makes her very angry. Above all, she doesn’t want to be seen as weak because she fears people taking advantage of her, so she often seems aloof. The fastest way to befriend her is to show appreciation for her work and/or be intellectually stimulating. She is somewhat moral; she dislikes causing harm to humans or Pokemon, but is ambivalent to other forms of crime. The crew’s encounter with the Romanov Supremacy was very distressing for her; she realizes she has a potential to truly hurt people, and feels overwhelmed and surprised at how easy it was for her to do so. She is beginning to take control of her clairvoyance and is noticeably more relaxed than she had been in the recent past.

Thoughts on the Crew: Because of her insecurity, Morgan tries not to get too close to anyone on the crew. The only person she actively dislikes is H, as his arrogance, stubbornness, and tactlessness always seem to get them into trouble. Since meeting Armstrong, she has developed a greater understanding of H’s eccentricities, but is nonetheless annoyed by him. She believes Dimitri is a reasonable person with the unfortunate tendency to get swept up in the excitement of their adventure (such as his eagerness to engage in experiments involving warp space, which led to the Trevenant accident). She appreciates Shane’s intellect and would actually like to get to know him better, but also fears exposing herself to him. His attempts to comfort her after the Romanov Supremacy incident had caused her to lower her guard, but the incident with the warp drive has made her more wary. She feels fairly close to Alex, especially now that she has seen a more vulnerable side of the girl. She empathizes with Alex because they both have felt abandoned and alone most of their lives, and each put up a facade to mask their true emotions.

Current Team:
Yvonne - Espeon (F)
Hadrian - Regice
Corinne - Pidgeot (F)
Jean - Pikachu (M)
Herman - Samurott (M)
Roxanne - Binacle (F)


Stored on the Ship:
Flora - Beautifly (F)
Camille - Solrock
Lucien - Liepard (M)
Sabrina - Stunky (F)
Aimée - Smoochum (F)
Édouard - Weepinbell (M)

Dmitri Smirnitsky - Played by Random-Roaming-Robot

Made using joy-ling’s Pokemon Trainer Creator and some Photoshop


Info: Dmitri is a 23 year old male formerly of the Romanov Union. The son of two occult researchers working for the romanov union, Dmitri grew up on a space station where the only other children were the children of the various scientist and crew that worked on the station, as well as his brother Nikolai. Nikolai was ill from birth which resulted in his death at the age of 12. Dmitri was 14 at the time. Dmitri cared for his brother while his parents were working, and thus was close to his brother. When Nikolai died and his parents were nowhere to be found it was then that Dmitri decided he would leave at the first opportunity that showed up. His parents were obsessed with their work and spent little time at home raising their sons, which led Dmitri to resent his parents. When he came of age he took his first opportunity to leave. He studies the occult possibly as an attempt to bridge the gap between him and his parents, or even to bridge the gap between him and his deceased brother. With the loss of his beloved Metang, Dmitri has become less cheerful, and now struggles with coping with the fact that he killed a man during a period of blind rage that followed his Pokemon’s demise. These feelings were intensified with their experience in the Mirrored Temple where he was faced with all those lost during his life. His experience in the galactic core has forced him to confront the possibility that the ones he’s lost are never coming back. During the encounter with Darkrai, their minds became connected and Dmitri now has some influence over the Pokemon’s aura. With the destruction of the Halcyon, the Supremacists earned a large amount of hate from Dmitri with their disregard to innocent, even going to the level of honoring the man behind the deaths of hundreds of innocent people attending the galactic conference. With Mr. Silver’s identity and purpose revealed, Dmitri knew that everyone, and every Pokemon was threatened by the oncoming invasion. Just one of these new abominations has already shown it is powerful enough to single-handedly take on a swarm of Genesect as well as manipulate Pokemon of incredible strength such as Darkrai. While at first there did not appear to be much the Galaxy could do in the face of this threat, Dmitri knew that he and his crewmates couldn’t lose hope because the fate of the Galaxy hung in their hands. In the end, the crew triumphed and Dmitri was a bit shocked that they somehow managed to bring peace to the Galaxy. I was defeated and the Mewtwos were convinced to give Humanity another chance. In the new time of peace that followed, Dmitri believed Humanity may have a chance at surviving the Mewtwos’ judegment. In his mind, the only obstacle to Humanity’s survival now was the Romanov Supremacy. They may have agreed to a truce, but the cost for peace has given them more reason not stop their drive for power. Dmitri feared that if the Supremacy did not give up on their pursuit of power, Humanity may fail to prove themselves worthy to the Mewtwos.

Appearance: Dmitri is a young, fair skinned male with medium black hair and blue eyes. When his mind connected with Darkrai, his hair faded to a ghostly white and his eyes turned a cold, pale shade of blue. He has an average build, and is average in height. He tends to wear black clothes accented with blue including a black trench coat, black pants, black fingerless gloves, and blue framed glasses.

Personality: Dmitri has the tendency to not think everything he does through, he is somewhat immature, but can be mature when he needs to. Dmitri is Russian. he is proud to be Romanov, but is disappointed with the way the union is run. Dmitri likes to drink, and Dmitri likes to do science.


Thoughts on the Crew:
Drunken ramblings:
I like to think I’m on pretty good terms with everyone on this ship. H is just as insane as ever but he has managed to accomplish some amazing things. I still can’t believe after having all that time to research the Genesect, something he was willing to kill to protect, all he made was a means to plug a hole… He did demonstrate real leadership during the fight on the Halcyon, though, so I’ve got to respect him for that. I like to consider Shane to be the closest thing to a friend I have on the ship. He’s shown great leadership in his handling of the battle with the Mewtwos, and his ability to keep H in check is invaluable. I can’t believe Shane gave up the powers granted to him by Giratina, but that act has proven to have been the right one to make and I will follow his example. Morgan is a valued crewmate, though she can be abrasive at times. I didn’t agree with her attempt to kill H and Shane’s Pokemon, but I’m glad to see she’s improving in that regard. I know I’ve done some pretty bad stuff, but I respect the rest of the crew enough to not do anything to their Pokemon without trainer permission, let alone kill them. Alex can still be annoying from time to time, but she’s definitely started to grow on me. She’s proven to be a trusted and valuable crewmate. It was hard to watch so many tragic events befall her, so I’m glad that Morgan and Naomi are there for her.

Current Team:
Wilhelm - Gengar (M)
Gigan - Scizor (F)
Ness - Gyarados (M)
Roman - Blaziken (M)
Houdini - Kadabra (M)
Biollante - Flygon (F)

Stored on the Ship:
Harbinger - Absol (M)
Kirito - Sandile (M)
Pistachio - Pachirisu (F)
Cthulhu - Inkay (M)
Tribble - Swinub (M)
Ivan - Glaceon (M)
Vlad - Noibat (M)
Squilliam - Tentacruel (M)
Destroyah - Anorith (M)
Wonder Trade Fodder - Murkrow (M)


Shane - Played by The Other Guy

Made using joy-ling’s Pokemon Trainer Creator and some Photoshop

Info: Shane is the result of Sinai researchers salvaging and repairing the damaged Gardener Sphere, an entity responsible for seeding the galaxy with life some aeons ago. The Gardener originally was a large spherical pod of ancient digital technology powered by a sky-blue crystal. They augmented the Gardener’s AI onto a man-made equivalent, which then gave itself life in the form of Shane, who has been on the run since. Shane appears to have suppressed memories of being the Gardener, which explains why he could remember Earth, but otherwise seems to remember nothing prior to waking up inside the lab’s computer system and somehow escaping. Even more pressing, though, is Shane’s connection to the AI known as Mr. Silver. Both were created for the sole purpose of re-populating an ancient species over generations of human existence and nonexistence. Just as it was the Gardener’s job to plant the seeds, it was Silver’s job to reap the field, by silently ensuring that Humanity created more of the ancient species from their masses, adding to the population. Having been effectively merged with human technology and morals, Shane wants nothing to do with this, despite his prior involvement.


Appearance: Has the appearance of a young teenager (stereotypical trainer age) with short, messy electric blue hair, and otherwise neon clothes, with a black + red hoodie, complete with cybertech symbols. Ever since acquiring Giratina’s mark, the right sleeve of the hoodie has been torn off, and his right arm has been cloaked in void-like shadow up to the shoulder with glowing purple runes, like a tribal tattoo that glows when activated. This has since vanished when Shane returned his powers to Giratina, and instead wears a mechanical glove of sorts which utilizes the Warp to generate similar effects in a less unstable way towards the universe.

Personality: He has little experience with the outside world (that he can remember) and can at times be a bit awkward or overbearing. Shane tends to follow a strict moral code, alongside the Laws of Robotics. That being said, he has few qualms about deviating from such standards should they benefit those he cares about (assuming he even has the capability to care). Over time, as he grew more accustomed to Human life in the crew the digital, robotic side of his personality began to fade away, giving way to a new, more “alive” conscience.

Thoughts on the Crew:


(Note: The Other Guy is working on a post with all the images he’s done for this section that I will link here once it’s done)

Current Team:
V.O.I.D. (Vast Oculus of Infinite Darkness) - Cofagrigus (F)
C.A.L.I. (Creature Abyssal of Lazarus’ Indemnity - Martyrs Are Reborn Indefinitely) - Malamar (F)
K.E.Y.S. (Kleptomaniacal Entity of Youthful Steel) - Klefki (M)
B.O.L.T. (Biologically Obfuscated Living Thunderbolt) - Rotom
E.Y.E.S. (Evil Yellow Enigmatic Sigil) - Sigilyph (M)
G.W.Y.N. (Guardian Wildfire of Yggdrasil’s Namesake) - Delphox (M)

Stored on the Ship:
T.O.M.B. (Telepathic Ominous Murder Boulder) - Spiritomb (M)
P.Y.R.E. (Perennially Youthful Raging Ember) - Eevee (F)
R.A.G.E. (Random Attack Generation Engine) - Clefable (M)
S.P.I.K.E. (Spiny Plant-like Innocuous Killer Entity) - Cacnea (M)
L.O.U.D. (Lord Of Unstoppable Dance) - Lombre (M)
F.R.O.S.T. (For Real, Obviously Snowy Table) - Bergmite (M)
D.I.S.C.O. (Dawww It’s So Cute OMG) - Amaura (F)
D.A.T.A. (Digital Analytic Tactical Automaton) - Porygon Z


Experiment #1749XQR5Z-H - Played by ???

Made using joy-ling’s Pokemon Trainer Creator and some Photoshop

Info: A strange man with a vague past and an odd mental state. He has spent most of his life within a United Alliance laboratory as a test subject for augmentation-based experiments. There he was able to pick up a large amount of education in the sciences. In the lab he grew convinced that he was competing against the other test subjects in a fight to be the best. He was lonely, with his only solace being the occasional visit from this father figure Dr. Armstrong, the man that could measure his growth. Because of this, H was driven to become the best of the test subjects, so he studied and trained hard. Yet he awoke one morning and to find the lab completely abandoned, with only his Rhyhorn #1 to keep him company. But H would not be discouraged, he took the disappearance as a sign of success. He was the last one standing, He was the chosen one. He was that who would bring about the next step in evolution. Since then, he has learned (mainly through consistent failure) that he is far from perfect. And so his new goal has been to achieve perfection and spread it simultaneously. Throughout his many adventures H discovered that Dr Armstrong, who he deemed dead, was actually alive. After saving him from assassination, Armstrong revealed that H was one among many clones who were part of an ongoing experiment to create beings with cybernetic DNA. This project, funded by Mr. Silver, was shut down before its completion. As such, H and Armstrong then proceeded to finish the project, turn H into the perfect Cyborg. He was now able to withstand many more augmentations, as well as heal from the very electricity that had been his bane in the past. And so H was ready at last. Or so he thought. By some miracle H was given the opportunity to show the leaders of the universe his true power at the Galactic Governance Conference. Yet as soon as his display had begun, it was over, interrupted by the Romanov Supremacy and all aboard except for H and his companions were incinerated. The sudden destruction of those who he had enlightened crippled H, and he convinced himself that the universe was not ready to him. First, it must burn. Yet while pondering the downfall of humanity fate continued to guide H, He finally encountered the true Mr. Silver: the man who had plotted the downfall of Humanity.This downfall was called Mewtwo, a supreme being greater than H himself, created from the fusion of Pokemon and humans. Yet H, with the help of fate, would surpass this being, and until that time had come he would use for the necessary purge of humanity. Yet as with all great plans, they change. After a heated argument, H realized that not everyone who as enlightened had perished. Red Suns, Shane, Alex, Dmitri, Morgan, Minerva, Armstrong, even Billy. They had experienced more enlightenment than anyone else, rejected it, and yet STILL LIVED. Their existence proved that humans could learn of enlightenment, even if they did not progress to it. It seemed that not all of humanity would not perish, as H had thought. And also, the crew had all proven themselves beyond useful on multiple occasions. In fact, they seemed instruments of fate itself, keeping H alive in horrible situations. Yes, in truth these tools of fate were his most valuable assets, ones he would protect…..and should respect. Should they wish the universe not to burn, then let it be so. (So long as the universe proves useful). H is no longer alone. He is not the last of fate’s children. There is one who with unknown goals, but who lacks the ability to see the use of the humanity he came from. He can be saved. But until then it seems that he trusts H no more than any other human, even if that human has a bomb implanted in their brain. If nothing else, Meta should prove a useful asset to help H with his growing problem of funding, a stupid irrelevant concept of old humanity. And so it seems that I shall be difficult to redeem, though with proper planning, a few bad dreams, and the will of fate, nothing is impossible. He does not trust H, a surprising but logical notion. He has tasked H with betraying all of those gifted to him by fate, to destroy that which had saved him, and that he cannot do. Yet maybe he can find another way to win him over. The man truly does not trust H, he has sent more to betray the chosen ones, and they succeeded, though not for long. This hostage turned traitor turned hostage has been quite troublesome, but may possibly be another gift given to him as both reward and test. The new gift, Meta, may prove to be less of a gift and more of replacement. The defective Alex has seemed to have finally broken with the loss of her father. She is too stuck in the past, too driven my pointless emotion, and not able to move onward to the future and use that emotion for proper work. She is defective, but she must be fixed regardless, for she is still a gift after all. No no no no no NO NO! This man cannot be true. What is fate doing! Why has this horrible traitor to the cause of the universe, this all powerful spineless…..ADAM. He has deceived all of the gifts into willingly giving up all of their hard earned power. He has convinced them that they cannot force back the darkness, that they will not see humanity enlightened despite being so close. He is a Horrible traitor to all that fate has built, and it is the hardest test H has faced so far. He. MUST. FALL! He cannot be felled. It seems fate is kind though, for even in the face of tests ignored it moves forward. The gifts are themselves again and the war is coming sooner than ever. H does not understand how or why it has happened, but somehow they are fighting again. And so I has fallen. He has fallen to the same woes that once plagued H. He has succumbed to the fantasy of perfection and lack of trust. And so the treaty has been made, it seems that old human force of nature was right to avoid conflict to some degree, though in the wrong way. But now a new dawn has appeared, Humans will not only be safe to improve, but be guided by those who created all of which we seek knowledge in. It is certain now, Humanity is progressing towards their next evolutionary stage, one planetary empire at a time.


Appearance: Scrawny in build, but heavy in weight (due to metal). 300lb man 5’ 8’’ tall, short, spiky, metallic blonde hair, and stark green eyes dazzling with electricity. He wears nothing but boxers, white gloves, and a long, luxurious, pearl-white armored lab coat, of which he has 8. The only adornment on H is a small circular golden pin over his heart of unknown origin. Additionally, though H has modified his body multiple times through robotic augmentation, due to the recent experiment they have been integrated into his body as well as changed it. His legs now seamlessly mesh with his black boots. His skin remains smooth, though it is colder and harder than basic flesh. His hands, though often covered by his gloves, have two fleshy apertures in their palms that also fit together seamlessly, allowing them to be practically invisible unless they are open. Finally, as a result of the augmentation is that his bones now seem to slightly glow with light from time to time, though outside of darkness it is difficult to see. Oh, and his skin is now a pale green.

Personality: Arrogant, confident to a fault, self-centered, somewhat mentally unstable, and incredibly curious about anything that could make him stronger. Willing to do anything to achieve his goal of perfection, for his perfection shall perfect the universe. Though he has improved a great deal, he still believes he can climb to higher heights.

Thoughts on the Crew:
Fate’s Gifts
Morgan - Fate realized for self
Role: Realism

  • Keeps crew in line when she is in line
  • Keeps everything grounded in dull, over-emotional reality (sadly still necessary at times)
  • High skill in robotics (Ironically)
  • Surprisingly good Skills when working with the unenlightened


  • Over-Emotional to a fault
  • Predictably Unpredictable… leads to poor growth
  • Prone to Heavy Emotion-related Interference with experiments
  • Limiting and antagonizing voice for personal cause

Dmitri - Fate realized?
Role: Ally

  • Fantastic Social Negotiation Skills
  • Psychic powers
  • Lack of absolute concern for morals (sometimes)
  • Violent Tendencies Stabilized
  • Mark of unknown power


  • Unreliable (negatively affects violent tendencies)
  • Gaining ground in morality
  • Will Steal any Pokemon he can when given the chance. (may be a use)
  • Semi-Unanalyzable emotional state (at least balanced)
  • Mark of unknown power

Shane - Fate realized for use
Role: Rival

  • Rivalry - The Supreme Testing Ground (What better to test against than your maker?)
  • Lab Assistant
  • Powers have wide uses
  • Has social control over other crew member (Particularly Morgan)


  • Sissy Plant Robot
  • Potential Usurper
  • Sides with Morality too often (Though this now makes sense)
  • Powers have wide uses
  • Caring and sometimes over-emotional

Alex - Fate not yet realized
Role: Ultimate Wildcard

  • Matter-ball information and case understanding
  • Asks questions
  • Stealth Skills
  • Leviathan control
  • Differences resolved (for now)


  • Thief
  • Ignorant
  • Too Close to Morgan - Inheriting her emotions
  • Not Unconscious (No longer an issue?)

Current Team:
#1 - Rhyperior (M)
#4 - Trevenant (M)
#6 - Helioptile (M)
#7 - Altaria (M)
#9 - Floatzel (F)
#10 - Togekiss (M)


Stored on the Ship:
#11 - Bidoof (M)
#12 - Marill (M)
#Heaty - Heaty The Heat Suit (Not actually a Pokemon)

Alexandria Hawthorne - Played by DisturbedShadow


Info: Alexandria Hawthorne is a quirky 17 year old girl from the planet Vandia within the Sinai Ascendancy. She is the illegitimate daughter of renowned Genevan archaeologist Robert Hawthorne and an unknown Sinai woman who died in childbirth. Robert vanished mysteriously in the ruins he was investigating when Alex was only 4 years old and she has been pretty much living on her own ever since, moving around and never staying in one place very long. She had many places she called home, and people she relied on, but she had to move on for one reason or another. She spent a few years living with a gang of street kids, where she really learned how to survive on the streets, but they abandoned her when the local police found their hideout. Afterwards, she got really sick and would have died if she had not been found lying in the road by a monk named Raj. Raj nursed Alex back to health and allowed her to stay in the monastery where he lived. At the monastery, she learned a lot about history, Sinai religion, and Pokemon. However, she also struggled with depression and attempted suicide multiple times. If not for Raj’s intervention, Alex would have successfully taken her own life. After her recovery, Alex vowed to find out what happened to her father. Her search lead her back to her childhood home where she found many of her father’s old files that revealed he was searching for an artifact known as “the Mirror.” Believing that this clue would lead her to her father, Alex made it her goal to find the Mirror. Unfortunately, she hit a dead end as she had no way to leave Vandia. Alex began to slip back into depression over the next few years, and began fighting thugs and other criminals on the streets to keep herself going. However, this lead her to many dangerous situations that ultimately lead to her giving it up. The last fight was to save an Alliance girl named Naomi Pierce who was on Vandia with her father, an important businessman from the Alliance world Harmonia who had come to Vandia to make shady business deals. Alex and Naomi became fast friends after Alex saved her, and Alex fell madly in love with her. Much to Alex’s dismay, when she confessed her feelings, Naomi revealed that she was in love with someone else. In a desperate attempt to change Naomi’s mind, Alex ended up pushing her away instead. Alex never saw her again before she returned to Harmonia with her father. Alex had been willing to give up her search for her own father to stay with Naomi, but without her, Alex’s resolve to find her father was strengthened. About a year later, Alex snuck aboard the Helix when the ship crash-landed on Vandia, believing the ship’s crew to be her best bet in finding out what happened to her father. While Alex was not welcomed by the crew at first, she has proven herself to them to be an expert on Pokeballs and has shown a surprisingly strong knowledge of technology. Over the course of her journey aboard the Helix, Alex has grown and changed as a person, more so than at any other point in her life. She has struggled to cope with horrific things that she’s experienced, but at the same time, she has also formed a strong bond with her crewmates and finally has a place she can call home. The Helix’s travels even brought Alex to Harmonia, where she was reunited with Naomi, who revealed that she regretted leaving her on Vandia, and they began a romantic relationship. Eventually, Alex found her father but he ended up killing himself in front of her, afraid of his own daughter and unable to cope with being a parent. If not for Naomi, Alex would have killed herself but, having survived, Alex is now a stronger individual. Additionally, Alex was exposed to raw warp energy when Shane brought the Helix into the Void, which granted her the ability to perceive the precise dimensions and measurements of objects within visual range. Meeting and conversing with Adám, a man frozen in time from the first cycle and integral to the Sinai Bible, has also changed Alex’s outlook on life. His very existence has confirmed, as least partially, the truth of the religious stories she never really believed in. Adám’s teachings have also convinced Alex to release her Pokemon from the control of their Pokeballs, giving them the choice to leave. She believes that the strength of the bond she shares with them will keep them together. This held true for all of her Pokemon except for Leviathan, the ancient and Powerful creature she captured on Messina. However, Leviathan agreed to help Alex in the final battle against the Mewtwos on the promise that she would bring him back to his home. Sadly, the Pokemon did not survive the battle. Alex was heartbroken at first, but has since come to terms with Leviathan’s death. Now that they have achieved peace with the Mewtwos, Alex now looks toward the future and the life she hopes to build with Naomi.

Appearance: Alex is a short, lightweight, slender framed teenaged girl standing at only 5’2” and weighing about 100 pounds. She has long, dark hair which she typically keeps in a loose ponytail, although her messy bangs tend to hang down in her face. She has big brown eyes with a X-shaped scar on her cheek just under the left one. Alex has a light tannish skin tone and her mixed racial and ethnic background is quite apparent in her facial features. She is half Genevan and the other half is a mix of various Sinai ethnicities, predominantly Indian and Arabian. She has a quote written in decorative Sinai writing tattooed on her right forearm. She also has a scar on each wrist from her first suicide attempt. She typically wears a loose-fitting top over a tank-top, tight jeans, a pair of long fingerless gloves that cover her forearms up to the elbow, thus hiding her scars and her tattoo, and a durable pair of black boots (which are definitely not leather because wearing Miltank hide is just plain wrong).

Personality: Alex’s rough life experiences have dramatically shaped her personality. She is impulsive, hyperactive, and immature, often pulling pranks or making jokes and saying or doing things without thinking them through. Due to too much unsupervised exposure to movies and television, she will often devise wild conspiracy theories to explain things. Alex is also very curious and questioning which often leads to her coming off as annoying. Her bad experiences with other people have led her to become very close with her Pokemon. To her, cruelty to Pokemon is one of the worst offenses. She is also a vegetarian because she doesn’t believe in eating Pokemon. Alex has also developed severe emotional problems over the years. She is extremely paranoid, struggles with depression, doesn’t deal well with other people, has a deep-seated fear of abandonment and a near-inability to trust anyone, and at one point in her life attempted suicide several times. Deep down, Alex is a very sensitive, caring person and a hopeless romantic, but she is afraid to show that side of herself to anyone. In order to cope with her struggles, Alex dedicated herself to finding her father, believing such a goal to work toward would keep her from slipping back into depression’s arms. She also put on a happy outward appearance as a facade, hiding away her problems within. However, after finding her father, learning the truth about him, and watching him kill himself in front of her, that facade was completely destroyed. Alex was left devastated and emotionally wrecked, and once again attempted suicide. Ultimately, Naomi’s love saved her and made her realize that there are people she would hurt by ending her own life. Alex has since dedicated herself to protecting the ones she cares about and ensuring a safe future for them, even at the cost of her own well being. She has let go of her impulsive, sometimes selfish tendencies and has become a more serious, mature, and determined person. Now that some time has passed, Alex has begun to come to terms with her father’s fate and move on with her life. Now surrounded by lifelong friends and her true love, for the first time in her life Alex is truly happy and feels comfortable letting her true self shine through.


Thoughts on the Crew:
The Crew My New Friends Family:
Morgan seems like the leader of the crew. She’s the older sister I always wish I had. We fight sometimes and she can be kind of a bitch but I think she has everyone’s best interests at heart. I call her Ms. Bossypants because she can be kind of bossy. She got powers from a Pokemon called Dialga inside the Eye of Aether, but only for a little while. She’s the only one on the ship besides Naomi who knows about the things I’ve done to myself… I don’t think anyone else would understand...

Shane is cool. I call him Blue because he has blue hair, obviously. He’s actually the Gardener, what’s left of it anyway. He’s an AI, but he’s a good guy. The scientists who made him were not very good people, but they made him better. When he was just the Gardener he was part of an evil plan. Now he’s trying to stop it like us. A Pokemon called Giratina gave him a magic tattoo with superpowers but he gave it back.

Dmitri is a badass Romanov who kills mean people who hurt Pokemon. He fights for justice like some kind of Pokemon Avenger! I don’t think he likes me very much... On the Mirror planet he gained a connection with a scary Pokemon called Darkrai that let him affect people’s minds, but he got rid of it eventually.


H is a crazy robot-man. I call him Inspector Gizmo because has lightning powers and extendo-legs. He tried to kill me once, and I tried to kill him once. We don’t get along very well but we accepted that we had to work together in order to save the Galaxy a long time ago. We mostly stay out of each other’s business now.

The pilot is named Minerva. She’s cool and has attitude. She doesn’t say much. I think she’s secretly a vampire, but I haven’t been able to prove it yet.

Doc is the guy who made H. He’s smart and knows about science and stuff, but he’s also a drunk. Why didn’t he make H nicer? It’s not fair that a jerkface like H got to save his dad but I couldn’t! >:(


Bill is some kind of Pokemon breeder scientist person. He helps make cute baby Pokemon.

Diane is a Pokemon mentor who can teach Pokemon to use cool new moves and show us better ways to train our Pokemon! She’s helped make all my Pokemon stronger!

Meta is a super amazing hacker who was working with Gilgamesh and some other guys, but she was captured by I. He put a bomb in her head and tried to make her steal from us! She got away, but we caught her and then took the bomb out. Then she teamed up with us to get payback against I!


I’m so glad Naomi is here! We were reunited on Harmonia just in time. The first Mewtwo came and destroyed Harmonia but she escaped with us! She told me she realized that leaving me behind on Vandia was the biggest mistake she ever made. Now we’re together at last, just like I’ve always dreamed. I love her and I want to spend the rest of my life with her. <3 <3

(Note: I’ve treated this section like excerpts from Alex’s journal. I used to post updated journal entries about each chapter’s events here, but now you can find a link to her full journal here.)

Current Team:
Ebony - Umbreon (F)
Lumiera - Chandelure (F)
Anubis - Lucario (M)
Loki - Meowstic (M)
Dozer - Venusaur (M)
Dynamo - Eelektross (M)


Stored on the Ship:
Elsa - Froslass (F)
Rocket - Zigzagoon (M)
Diablo - Houndoom (M)
Okuma - Joltik (M)
Fluffy - Mareep (M)
Shen - Shellder (F)
Coele - Relicanth (F)

Other Important Characters

Arlon Jett - A reputable Genevan bounty hunter hailing from the New Britain colony world Heyton. He was a longtime member of the team of bounty hunters known as the Red Suns before he was framed for their former leader Lars Rickets’ murder by fellow member Devlin Garth. In order to survive, Arlon faked his own death and spent several months lying low before joining up with the crew of the UAS Helix. During his time with them, Arlon served as both the ship’s pilot and de facto leader of the team. With the crew’s help, Arlon was able to clear his name and rejoin the Red Suns which had since become a pirate organization. Working with a team of allies both new and old, he rid the Red Suns of unsavory elements and reformed the organization into an elite band of mercenaries under his leadership with the secret goal of uncovering Mr. Silver’s organization. In the following months, Arlon maintained contact with the Helix and provided the crew with leads and intel, as well as occasionally recruiting them to help with big operations. Arlon was a tactful leader in both combat and espionage, a skilled Pokemon trainer, and a powerful ally for the crew of the UAS Helix. He ultimately sacrificed his life to destroy one of the Mewtwos, proving that they can be killed, and was honored as a hero.


The Red Suns - The Red Suns are a band of mercenaries led by Arlon Jett. The Red Suns were founded as a team of bounty hunters by Lars Rickets. Rickets was murdered during a job gone bad on Parisia by one of his own team, Devlin Garth, and Arlon was framed for it. Under Garth’s control the Red Suns became a ruthless band of pirates, expanding beyond bounty hunting into many illegal activities. Arlon eventually cleared his name and ousted Garth, then spent several months working to rebuild the Red Suns as an elite band of mercenaries with the goal of uncovering Mr. Silver’s operations. While the Red Suns were mostly hired mercs, Arlon relied on a team of trusted lieutenants: Rena Bourdeaux, a skilled psionic sniper from the Genevan world Parisia with an affinity for Psychic type Pokemon with whom he was romantically involved; Kiril Zhukov, a large, battle-seasoned Romanov and an expert on explosives; Luke Anderson, a former Federation marine with a respectable service record both as a marine and a mercenary; and Petra Azarov, a skilled Romanov bounty hunter and one of Arlon’s oldest friends. Additionally, several other members of the Red Suns proved themselves to be loyal and reliable: Matt Suzuki, a young, Alliance-born pilot who was handpicked by Arlon to fly the UAS Corsair, the Red Suns’ frigate; Matthias Antoniou, a skilled Genevan hacker from the planet Athína; and Carmen Martinez, a fiery-tempered Alliance mercenary with excellent combat capabilities. Upon Arlon’s death, the other lieutenants chose Rena to continue leading the Red Suns.

Meta - A young hacker prodigy from the Romanov world Xiaou with a strong interest in technology. She was working with Gilgamesh, Aarn Hondo, and Samuel Rodriguez to obtain the artifact known as the Eye of Aether, but she was captured by I. I put a bomb in her head and forced her to steal data from the Helix. After she escaped the Helix, the ship’s crew and the Red Suns tracked her down, and removed the bomb. Since then, she has joined the crew of the Helix and set up a cyber-warfare suite on the ship. In addition to running the cyber-warfare suite, Meta also worked closely with H and Shane on several projects. She even ended up in some semblance of a romantic relationship with H.

Naomi Pierce - A 17 year-old girl from the Alliance planet Harmonia, and daughter of Jonathan Pierce, CEO of ASI Consolidated, the largest corporation in the Alliance. She originally met Alex on Vandia when they were both 15 when she traveled to the Sinai planet, accompanying her father on business. Alex saved Naomi from a street thug who was attacking her and the two became very close friends. Alex showed Naomi a world of fun and new experiences and opened her eyes to Human suffering she never experienced in her rich and sheltered life. During their time together, Naomi developed strong feelings for Alex but tried to hide them, even from herself, because she thought she was in love with another girl from her home. Eventually, the time came for Naomi to return to Alliance Space with her father. When she told Alex this, the Sinai girl confessed her feelings for her and asked to come with her. Naomi revealed that she was in love with someone else Alex responded with desperate attempts to change her mind that ultimately pushed her away. When she returned to Harmonia, Naomi realized that Alex had completely changed her outlook on life. She could no longer stand the rich, spoiled, attitudes of her friends or the girl she thought she loved, and her father’s ruthless and shady business practices disgusted her. Realizing she made a huge mistake leaving Alex behind and dedicated herself to exposing corruption in Alliance society, specifically her father and his company, as recompense for breaking Alex’s heart. Naomi even helped the Red Suns steal credits from ASI Consolidated in return for some files to help bring the company down. Alex came back into Naomi’s life once more when the Helix arrived on Harmonia. No sooner were they reunited than Harmonia was attacked by a Mewtwo. Naomi fled the planet aboard the Helix with Alex as it was destroyed. Both girls were overjoyed to be in each other’s company once more and began a romantic relationship, neither wanting to be parted from the other ever again.


Minerva Ljungström - The current pilot of the UAS Helix. The crew recruited her on the Federation megatropolis world Delphyne. She is a skilled Genevan pilot with a sassy attitude. She has a pretty intense medical condition that requires lots of equipment and medication but she is well worth the cost. She’s seen a lot of crazy things during her time with the Helix crew, but she has grown used to it by now. She may not admit it to her employers, but she’s become quiet fond of them.

Adám - The very first Human who was created by the Mewtwos, an ancient race of powerful beings, during the very first cycle. The Helix crew found him frozen in stasis with his Pokemon partner Eve on the Genevan world Jötunheimr and awakened him. He provided the crew with valuable knowledge of the history of the Universe and helped steer them onto the path of peace with the Mewtwos. He traveled with the crew until the conclusion of the final battle. Once peace had been achieved, Adám parted ways with the Helix crew and went on to explore the Galaxy.

Dr. Louis Armstrong - The scientist who created H while working on a project funded by Mr. Silver. Mr. Silver pulled all funding and since then the man has been on a downward spiral. Reunited with H, the two seek to continue the project.


Bill Wi - A Pokemon geneticist and breeder the crew of the UAS Helix recruited on the Alliance world Attica. He serves as the ship’s Pokemon breeder and genetics researcher.

Diane Stone - A Pokemon move tutor the crew of the UAS Helix recruited on the Federation world Nerva.

Mr. Silver - An AI designed by the Mewtwos, an ancient race of powerful beings incapable of natural reproduction. Mr. Silver was designed as part of a plan to bring about the next generation of Mewtwos by harvesting the seeds of life sowed by the Gardener, another AI designed by the Mewtwos. Over a long span of time, he gathered data, and orchestrated the creation of the next generation through a network of cybernetically augmented Mr. Mimes with screens implanted into their faces. The creation of more Mewtwos was achieved through the twisted hybridization of Humans and Pokemon. In this cycle of the Mewtwo’s grand plan, the Humans used were the clones from Dr. Armstrong’s project. The Helix crew later convinced the new Mewtwos that Mr. Silver’s methods were horrific and he is believed to have been destroyed by their hand.


Admiral Alexandra Graves - A Federation Admiral who commands the FNS Halberd, the Federation vessel present during the Battle of Solace Prime. She is a harsh commander with nerves of icy steel and little patience for those who don’t get results. Her resolve during the war with the Romanov Supremacy and against the Mewtwos helped her rise to a position on the Federation war council.

Gilgamesh - A nomadic monk of Sinai origin. He was an Outer Rim Gym Leader specializing in psychic Pokemon and self-proclaimed “student of the Warp.” He was incredibly knowledgeable on matters related to ancient lore and warp space and traveled the Galaxy alone with his Pokemon in a small meditation sphere. He was killed by I while attempting to recover an artifact known as the Eye of Aether which he regretfully helped Mr. Silver obtain.

Aarn Hondo - A smuggler operating on the Outer Rim world Erebus in Sector 25. He provided the crew of the Helix (then on the Dunsparce) with their warp drive in exchange for delivering a package to a Romanov research station, which turned out to be a Genesect fossil. He was later recruited by Gilgamesh to help recover the Eye of Aether. After Gilgamesh’s death, he teamed up with the Helix crew to complete the mission.


Commander Samuel Rodriguez - The commander of OmniGuard Industries’ 23rd “Drapion” Company, an Alliance paramilitary unit. Rodriguez and Drapion were hired by Aarn Hondo to assist in the mission to obtain the Eye of Aether. After Gilgamesh’s death, he teamed up with the Helix crew to complete the mission.

I - another cyborg created by Dr. Louis Armstrong who was given to Mr. Silver. Instead of using I as part of his projects, Mr. Silver employed him as his most agent, essentially selecting him to ascend to become a Mewtwo fully aware of the plan. He proved himself to be a dangerous enemy to the crew of the UAS Helix, attempting to turn H against the crew and putting a bomb in Meta’s head and planting her as a spy on the Helix. He crossed paths with the crew many times but he was ultimately defeated, even after becoming a Mewtwo.

Captain Lee Heilovic - A cunning naval officer of the Romanov Supremacy. He commanded the RSS Envy. He aimed to capture the Helix and her crew, so that the study of their technology might aid the Supremacy in its war. He proved himself to be a dangerous opponent, nearly capturing the crew multiple times and orchestrating the attack on the GCS Halcyon. He is believed to have perished when the Halcyon exploded.


The Fallen

Here we pay tribute to our fallen heroes and Pokemon. Not all battles are without losses.

Gilgamesh, Slain in combat by I during the mission to recover the Eye of Aether
Arlon Jett, Sacrificed himself in battle against a Mewtwo so that the Federation fleet and the rest of the Red Suns could escape, killing it in the process.


Cerberus - Houndoom (M), Trainer: Arlon, Slain in combat against the Red Suns aboard one of Mr. Silver’s ships
F.I.R.E. (Furry Inferno Replicating Entity) - Houndour (F), Trainer: Shane, Slain in combat against the Red Suns aboard one of Mr. Silver’s ships
Maine - Metang, Trainer: Dmitri, Slain in combat on Parisia during the Armstrong rescue
D.E.R.P. (Deadly Energetic Reversible Pokemon) - Inkay (M), Trainer: Shane, Slain in combat in the Mirrored Temple
Hector - Croconaw (M), Trainer: Morgan, Slain in combat in the Mirrored Temple
Leviathan - Kyogre, Trainer: Alex, Slain by a Mewtwo aboard the Helix during the final battle
Blaise - Charizard (M), Trainer: Morgan, Slain by I on a Romanov factory station during the final battle
#8 - Glalie (M), Trainer: H, Slain by I on a Romanov factory station during the final battle

The Life Ships

Long ago, Earth was dying and in order to survive humanity had to reach for the stars. The nations of Earth worked together to build the life ships to send humans and Pokemon out into the vastness of space. Four two part life ships were constructed, each covering two launch sites and then combining after leaving the planet’s atmosphere in order to travel the great distances needed to find new habitable worlds.


The first life ship, from launch sites in the Northeastern and Southwestern United States carried mostly a mix of those from the US, Canada, and Mexico as well as some South American refugees who were able to make it to the launch sites. When this ship finally found a new world to settle after many generations the people on board founded what became known as the United Alliance.

The second life ship, from launch sites in France and Sweden, carried people from the many cultures of Europe into the stars. When this ship finally found a new world to settle after many generations the people on board founded what became known as the Geneva Confederacy.

The third life ship, from launch sites in Russia and China, carried mostly people from Russia and China as well as many from Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and Korea. When this ship finally found a new world to settle the people on board founded what became known as the Romanov Union.


The fourth and final life ship, from launch sites in Israel and India, carried mostly people from the Middle East and India as well as those from many other East Asian nations. When this ship finally found a new world to settle the people on board founded what became known as the Sinai Ascendancy.

Other life ships were launched from other locations such Japan, Brazil, and South Africa but no one really knows what happened to them. For some reason or another all the other life ships either never made it off of Earth or never made it to a new world.

The Nations and the Federation

The Federation

The Federation was founded when the four ever expanding nations encountered each other. The core sectors of the galaxy are Federation space and are home to the main might of the Federation. The Federation is responsible for large scale day-to-day government operations such as the production of credits and maintaining peace between the four nations. The Federation also oversees the exploration of the Outer Rim and the expansion of the warp gate network. The Outer Rim is a fairly wild and lawless place, but the Federation does it’s best to maintain order. The Federation lost a lot of their territory due to the aggressive expansion of the Romanov Supremacy and the peace treaty that ended the conflict.


The United Alliance

The United Alliance was founded by those who came off the life ship that launched from North America. Largely built on the values of the descendants of Americans, who made up the bulk of the people on the life ship, the Alliance revere fierce determination and individual freedom. The Alliance is the industrial and capitalist superpower in the Federation. They have a strong economy and a political system dominated by corporations. In the Alliance, corporations are considered people and can therefore hold office. The Alliance doesn’t have a true military, but they have countless powerful and influential paramilitary organizations. Due to the destruction caused by the Mewtwos, the Alliance economy is in a state of decline.

The Geneva Confederacy

The Geneva Confederacy is a union of independent states founded by those who came off of the life ship launched from Europe. The Confederacy was essentially founded before the life ships even left Earth, the European nations showing the spirit of cooperation in order to ensure survival. Of all the life ships, the European one tried the hardest to preserve its individual cultural identities and it reflected in the official founding of the Geneva Confederacy as each member nation essentially became a unique and independent state within the Confederacy. The Geneva Confederacy is not as powerful militarily as either the United Alliance or the Romanov Union but they are a leader in the galaxy in terms of scientific advancement. With the destruction of the GCS Halcyon, the ship playing host to the Galactic Governance Conference, by the Romanov Supremacy, the vast majority of the Confederacy’s leadership was killed. The Supremacy then invaded occupied the majority of Genevan space. Once the war was over, the Supremacy retained control of two out of the three Genevan Sectors. The Federation turned over several Outer Rim sectors to the Confederacy in order for them to begin rebuilding.


The Sinai Ascendancy

The Sinai Ascendancy is the smallest of the nations, and is not as powerful economically or militarily as the others. They are however a very spiritual people. The Ascendancy was founded by those who came off the life ship launched from Israel and India. The life ship forced people from nations of many religious, cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds that were historically often at odds with each other to work together in order to survive. Over the years their cultural and religious beliefs were melded together. Upon landing, the Sinai Ascendancy was founded in a region of space ripe with ancient ruins which became incorporated into their religious beliefs. The Sinai people are leaders in terms of unlocking the mystic secrets of warp space. With the revelation of the Mewtwos, the Sinai religion has been shaken to its core and the region has begun to destabilize.

The Romanov Union

The Romanov Union was founded by those who came off the life ship that launched from Russia and China. In the early years, the Russians took charge and asserted themselves politically and culturally, even though the Romanov Union has a massive Chinese and Korean population. The Romanov Union is also industrial superpower although they are much more focused on a strong centralized government over individual freedoms. They would consider themselves to be the economic rival of the United Alliance. The Romanov Supremacy, a splinter group of the Union, overthrew the government and took charge.


The Romanov Supremacy

The Romanov Supremacy developed out of a rogue faction within the Romanov Union that first came to light during the Battle of Solace Prime. They have military technology unlike anything anyone in the Galaxy has seen before. After their attack on the Galactic Governance Conference, the Supremacy invaded the Geneva Confederacy and the Federation declared war on them. With their superior weapons and technology, the Supremacy had the upper hand. Once the conflict had ended the Supremacy controlled nearly half the Galaxy.

Warp Technology

The history of warp travel dates back to the early days of the Sinai Ascendancy. Sinai life ships from Earth landed on planets rich with ancient ruins that gave them insights into the mysteries of warp space.


Through collaboration with the Geneva Confederacy, known for their scientific prowess, the Sinai developed long distance communication through warp space. With backing from the rest of the Federation, these powers later developed warp drives for ships, enabling them to travel much greater distances.

With the full collaboration of all Federation powers, the first warp gate was created. These gates work with a ship’s warp drive to slingshot them across the galaxy. The Federation pushed for seeding the galaxy with warp drives.

Early conventions called for transmitting the steps for assembling the gate through warp space and having the local government oversee the construction. Once the Federation began to expand this became more difficult for Outer Rim sectors. With newer technology, the Federation has been creating new ships with much more powerful warp drives capable of much longer distance warp travel in order to go out into uncharted space and construct a new warp gate on-site.


The Mewtwos and the Cycles

Legend states that in the beginning, there was only chaos. It is believed that from the chaos arose those who imposed order onto the Universe, now known known to this cycle as the Mewtwos. Establishing forces such as Time, Space, and Entropy, the Mewtwos shaped the Universe that we know. They existed with both incredible Knowledge and Power, but it is our understanding that they were unable to reproduce in the way that we Humans understand.

The Mewtwos created Humans, beings of Knowledge, and Pokemon, beings of Power, in order to fulfil this purpose. Humans and Pokemon were paired together and expected to grow together, establish a strong bond, and eventually join together and ascend as a Mewtwo.


Unfortunately, this process was desecrated by Cain who was the son of Adám, the first Human created. Jealous of his Pokemon partner Abel, Cain killed it and consumed its power, ascending as a Mewtwo prematurely. Cain wreaked havoc upon the Universe but was ultimately stopped by the Mewtwos. However, the damage was done and the Universe was never the same. Deciding that Humans could not be trusted, the Mewtwos began the cycles.

As their time faded, the Mewtwos created two AIs, the Gardner and the Harvester, to sow the seeds of life, watch the development of Humans and Pokemon, and, when the time came, see to the creation of a new Generation of Mewtwos before Humans destroyed the Universe. The means were often barbaric, but to the Mewtwos it was the only way to prevent further damage to the Universe. Each cycle’s AIs were a bit different, as were the Mewtwos they created, but it always played out the same in the end. However, things changed when the heroes of this cycle convinced the Mewtwos to give Humanity a chance. Now the Humans of this cycle have fifty years to prove themselves worthy of continued existence, lest the cycles begin again.

The Official Spacemon Timeline

May 8, 3593 - Renowned Genevan archeologist Robert Hawthorne vanishes mysteriously while investigating ancient ruins in Sinai space, searching for an artifact known as the Mirror.


December 6, 3604 - The Red Suns job to kidnap Federation Director of Economic Provision, Konstantin Schroeder, on Parisia goes south. Schroeder and Red Suns leader Lars Rickets are killed and Arlon Jett is framed for their deaths. In order to escape, Arlon fakes his own death.

March 12, 3605 - Arlon Jett, Morgan Durand, Dmitri Smirnitsky, and Experiment #1749XQR5Z-H meet aboard Gigan Station and escape together aboard what will become the GCS Dunsparce when the station is attacked by the Red Suns

March 13, 3605 - The crew of the Dunsparce meet Aarn Hondo, who gives them a package to deliver to the Alexi System in Romanov space in exchange for a warp drive


March 16, 3605 - The crew of the Dunsparce defeat rock type gym leader Johan Lindberg in orbit around the half-destroyed planet Ragnarök and earn the Asteroid Badge

March 17, 3605 - H and Dmitri create mysterious warp goo by exposing slop to warp space

March 20, 3605 - The crew of the Dunsparce delivers Hondo’s package to a space station in the Alexi System in Romanov space and discover the scientists there are attempting to create an army of cybernetic Pokemon known as Genesect


March 20, 3605 - H creates a shiny Trevenant by injecting a tree on a swamp planet in the Alexi System with the warp goo he created. He captures it, but Morgan is traumatized by the incident. The incident also attracts the interest of someone known as Mr. Silver, who contacts the Dunsparce to arrange a meeting.

March 24, 3605 - The crew of the Dunsparce rescues Shane, a sentient, self-aware AI that exists in a living form due to a glitch in reality, from a ship in Sinai ship he was stowed away on, while the Dunsparce is on route to meet Mr. Silver and he joins the crew.

March 26, 3605 - The crew of the Dunsparce meet Mr. Silver, a strange and Enigmatic man who communicates through a network of cybernetically modified Mr. Mimes. He pays them handsomely for samples of the warp goo H and Dmitri created, as well as another large sum to travel to a set of coordinates in an uncharted sector of space with no warp gate.


March 28, 3605 - The crew of the Dunsparce defeat fire type gym leader Masou McKay on the volcanic desert world Silicron and earn the Star Badge.

April 3, 3605 - The crew of the Dunsparce meet with Arlon’s old acquaintance Maxx Aler who outfits their ship with weapons and provides them with information on the Red Suns who may be involved with something related to the exploration of uncharted space. In the process, Arlon reveals that he used to be a member of the Red Suns, until he was framed for the murder of their old leader.

April 4, 3605 - The crew of the Dunsparce defeat water type gym leader Captain William Benz inside his spacefaring Wailord and earn the Nebula Badge


April 8, 3605 - The Dunsparce travels to the desert world Banton to pursue their lead on the Red Suns. The crew engages Red Suns lieutenant Kiril Zhukov in battle and take him prisoner. By hacking the Red Suns computers and interrogating Zhukov, they learn the Red Suns have acquired of virus capable of hacking warp gates to use as weapons.

April 10, 3605 - The Dunsparce returns to Sector 25 and helps to stave off a Red Suns attack on Federation forces using a hacked warp gate. After the battle, the crew meets the psychic type gym leader Gilgamesh, a nomadic monk who studies the mysteries of the Warp. He provides them information on the mysterious Pokemon Giratina who lives in the Warp as a possible means for them to return from the gateless sector. Using a repurposed version of the Red Suns virus, they launch themselves into free warp space toward the uncharted sector

April 14, 3605 - The Dunsparce arrives in the uncharted sector after several days freely flying through warp space. At the coordinates provided by Mr. Silver, the crew discovers the long-lost origin world of Humanity, Earth. On Earth they recover ancient and mysterious artifacts to bring to Mr. Silver.


May 5, 3605 - After weeks freely floating through warp space, the crew is nearly driven insane from warp madness before coming across Giratina, the Pokemon of the Warp. Giratina brands Shane and grants him warp powers which allow him to bring the Dunsparce back to explored space.

May 6, 3605 - The crew of the Dunsparce meet with Mr. Silver again and he pays them for the artifacts they collected on Earth. He then provides them a tip on an upcoming Genesect attack in Federation space. After the meeting, the crew encounters the Red Suns again. After a tough battle with Red Suns leader Devlin Garth and lieutenant Rena Bordeaux in which two of their Pokemon die, the crew of the Dunsparce takes them prisoner and escape the ship. During the interrogation, it is revealed that Garth had the former Red Suns leader Lars Rickets killed and framed Arlon for it. Rena calls a truce between Arlon and the Red Suns and give him Garth as a token of goodwill.

May 7, 3605 - The Dunsparce travels to the coordinates in Federation space where the Genesect attack is supposed to happen and meet with Vice-Admiral Alexandra Graves on the FNS Halberd. They warn her of the attack and she enlists the crew of the Dunsparce to aid in the coming battle. On the Halberd, the crew of the Dunsparce acquire a new, larger ship and name it the UAS Helix.


May 7, 3605 - The Battle of Solace Prime - A rogue faction of the Romanov Union launches an attack against the Federation forces in Sector 4 in Federation space using an army of Genesect. The FNS Halberd and UAS Helix stand alone against this threat. The crew of the Helix infiltrate the command ship and defeat the Romanov Admiral. The Genesect flee the battle as if called away by someone, or something, else and the rogue Romanovs are captured.

May 8, 3605 - The crew of the Helix are named heroes by the Federation and are paid a handsome reward for their assistance in the battle of Solace Prime.They also receive a sizeable reward for claiming the bounty on Garth for his actions in Sector 25.

May 9, 3605 - Arlon parts ways with the crew of the UAS Helix.

May 10, 3605 - Gilgamesh and Aarn Hondo meet by chance. Gilgamesh recruits the smuggler to assist in a mission to recover an artifact known as the Eye of Aether from the clutches of Mr. Silver.


May 13, 3605 - Arlon joins up with Rena Bordeaux and Kiril Zhukov, and the Red Suns loyal to them, on Banton and agrees to help them consolidate control over the organization and fill the power vacuum left by Devlin Garth.

June 14, 3605 - After a month of hard work, Arlon, working together with Rena Bordeaux, Kiril Zhukov, and Luke Anderson, successfully unifies the Red Suns under his leadership and reforms them into an elite band of Mercenaries instead of the past incarnations as a team of bounty hunters and a pirate organization.

June 19, 3605 - Arlon recruits his old friend, Romanov bounty hunter Petra Azarov, as his fourth Red Suns lieutenant, alongside Rena, Kiril, and Luke. Arlon reveals to his lieutenants that the Red Suns’ new, secret, goal is to uncover Mr. Silver’s operations by running jobs for him.


September 13, 3605 - Hondo pulls a favor to hire on OmniGuard Industries’ 23rd “Drapion” Company lead by Commander Samuel Rodriguez for the mission to acquire the Eye of Aether.

September 20, 3605 - Gilgamesh, Hondo, and Rodriguez travel to the Romanov world Xiaou to recruit the hacker known as Meta. After a spectacular chase through the city, the team manages to catch Meta and bring her onboard. Meta causes a spy who had been tracking them to have an unfortunate traffic accident, and acquires an exchange with Mr. Silver related to artifacts recovered from a “garden site.” This information troubles Gilgamesh, who announces that he must leave for several months to investigate.

October 4, 3605 - Morgan contacts Arlon and asks him to locate Gilgamesh for her.


October 16, 3605 - Arlon meets with Aarn Hondo in order to get more information on the origin of the Genesect package he had the Dunsparce deliver to the Romanovs. Hondo’s information makes it clear the package came from Mr. Silver. Hondo also reveals that he has been working with Gilgamesh searching for some sort of ancient artifact, and explains that the monk is currently headed for the planet Vandia in Sinai Space; Mr. Silver contacts the Red Suns with a job to capture or kill Dr. Louis Armstrong, an Alliance scientist specializing in theoretical biology.

October 19, 3605 - After several days gathering intel on Armstrong, Arlon decides to pass the information onto the UAS Helix, recognizing the man’s importance toward the goal of uncovering Mr. Silver’s operations. Arlon passes this information along to the UAS Helix. He also informs Morgan that Gilgamesh was headed to Vandia, the last anyone heard.

November 17, 3605 - Deciding to seek out Gilgamesh for answers to their burning questions, the crew of the UAS Helix travel to Vandia. As they approach the planet they come under attack from a ship of strange, almost zombie-like people. They destroy their assailants but crash on the planet. On the planet, the crew meets a strange street orphan girl named Alex. She helps them to find a lead on where Gilgamesh might be headed in the form of an ancient star map found within ruins on the planet.


November 18, 3605 - After leaving Vandia, the crew of the Helix discover that Alex has snuck on board the ship. Discovering her snooping around the lab where he had stored Genesect specimens in cryo, H defeats her in a Pokemon battle and then attempts to kill her. The rest of the crew prevent him from doing so, but Alex is knocked unconscious. Snooping through her Pokedex, Morgan discovers that her name is Alexandria Hawthorne. She is the daughter of renowned Genevan archeologist Dr. Robert Hawthorne, a man who vanished twelve years prior. Alex is now pursuing an artifact known as the Mirror which her father was searching for when he vanished in hopes that it will help her find out what happened to him.

November 19, 3605 - Arlon recruits pilot Matt Suzuki to fly the UAS Corsair on the Alliance world Harmonia.

November 22, 3605 - The Red Suns infiltrate ASI Consolidated headquarters on the Alliance world Harmonia and plant a virus to steal credits from the shady Alliance corporation ASI Consolidated with help from the CEO’s daughter, Naomi Pierce. In exchange, they steal some files for her to help her in her goal of exposing ASI’s activities to the public.


November 23, 3605 - After Alex awakens from her medically induced coma while the Helix is docked on the Federation world of Delphyne, Morgan informs her that she will be allowed to stay on the ship, as long as they can agree to some rules. While on Delphyne, the crew also hires Genevan pilot Minerva Ljungström as a replacement for Arlon.

November 24, 3605 - The Red Suns successfully complete an operation in Sector 19, stealing intel from a Romanov Union base in the midst of being captured by Romanov Supremacy forces.

November 25, 3605 - Following the star map from Vandia after Gilgamesh, the Helix has a brush with Romanov Supremacist forces in Sector 18, but manage to escape.


November 26, 3605 - The Red Suns face off with Romanov Supremacist forces lead by Captain Lee Heilovic of the RSS Envy in Sector 19.

November 28, 3605 - The Helix arrives at the ocean world of Messina, the most likely location pointed to by the star map. In a deep underwater cavern, the crew encounter an ancient Pokemon known as the Storm Leviathan. Alex manages to capture the creature. They then find Gilgamesh who agrees to tell them what they wish to know, as well as to fight them in a Pokemon battle.

November 29, 3605 - Gilgamesh provides the crew of the Helix with the answers they seek. They then defeat him in a gym battle and earn the Warp Badge. After the battle, the crew explores an ancient, ruined city buried on Messina, and find traces of other human civilization. Gilgamesh tells them of the Trees of Life and Knowledge and their link to the Gardener of Eden which seeded the Galaxy with Human and Pokemon alike. He provides them with a lead on its location.


November 30, 3605 - Returning from Messina, the Helix faces Captain Lee Heilovic of the Romanov Supremacy, who had been waiting since their previous encounter with the Supremacist forces on the way to Messina. They narrowly escape.

December 2, 3605 - Arlon Jett asks the crew of the Helix to secure Dr. Louis Armstrong, who is scheduled to speak at Belaviure University on Parisia in the Genevan core system and is likely going to be captured or killed by Mr. Silver’s men.

December 6, 3605 - Arlon Jett visits Devlin Garth at Bastion Super-Maximum Security Penitentiary to inquire about his connections to Mr. Silver. Arlon learns of Mr. Silver’s involvement in the death of Lars Ricketts, the attack on Gigan Station, and the creation of the virus the Red Suns used to hack and weaponize the Sector 25 warp gate.


December 9, 3605 - The crew of the Helix rescues Dr. Armstrong from Mr. Silver’s men but Dmitri’s Metang is killed and in response, Dmitri kills its killer. After talking with Armstrong, it is revealed that Armstrong created H. H was one of many subjects in experiments to create a next generation cyborg. The project, which was funded by Mr. Silver, was shut down about five years prior.

December 10, 3605 - Morgan receives a dark and mysterious vision after gazing into the Warp in Shane’s warp lab; The Red Suns uncover a lead on a powerful cyber-weapon planned to be used at the Galactic Governance Conference and begin hatching a plan to obtain it and use it against Mr. Silver.

December 11, 3605 - The crew of the Helix travels to the Mirrored Temple, a lead on the Mirror provided by Gilgamesh. Inside the temple, the crew faces tough wild Pokemon that kill two of theirs. After the battle, they find the Mirror, which shows them dark and disturbing visions, but they find a link to another temple located in the galactic core. On the way out the crew is attacked by more zombie-like people and realizes they are somehow related to the Mirror.


December 12, 3605 - Shane and Morgan let Alex know that she is now part of their “family” after seeing how she blames herself for the death of their Pokemon and truly welcome her as part of the crew of the Helix; Arlon contacts the Helix and requests the crew’s assistance in acquiring the cyber-weapon at the Galactic Governance Conference.

December 13, 3605 - The crew of the Helix defeat fighting type gym leader Jerome MacJabber on the sixth moon of the gas giant Siogern and earn the Belt Badge.

December 17, 3605 - H and Dr. Armstrong complete the procedure transforming H into Armstrong’s vision of the next-generation cyborg.


December 18, 3605 - The crew of the Helix acquire invitations to the the Galactic Governance Conference by convincing a Parisian politician to let them show off the new and improved H at the conference.

December 20, 3605 - The Red Suns finalize the plan to acquire the cyber-weapon at the Galactic Governance Conference. Knowing that they will soon uncover Mr. Silver’s plans, they plan to ramp up recruitment and start building a mercenary fleet in order to go to toe-to-toe with him.

December 23, 3605 - Gilgamesh, Hondo, Meta, and Rodriguez launch their operation to acquire the Eye of Aether. Unfortunately, the mission fails, Gilgamesh is killed, Meta goes missing, and Hondo and Rodriguez barely escape. However, with his dying breath, Gilgamesh requests that Hondo and Rodriguez seek out the crew of the UAS Helix for help.


December 24, 3605 - The crew of the Helix travel to the galactic core following the lead from the Mirrored Temple. On the planet they battle with the Pokemon called Darkrai which seems to be connected to the mirrors, and ultimately directed by something much more sinister. Dmitri becomes bound to Darkrai and gains some sort of influence over its aura.

December 25, 3605 - Morgan attempts to kill H’s Trevenant and Shane’s Cofagrigus, believing the two Pokemon are a threat to everyone on the Helix. The Pokemon are saved thanks to Alex selflessly risking her life for them and Shane confessing his love for Morgan.

December 29, 3605 - The crew of the Helix discover the remains of the Gardener on the station where Shane was created. It is revealed that Shane is what was left of the Gardner when the Sinai researchers found it.


December 31, 3605 - The crew of the Helix visit the Romanov world of Prague and battle an ancient golem-like Pokemon in some ruins similar to the ones on Vandia.

January 6, 3606 - The crew of the Helix hires Pokemon geneticist Bill Wi on the Alliance world of Attica to serve as the ship’s Pokemon breeding and genetics specialist.

January 17, 3606 - Galactic Governance Conference - Day 1: The conference begins aboard the GCS Halcyon. Alex gets Shane into the computer systems.


January 18, 3606 - GGC - Day 2: Arlon discovers a bomb in the cargo hold in a crate belonging to Robert Heinkel, a Genevan Councilor from the New Germany. Arlon later collects the cyber weapon he is looking for from Heinkel’s room.

January 19, 3606 - GGC - Day 3: The crew of the UAS Helix deliver their presentation on cybernetic augmentation. Captain Lee Heilovic of the Romanov Supremacy attacks the Halcyon with a squad of Knight Commandos. The crew of the Helix and the Red Suns engage the Supremacist forces and manage to drive them off the ship but Heilovic activates the bomb. Despite their best efforts, the crew of the Helix and the Red Suns are unable to disarm the bomb and evacuate the ship aboard the UAS Corsair. Before fleeing, the Corsair cripples the RSS Envy. The bomb detonates and destroys the GCS Halcyon, the RSS Envy and the majority of the Federation Third Fleet. The Romanov Supremacy launches a full-scale invasion of the Geneva Confederacy.

January 20, 3606 - The crew of the Helix and the Red Suns make their plan to strike at Mr. Silver using the cyber weapon acquired at the Galactic Governance Conference.


January 24, 3606 - The Red Suns board and capture one of the Romanov Supremacy’s Broadsword class heavy cruisers in Sector 10 in Genevan space in order to acquire intel for the Federation.

January 25, 3606 - the crew of the Helix hire on Pokemon move tutor Diane Stone on the Federation world of Nerva.

January 27, 3606 - The crew of the UAS Helix and the Red Suns confront Mr. Silver. Claiming his plans are too far along to be stopped, the enigmatic character reveals himself: an AI of similar origin to the Gardener, designed to reap to havets of the Gardener’s seeds, to usher in the next generation of an ancient species who will then wipe out life in the Galaxy to rule it once more. The team then pulls a massive amount of data from Silver’s network using the cyber weapon acquired at the Galactic Governance Conference.


January 29, 3606 - The crew of the UAS Helix and the Red Suns meet up with a Federation fleet at the coordinates of what is believed to be one of Mr. Silver’s operations. The crew of the Helix enters the facility at the coordinates and learns the horrifying truth of what the “next generation” of the ancient species is. The crew escapes the facility, but the abomination they discovered pursues them. The Helix crew and Red Suns escape but the Federation fleet is destroyed.

January 31, 3606 - The crew of the UAS Helix return to the Void and encounter Giratina once again. During the encounter, both Shane and Alex get exposed to raw warp energy. Shane’s abilities get amplified and he gains a new understanding of the laws of the Warp, and Space itself. Alex gains the ability to accurately discern then precise measurements of an object on sight alone. The ship returns to real space right on the surface of Vandia.

February 1, 3606 - The crew of the UAS Helix meet with Aarn Hondo and Commander Samuel Rodriguez on an OmniGuard Industries station in Alliance Space. The two reveal that they had been working with Gilgamesh to recover an artifact known as the Eye of Aether from the clutches of Mr. Silver and that the Sinai monk had been killed during the mission. Mr. Silver’s forces then attack the station. The crew of the Helix board the attacking ship to recover vital intel and to rescue the missing member of Hondo and Rodriguez’s team. On the ship they encounter another clone like H working for Mr. Silver known as I. The crew defeats I’s Rhyperior, but I escapes. The crew then rescues Meta, the missing member of Hondo and Rodriguez’s team and escapes.


February 2, 3606 - Both Meta and H work as spies for I to steal valuable data from the UAS Helix. Meta tactfully plays the crew against each other, pushing them toward suspecting H while she stealthily acquired the data. However H claims that he intended to only send falsified records, and some of the crew seem to trust him. Alex, however, believes H to be a threat to their very survival and unsuccessfully attempts to kill him. The crew eventually realizes Meta’s plan when she tries to escape. Alex, using the Storm Leviathan of Messina, manages to partially disable Meta’s escape pod, causing her to crash land on the planet Harmonia, which the Helix is currently orbiting. After Meta’s escape the crew find Minerva in critical condition. Morgan and H manage to stabilize the pilot while Shane and Alex just barely manage to pull out an emergency landing on Harmonia. Once Minerva is safely brought to a hospital, the Helix crew teams up with the Red Suns, who have a base on Harmonia, to track Meta down. After successfully apprehending Meta. the crew learns that I place a bomb in her head to force her to work for him against her will. After a long, grueling Surgery, H, Kiril Zhukov, and Dr. Armstrong remove the bomb and Meta joins the crew of the UAS Helix.

February 9, 3606 - While shopping at the Mall of Harmonia, Alex runs into Naomi Pierce, the girl she used to be in love with. Naomi reveals that she realized leaving Alex behind on Vandia was a mistake and confesses her feeling for Alex. The two girls are then interrupted by Naomi’s father, Jonathan Pierce, CEO of an important Alliance corporation, who attempts to separate them as he disapproves of his daughter being involved with Alex. However, Mr. Silver’s abomination attacks Harmonia at this time. Naomi and her father escape back to the Helix with the ship’s crew. The Helix crew, their new passengers, and the Red Suns escape Harmonia just before the abomination destroys the planet.

February 11, 3606 - During the event known as Galactic Alignment, Morgan, Alex, Shane, H, and Dmitri find themselves transported to a mysterious ghost ship. Alongside three other individuals who ended up perishing, the crew fought through many ghost Pokemon owned by a mysterious ghost girl. After emerging triumphant, the crew found themselves returned to the Helix, each having somehow received an Anomaly Badge and several rare candies.


February 13, 3606 - The Helix links back up the Corsair. Arlon provides the Helix crew with the cyber-weapon and the fully decrypted data they stole from Mr. Silver using it. The data finally gives a name to their foe: Mewtwo.

February 14, 3606 - The Helix and the Corsair link up with the rest of the Red Suns’ fleet, as well as Hondo and Rodriguez. Putting their heads together, they begin devising a plan to deal with I and the Mewtwos. As the first stage of the plan Shane instantaneously free-warps the Helix to I’s base in Supremacist-occupied Genevan space. At the base, the crew discovers he has been conducting massive amounts of research on ancient Pokemon, and the forces of Space, Time, and Entropy. The crew once again battles with I, but the cyborg manages to escape. Afterwards, the crew discovers Alex’s long-missing father, Dr. Robert Hawthorne, imprisoned on the station for research and learns that his greatest fear is Alex herself and his inability to be a father. Dmitri uses his influence over Darkrai’s aura to dispel the effects the Pokemon had inflicted upon Hawthorne. Alex pleads with her father to come with her and the rest of the crew, but he ultimately chooses to kill himself with his daughter’s own knife, leaving the girl devastated. Due to the urgency of the crew’s mission, Alex doesn’t even get a chance to collect herself before they have to rush off to collect the Eye of Aether. On the way through the station’s control room, the crew sees video feeds of other Mewtwos awakening in lab sites across the Galaxy. In another part of the station, the crew locates the Eye but find that it is too massive to take with them. Interacting with the artifact, Morgan sees visions from across time and forms a connection with a being slumbering inside it, gaining some influence over time. The Eye shows her a planet and a man frozen in stasis on its surface, then it shows a Mewtwo approaching the Eye. Heeding this warning, the crew decides to cut their losses and come back for the Eye later. Back on the Helix, devastated by the death of her father, Alex attempts to end her own life but Naomi stops her. Alex vows to stay alive because Naomi and the other people that she cares about are depending on her. H interrupts their moment and confronts Alex with the fact that they need to work together if the crew is going to have any chance at defeating the Mewtwos and the two agree to set aside their differences.

February 15, 3606 - The Red Suns’ fleet joins up with a Federation fleet in Sector 3 to aide them in battle against a Mewtwo. The creature decimats the fleets, but it is ultimately killed when Arlon sacrifices himself by crashing the heavily damaged Corsair into it and detonating its warp drive and reactor.


February 16, 3606 - The Helix travels to the planet Jötunheimr in Romanov-occupied Genevan space, the location Morgan saw in the Eye of Aether. The crew meets with the scientists at the research station on one of the gas giant’s moons and arrange passage down to the other moon, inside the atmosphere of Jötunheimr. On the moon’s surface, the crew finds some ancient ruins and battles against two icy automatons guarding them. Protecting Morgan’s Charizard from a lethal attack, Alex has her Chandelure intercept, but the extremely cold attack permanently extinguishes the Pokemon’s flames. After defeating the guardians, the crew finds the stasis pod Morgan saw her vision and thaw out a man and a Pokemon they’ve never seen before. Using some ability they’ve never seen before, the man absorbs their language and introduces himself as Adám. Through conversing with Adám, the crew learns that he has been around for many cycles. The crew convinces him to return to the Helix with them, and they learn that he is the fabled Adám from the Sinai bible. However, things get heated back on the ship when H tries to forcibly obtain DNA samples from him. Morgan and Alex fight against H to get him to stand down, but the conflict is diffused when Shane teleports Adám and his Pokemon away and Dmitri puts the others to sleep. Later on, Alex is devastated to find out about her Chandelure’s condition but she can’t figure out a way to fix the Pokemon. Shane promises her they will find a way eventually but tells her they need to focus on saving the Galaxy first.

February 17, 3606 - the Helix returns to I’s station for the Eye of Aether. Tapping into the station’s countless warp drives, Shane uses his powers to transport the station to Sector 25. The crew then makes contact with the Red Suns and learn of Arlon’s sacrifice. They plan to meet up and plan out a course of action. The crew sees to taking care of the Mirror-affected people and Pokemon on the station and get them moved off the station for treatment.

February 19, 3606 - Morgan uses the Eye of the Aether and nearly loses herself in the deep knowledge of Time, but Shane pulls her out. The crew and the Red Suns meet up and begin hashing out a plan. Adám tells them of his cycle, the very first cycle. Humans and Pokemon were created by the Mewtwos to grow alongside each other and, when they were ready, they were too join with their partners to ascend as new Mewtwos. However, Adám’s son, Cain, grew power hungry and craved his partner’s power, ultimately killing it and using its power to ascend prematurely, wreaking havoc upon the Universe. Adám tells them that the Mewtwos do not trust Humanity because of their lust for power, indicating the crew’s powers granted by Giratina, Darkrai, and the Eye as examples. Alex catches his drift and points out that maybe giving up their powers will go toward showing the Mewtwos that Humanity can change. The crew agrees that maybe they can find a peaceful resolution to the conflict after all, but make a plan to construct warp bombs based off the way Arlon took down a Mewtwo just in case they can’t. heeding Adám’s advice, Shane returns to the void and returns his power to Giratina by imitating the abilities Adám had been shown to possess. H seems quite frustrated by this and storms out.


February 20, 3606 - Alex sits down with Adám as he is living proof that the religious stories from back home that she never really believed in are actually true. The two talk more about the early history of the Mewtwos, life, and their own life struggles, sharing much wisdom with each other. Later on, Morgan attempts to return her powers to the Eye but can’t seem to find a way. Shane looks into the Eye and finds lots of information to help him start work on the warp bombs and another project: a warp glove to allow him to use some of his innate abilities while minimizing any potential damage to the Universe. Adám also looks into the Eye to learn of Cain’s fate. He chooses the keep the horrifying things he sees to himself. The crew contacts Admiral Graves about their warp bomb plan and she requests they present this information at to the Federation war council in the Genesis Core System in Sector 1. Hiding away as she processes her conversation with Adám, Alex begins to doubt herself again. However, Naomi once more restores her faith. Alex then gives Naomi several of her Pokemon to protect her and for her to look after while Naomi reveals that she may have found a way to fix Alex’s Chandelure.

February 21, 3606 - Shane completes work on his warp glove and a warp bomb prototype. Meanwhile, Alex creates the first prototype of a new Pokeball that doesn’t exert any controlling influence over Pokemon, a decision she came to based on the things Adám had told her. She permanently releases her Umbreon but due to their strong bond nothing changes between the two. Alex decides she will do the same for her other Pokemon as well.

February 22, 3606 - The Helix crew meets with the Federation war council in the Genesis Core System in Sector 1 and present their warp bomb solution. Grand Admiral David White approves the project and asks the crew for more input on a plan to fight the Mewtwos. They make a plan to enlist the aid of the Romanov Supremacy and agree to send the crew as neutral third-party negotiators. However, H storms out in the middle of the meeting and the crew runs off after him shortly thereafter to keep him out of trouble. Back on the Helix, they confront H who reveals that he no longer wishes to work with them because they have chosen to give up their powers. The crew convinces him to stay and in return he asks they bring Adám to him. H attempts to kill the ancient man as a sort of test and when he survives he accepts that he may, in fact, be worth working with after all.


February 23, 3606 - As the Helix flies through warp space toward the Romanov capital world, Mir Zimoy, Morgan and Shane reflect upon their journeys together and think about the future. Meanwhile, Alex and Naomi take their relationship to the next level. Elsewhere on the ship, H and Meta work together on several projects to use against the Mewtwos. They end up hooking up and having a fling.

February 24, 3606 - En route to Mir Zimoy, the Helix runs across a Romanov Blockade. The commanding Admiral agrees to set up a meeting with the Supremacy’s Supreme Admiral Ivan Cenov and bring the crew to Mir Zimoy after extorting them for a large sum of money.

February 25, 3606 - The Helix crew meets with Supreme Admiral Cenov on Mir Zimoy and facilitate a meeting with him and the Federation war council. Cenov agrees to aid in the production of the warp bombs and in the final battle against the Mewtwos but only on the condition that the Federation ceases all further hostilities and turns over several territories on top of the ones that the Supremacy previously invaded. The Federation begrudgingly accepts, asking only that the final battle take place in Romanov space. They make a plan to use the Eye of Aether to quickly produce warp bombs using the resources of the Romanov shipyards in the Železo system.


February 27, 3606 - The Federation fleets begin to arrive in the Železo system, along with the Red Suns’ reinforced Outer Rim fleet and the Eye of Aether. Production on the warp bombs begins.

March 10, 3606 - Having released almost all of her Pokemon and having them choose to stay with her, Alex remains unsure about Leviathan. She knows the Pokeball is the only thing making it listen to her and that it doesn’t share the same bond with her that her other Pokemon do, but she knows she needs it’s help in the coming battle. Adám uses his abilities to allow Alex to communicate with Leviathan. Sharing thoughts and feelings with the Pokemon through Adám, Alex gets Leviathan to agree to help her one last time, but she promises to release it back into the seas of Messina afterwards. I, having now ascended as a cybernetically augmented Mewtwo, makes contact with the gathered fleets and announces he is coming for the Eye.

March 12, 3606 - The Final Stand - The Mewtwos arrive in the Železo system and begin to lay waste to the gathered fleets of the Galaxy. During the battle two Mewtwos board the Helix. The two Mewtwos are ultimately defeated, but not before one kills Leviathan. Fueled by anger and a thirst for revenge, Alex executes the Mewtwo who killed her Pokemon once H brings it down. She had no time to mourn as there was still a battle to fight. Soon I arrives and join the conflict. After destroying several ships I heads straight for the station containing the Eye of Aether where the Helix crew intercepts him. After battling against the crew across the station, I summons several Mewtwos to assist him. However, the crew manages to persuade these Mewtwos that I was unworthy of ascension. They try to convince them to give Humanity a chance, but before they can, I resumes his assault upon them in an enraged fury that proves the crew right. He smashes the Eye of Aether down on them, breaking it open and releasing the Pokemon that controls Time, known as Dialga. Battling against I, while trying to avoid getting hit by Dialga or damage it in any way, the crew lose two more Pokemon: Morgan’s Charizard and H’s Glalie. However, they ultimately emerge victorious. Impressed by the crew’s actions, the Mewtwos agree to grant Humanity a trial period to grow and develop under their supervision.


March 13, 3606 - With the battle won, the Federation and the Supremacy hash out a peace treaty. The Genevan core sector is returned to Federation control, but the Romanovs walk away from the negotiations with the other two Genevan sectors, dozens of Outer Rim sectors, and exclusive rights to the unexplored swathe of the Galaxy where the Helix crew discovered Earth, essentially dividing the Galaxy between the two factions right down the middle.