So a few weeks ago I joined my first tabletop RPG campaign. It is a Pokemon campaign using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. Some people expressed interest so I have decided to share tales of our exploits here...

Before we begin, I just want to say that these first few chapters are being written from memory so some key details may be missing. I have since become the campaign's official note taker so that the party can keep a detailed log of who we've met, what we've done, and other various information for bullshitting purposes and so that I can make these posts more interesting.


It has been several centuries since Earth's resources were depleted. In response to the dying planet, the leading countries of the world built massive life ships to leave Earth and find new worlds for people and Pokemon to settle. Spreading throughout the galaxy in groups, these ships spent generations finding suitable worlds.

Eventually worlds were settled and galactic superpowers were formed. The United Alliance, established by those who came from North America as well as many Central and South American refugees who made it to those ships, and industrial and capitalistic superpower. The Romanov Union, established by those from Russia, Korea, China, and parts of Eastern Europe, another industrial superpower although more focused on a strong centralized government over individual freedoms. The Geneva Confederacy, established by those from Western and Central Europe, not as powerful as the Union or the Aliance but a leader in scientific research and development. The Sinai Ascendancy, made up of people from the Middle East, India, East Asia, and parts of Africa, they landed near ancient ruins from long ago and have learned the mystic secrets of warp space despite being the smallest of the superpowers. These superpowers expanded until their borders met in the galactic core and established the Federation, a united galactic government.


And that brings us to the present day...

Chapter 1 - Gigan Station

Bounty hunter Arlon Jett finds himself on the remote Gigan Station in the Outer Rim, on the run from the law and the crew he used to run with, sitting in a tram car with thee strangers. Suddenly the power goes out and the tram stops moving. After this group fails to hack or pry the doors open, one turns to his Pokemon.


"It's up to you Number One!" the strange fellow in the lab coat shouted out before releasing a Rhyhorn in the tight quarters of the tram car compartment. He then commanded his Pokemon to bust the door down so that those trapped inside could get out.

The rocky creature easily busts the door down, startling several other passengers on the tram who had managed to get out of their compartments far more easily. The four strangers then proceed out of the tram, following the crowds being ushered out of the tram by the station's security personnel.

They soon arrive in an open atrium filled with confused and annoyed people inconvenienced by the power outage. In order to pass the time, many have decided to engage in Pokemon battles. It is not long before these four individuals find themselves on in team in a 4v4 battle against four other trainers. Arlon sends out his Aron into battle alongside a Gastly, an Eevee, and the Rhyhorn from before. This team quickly dispatches their opponents and then set out to explore the station.


Gigan Station is a asteroid mining facility so the newly formed party heads to the mining area, where chunks of asteroids are brought into the station to be mined, in order to search for some wild space faring Pokemon that may have been brought in. They quickly locate a group of Geodude and a Solrock on top of a large asteroid chunk that had been recently pulled in by the tractor beam.

Relying on their four Pokemon from earlier, the only ones they have at the moment, the party engages the group of wild Pokemon. The Gastly floats up onto the asteroid easily while Eevee takes a slightly longer time to hop up. The Rhyhorn attempts to climb the asteroid but takes a while during which the other two engage the wild Pokemon. Arlon commands his Aron to headbutt the asteroid and succeeds in knocking one of the Geodudes down to the ground so that it can engage it in battle.

The Geodudes are quickly dispatched and Arlon manages to catch one of them. They all then focus on the Solrock which is soon captured by the only female member of the party. After the battle, the party looks around for a while and notices a stranger ship headed towards the station too quickly to be docking. Upon closer examination, Arlon recognizes the markings on the ship as the symbol of the bounty hunter crew he used to run with, the Red Suns.


"We need to leave now!" Arlon shouts to his new acquaintances. They rush back to the main area of the the station which is soon shaken by a large explosion. People are running around in terror and confusion. A large section of the wall is blown out and a group of heavily armed men come running through. They quickly kill the nearby security guards. The party quickly hides, except of course for the eccentric guy in the lab coat who decides he wants to go to the ship.

"Oi! Where do you think you're going?" says one of the attackers in a gruff voice.

"To the ship of course!" says the eccentric fellow.

"You heard that boys?" He addresses his comrades, "He says he wants to go to the ship."


They laugh as they grab him and throw him into their boarding craft.

"Idiot." Arlon mumbles under his breath, then decides to go rescue him.

While two are distracted with their captive, Arlon sneaks up on the other two. He quickly disarms one of the distracted pirates and points the laser pistol at the back of the other's head.


"Let him go or I'll shoot."

"Hah. You ain't got the guts to-"

"Yes... I do." says Arlon, after pulling the trigger. The man drops to the floor in pain but somehow he survives. He is down for the count though.


In the confusion, the other members of the party jump into action. The other guy uses his medium powers to use hypnosis on the pirate that Arlon had just disarmed and puts him to sleep while the girl hacks into the station's computers and attempts to trap the ship in the tractor beams. While she is doing that the other three engage the two remaining pirates in a Pokemon battle. It's Aron, Gastly, and Rhyhorn verses a Magneton and a Kadabra.

While this is happening the trainers engage in combat. Arlon fires his newly acquired pistol at the pirates who of course fire back. Lab coat guy, who has since exited the boarding craft launches an electrical shockwave attack using his cybernetic implants which does a good chuck of damage and manages to paralyze one of the pirates. Arlon quickly takes down the paralyzed pirate with his pistol while the girl joins the fight after trapping the ship in the tractor beams.

It is a long fight but the team manages to pull through by the skin of their teeth. Just then a voice comes in over the pirates radio, "Package secured. Is the boarding craft secure? Anyone there?"


Arlon quickly grabs the radio and says "Yeah everything is fine here.. Uh.. areas secure."

"Who is this?" the voice asks. The party bullshits something that seems to satisfy the pirates. Just then they notice the ship preparing to fire on the station and decide it's time to get out. They run to the hanger where they find a selection of four different ships. They select the one of Confederate make and then quickly fly away to safety.

As they make their escape there are more voices on the radio. "Package transmitted." says the voice from before.


"Excellent. Now get back to the ship before we fire on the station." Arlon recognizes the voice of Devlin Garth the ruthless new leader of the Red Suns.

"But boss we've still got men on board." The first voice responds.

"They're expendable" Devlin replies just before the party exits radio range. They see a massive explosion as they pull away from the station just before it explodes.


Chapter 2 - Bullshitting for Beldum

As they fly through space the party contemplates the events that unfolded at Gigan Station. Arlon is the most confused. He could have sworn the Red Suns had somehow tracked him to Gigan Station but they didn't even know he was there. They were after something else and Arlon was extremely curious as to what it was. But there are more important things to worry about now, like finding fuel and a warp drive for the ship.

Using their combined knowledge of the sector, the party reasons out what planet to go to to find fuel and set a course. In the meantime the party takes the time to introduce themselves finally. There's Dmitri who hails from the Romanov Union. He has medium powers that let him use Confuse Ray and Hypnosis. Then there's Morgan from the Geneva Confederacy. She's a tech expert and is currently the ship's pilot. And then there's Experiment Number (somethingsomethingsomethingreallylongandidontremember) but he says they can all call him H. He has cybernetic implants and refers to himself as a superior being. Arlon hold back and says his name is not important. He is a wanted man after all and he is not sure if he trusts Dmitri, Morgan, and H yet.


They eventually arrive at the planet and begin scanning for signs of civilization. They pick up some radio waves but can't pinpoint the location. Morgan takes the ship in but they seem to be headed for a crash course. Arlon quickly seizes the controls and pulls the ship up to safety at the last minute.

"Next time I fly the ship." He says as he takes the ship in for a landing in a clearing of this forest planet. The party then sets out to search for civilization. As they walk along a bunch of wild Pokemon appear: a Scyther being assaulted unsuccessfully by a pack of Poochyena. Dmitri lays claim to the Scyther and proceeds to attempt to catch it. First the party mops up the Poochyena and Arlon catches one of them and then they focus on the Scyther. After a handful of attempts, Dmitri successfully catches it and the party continues on their way.

They eventually arrive in "hive of scum and villainy" type of place and head to the cantina. Here they get some poor excuse for food for themselves and their Pokemon and a lead on where to find some fuel, a man named Aarn Hondo.


They arrive at a nearby building and Arlon approaches Hondo. "I hear you're the man to talk to to get some fuel around here."

"Ah yes, my friend I do believe I can help you with that."

After a bit of charm and haggling, the party manages to snag a good deal on fuel. And then inquire about a warp drive. Hondo is willing to sell them one but the party does not have enough funds between them to cover the cost.


"Can we work out some kind of deal for it?" Arlon asks.

"I'm listening." says Hondo.

"I believe you may be familiar with the bounty hunter Arlon Jett."

"Ah yes. I believe I've come across the name."

"Well he's me. I don't suppose you need anything done."

"Word is that you're a dead man."

"Well I thought it best my enemies believed me dead. I am a wanted man."

"Very well. What kind of deal are we talking about here?"

"Well I was thinking we could do something for you in exchange for a warp drive."


"Ah yes. I do have a package I need delivered but what's to stop you from running once I give you a warp drive?"

"Well you should know from my reputation that I never break a contract."

"Very well. The package and the warp drive will be delivered to your ship. I need it delivered to the Alexi System in Romanov Space. Figuring out how to smuggle it in is up to you. And you are not to open the package."


Once their dealings with Hondo are done, The party has a wager-battle against some shady characters, one using a very lethal Beedrill. The battle is tough but the party emerges victorious and wins back the cost of the fuel.

After successfully acquiring fuel and a warp drive the party heads back to the ship. On the way back they encounter a Wurmple, a Weedle, and a Caterpie which are captured by Morgan, H, and Dmitri respectively.

Before taking off, the party takes the time to install the warp drive and secure the package in the cargo hold. H seems set on opening it and finding out what's inside but Arlon talks him down as his reputation is on the line. Arlon also discovers a handful of great balls in the cargo hold and holds onto them for now.


While they now have a warp drive they still cannot make precision jumps because they do not have a strong psychic navigator Pokemon which is needed for those kinds of jumps. In the meantime they jump to the adjacent sector and upon arriving they stumble upon a Beldum floating around in space. Unfortunately they do not have the means to attempt a capture but that won't stop them from trying!

They have rope and Pokemon that can survive in space and attempt to concoct a bullshit plan! H has his newly acquired Weedle he named Number Two coat the ends of the rope in string shot to make it sticky on both ends. He then soaks the rest with his waterbottle to make it freeze stiff in the vaccuum of space. Dmitri's Gastly baits the Beldum in close. Arlon's Geodude extends the rope out from the exterior airlock and Morgan's Solrock telekinetically secures the sticky ice-rope-poll to the Beldum. Geodude reals it in and Solrock pushes it While Gastly confuses it. With the combined effort of the Pokemon, Arlon's awesome piloting, and a lot of luck they pull it in to the ship. Next the whittle down its health and both H and Dmitri attempt a capture, each trying with a great ball that Arlon provided them with. H fails but Dmitri succeeds.

Chapter 3 - The First Gym Battle

After succesfully capturing the Beldum, the party plots a course to the warp gate into the Romanov Union. For super long jumps, warp gates are needed in addition to psychic navigator. But they needed some credentials for their stolen ship and probably stolen warp drive. They decide a good solution is to earn some rep by defeating the gym leader in this sector.


On route to the gym, H and Dmitri mess around with science by launching a bowl of slop, the disgusting food produced on small ships like these, out the airlock into warp space. Apparently that makes a big radioactive rainbow mess. The ship exists warp space before they can do anything else.

They pull up to the gym in a massive asteroid field surrounding a half-exploded planet. The gym, which is clearly a rock gym, is built into a chunk of the planet that is now floating freely in orbit. After docking with the station, the party stocks up on some healing items at the shop before challenging the gym.

Ignoring the gym trainers for now, the party heads straight for the leader and issues a challenge. The leader accepts and lays out the rules. It is a tag battle. Each party member can enter up to two Pokemon for a total of eight. Arlon enters Aron and Geodude, Dmitri enters Scyther and Gastly, Morgan enters Solrock and Eevee, and H enters his only two Pokemon, Rhyhorn and Weedle.


The party agrees to send out Weedle first to scout out the leader's Pokemon. The leader sends out a Golem to lead off. The party votes to switch to Aron which immediately gets taken down by a powerful magnitude. Geodude is up next. It is a long and grueling match-up but through a series of miraculous dodges and landing powerful hits with magnitude, Geodude someone takes down the Golem and prematurely evolves into Greveler. Next up is the leader's Macargo which stands little chance against Graveler and it is quickly defeated.

"Prepare yourself." says the gym leader as he prepares to throw out his final pokeball, "Go fuckle!"

Out pops a shuckle, which then proceeds to tank through both Graveler, Rhyhorn, and Solrock. It's getting intense for the party but they finally win with Beldum using it's only move, take-down. The party breathes a collective sigh of relief after winning the Asteroid Badge and a choice of rock TMs. H's Weedle also evolves twice and becomes a Beedrill from the battle. After healing up, the party mops up the other gym trainers and departs from the gym.


Once aboard their ship, the party makes a jump to the warp gate in the next sector. As they approach, the party quickly christens their ship the GCS Dunsparse and Morgan hacks the information into the Federation network so they are allowed to enter the inner reaches of the galaxy from the outer rim. They then head through the warp gate and into deep warp space on route to the gate into the Romanov Union.

While in deep warp space, Dmitri and H continue to mess around with science, this time having Beedrill string shot seal a bowl of space slop and then using string shot to securely attach it to the airlock. They watch through the interior airlock window as the exterior airlock opens and the radioactive particles of deep warp space come flying in. The webbing turns from white to pink to rainbow to glowing black before they seal the airlock.

"Great now we've got a radioactive blob in our airlock." Arlon complains.

After dropping out of warp space, the party finds a place to hide the package they need to smuggle into the Romanov Union. Arlon discovers a hidden compartment underneath a pile of empty crates that seems like it could do the trick. The party lowers the package into the compartment and then covers it back up with the empty crates.


With the package secure, Arlon pilots the ship towards the Romanov warp gate.

"State your business." a thick Russian accent comes in over the comms from one of the Romanov ships guarding the gate.

"We have packages to pick up in Romanov space." Arlon lies.

"Prepare to be boarded."

"We have nothing to hide."

Arlon docks with the Romanov ship, making sure to use he airlock that is not inhabited by the radioactive mess. Romanov soldiers thoroughly search the cargo hold but do not find the hidden compartment. The party is then cleared to enter the Romanov Union.


After dropping out of warp space into the Romanov union, the party discovers a meteor field and decides to check it out. They fly into one of the larger ones which has a massive cavern inside it. There they discover a Hydreigon habitat. There are tons of Hydreigon flying around but they do notice a Deino wandering around on its own and decide to go in for the capture.

Arlon lands the ship nearby and lays claim to the Deino. He sends Graveler out the airlock and his newly evolved Pokemon grabs the unsuspecting Deino and brings it aboard the ship. While it is still immobilized by Graveler, H's Beedrill covers it with string shot so that it becomes stuck. Then Dmitri's Scyther pelts the Deino with false swipe until it has low HP. Dmitri also uses confuse ray on it. Using the last great ball, Arlon successfully captures the Deino.

Before taking off again, the party vents the radioactive airlock. While on route to the Alexi System, H takes some samples of the goo to the medical bay to run tests. He and Dmitri attempt to inject some into Dmitri's Caterpie but Morgan and Arlon step in and protect it.


Before any further experiments can be conducted, the Dunsparse arrives in the Alexi System. There are several uninhabited planets but there is a space station of some sort orbiting one of them. Arlon hails the station and requests permission to land.

"What do you want?" a voice comes in over the comms.

"We have a package delivery from Aarn Hondo."

"Ah yes." the voice replies before directing the ship towards the docking bay.

A group of scientists arrives to collect their package.

"I trust the containment seal remains intact?" a scientist inquires.

"Indeed. We did not open it." Arlon assures him.

As they take the package away, H and Dmitri follow them and somehow charm and bullshit their way in for a look at what's in the package. Arlon stealthily follows them through the air vents to make sure they stay out of trouble.


Once the package is brought behind a containment area, it is opened and through the glass the party can see some sort of ancient looking fossil. Soon another scientist arrives and says "Sir, we have collected enough specimens to begin production."

"Excellent." the head scientist replies, "I'm afraid I have to ask you to leave now." he then says to H and Dmitri. When it becomes clear they can go no further, the two head back to the ship. Arlon presses on to get a better look.


Arlon emerges from the vents where he sees a massive factory that seems to be producing some kind of Pokemon from a ton of fossils that look similar to the one they delivered. They are moving down an assembly line where they are being armed and mounted with giant cannons. Seeing all he needs to, Arlon returns to the ship to relay what he has seen. It is clear they can't do anything else here at the moment so they depart from the station.