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Decided to mix things up this week and pull random songs from YouTube instead of my iTunes. I selected a random metal song from the “recommended” tab on YouTube and clicked the first related video by a different artist on each to fill out the list.


Today’s Playlist

This one took an interesting turn. It started in melodic death metal with harsh vocals and ended up in symphonic metal with clean vocals (with that one brutal death metal song in the middle). It was also mostly artists signed to Century Media but made the jump to Napalm Records near the end. I’m curious to see what comes up next time I try this.


War Eternal by Arch Enemy

While We Sleep by Insomnium

Sword, Spear, Blood, Fire by Starkill

Let Her Die by Bombus

Eyes Wide Open by Gus G.

I Forgive (But I Won’t Forget Your Name) by Lacuna Coil

Splinters by Vallenfyre

Nightfall by Xandria

Stardust by Delain

One Wish Away by Katra

Metal Monday is a weekly column by DisturbedShadow on TAY that discusses all things metal. Every Monday morning, we will discuss something metal related and leave you with a playlist to listen to. If it has to do with gaming you’ll find it on TAY and if not you can find it over on TAYClassic.


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