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Welcome to Metal Monday where we continue or extended stay in the US as part of Atlas of Rock. We're still in the south today.


For the last couple of weeks we've been checking out bands from southern states, including the death metal scene in Florida and the sludge metal scene in Louisiana. Today we visit Louisiana's neighbor, Texas.


Let's just get it out of the way now. Texas is home to one of the greatest metal bands of all time: Pantera. While they are no longer together (in part due to the murder of guitarist Dimebag Darrell, may he rest in peace), their impact on the world of metal can still be heard today.

Now with that out of the way, lets head way back to the late 60s when the psychedelic rock movement took hold in Texas with bands like Thirteenth Floor Elevators, Moving Sidewalks, Red Krayola, and Golden Dawn.

Other classic rock greats from Texas include Bloodrock and the legendary ZZ Top

Moving forward in time, Texas has been a pretty big state for punk rock with notable bands such as The Skunks, Big Boys, and Stick Men with Ray Guns

Moving on to alt-rock, Texas has some popular bands in the genre such as Toadies and Bowling for Soup.

Now we cross over from alt-rock to alt-metal. Some big alt-metal bands come from Texas such as Drowning Pool, King's X, and the christian alt-metal/hard rock band Flyleaf.

While never reaching the same popularity as the bands I just mentioned, one of my favorite Texas alt-metal bands is the now split-up Ünloco. Their frontman went on to form another alt-metal band called Anew Revolution.

Groove metal was pioneered by the aforementioned Pantera. After Pantera broke up in the early 2000s, the torch was carried on by the band Damageplan featuring Pantera members Dimebag Darrell on guitar and Vinnie Paul on Drums. Unfortunately their run was cut short due to the murder of Dimebag by a crazed fan who blamed him for the downfall of Pantera.

Vinnie Paul eventually fell in with the groove metal supergroup HELLYEAH featuring members of bands from Texas and all over the country.

Other prominent metal bands from Texas include the metalcore bands Memphis May Fire and Oh, Sleeper.

The Deathcore band Upon a Burning Body.

The humorous glam metal band Dangerous Toys.

And the thrash metal band Rigor Mortis.


That does it for Texas. We're still in the US next time but can you guess which state?

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