Atlas of Rock: Illinois

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Welcome back to another Metal Monday. Today we're in another state in the Great Lakes region of the US.


Last week we were in Ohio but this week we're two states over in Illinois. There's quite a big music scene in Chicago but there are great bands from all over this state.


We begin with some classic rock acts like the band Chicago, named after their city of origin.

There's also the heavier prog-rock band Styx

And the power pop legends Cheap Trick

Moving on to alt-rock, there are several popular bands from the state of Illinois such as Urge Overkill, Local H, and most notably The Smashing Pumpkins.

There are also several popular pop-punk bands including Allister, Alkaline Trio, and Fall Out Boy.

There were also two waves of hardcore punk from the state, the first spawning notable bands such as Naked Raygun and The Effegies.

The second wave was led by such bands as Articles of Faith and Rights of the Accused. This wave tended to incorporate influences from outside genres.

A more recent hardcore punk band from Illinois is the extremely popular Rise Against who take a much more melodic approach to the genre.

There have also been a few big industrial rock and industrial metal bands from Illinois, most notably Stabbing Westward and Ministry.

Now we transition to metal, starting with alt-metal. Some of my favorite alt-metal bands come from Illinois such as SOiL, Chevelle, Mudvayne, and my favorite band of all time, Disturbed (yes, that's where the Disturbed in my name comes from).

Only a few other notable metal bands come from Illinois.

These include the death metal bands Macabre and Master

The death/doom pioneers November's Doom

And the djent style deathcore bands Born of Osiris and Veil of Maya


That's it for Illinois. Next time the Atlas of Rock takes us to the birthplace of grunge. If you can't guess where we're headed next, shame on you.

Metal Monday is a weekly column by DisturbedShadow on TAY that discusses all things metal. Every Monday morning, we will discuss something metal related and leave you with a playlist to listen to. If it has to do with gaming you'll find it on TAY and if not you can find it over on TAYClassic.

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