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Artist: Disturbed
Album: Ten Thousand Fists
Genre: Alternative Metal, Hard Rock
Release Date: September 20, 2005


In this week's Atlas of Rock I discussed the home state of my favorite band of all time. It only seems fitting to feature an album from the Chicago based alt-metal band Disturbed on AotW. Today I present to you Disturbed's third album entitled Ten Thousand Fists for your listening pleasure.


Ten Thousand Fists is definitively the album that first got me into metal music. I first came across this album due to the song "Decadence" being featured on the soundtrack for Need for Speed: Most Wanted and I fell in love with it. To this day it stands as one of my favorite albums of all time.

In my opinion, Ten Thousand Fists is Disturbed's best offering. Every song is great in it's own right. Every one of them. My personal favorite tracks are the album opening title track with it's absolutely crushing riffs, the lead-off single "Stricken" which stands as one of Disturbed's greatest songs, the soaring anthem "I'm Alive," the epic "Overburdened," and the aforementioned "Decadence" which is one of the heaviest tracks on the album. A deluxe version also saw a very limited release. This version of the album contains the rare b-sides from the Ten Thousand Fists sessions "Monster," "Two Worlds," "Hell," and "Sickened." "Hell" is easily one of the best songs Disturbed has recorded.


Ten Thousand Fists features some of the best guitar work that guitarist Dan Donegan has produced to date. There are so many memorable riffs on this album and quite a few guitar solos, something that was absent from the band's first two releases. The guitar tone is also super heavy and crunchy on this album. Drummer Mike Wrengren has also stepped up his game, playing harder, faster, and more technical than on the last two albums. New bassist John Moyer proves himself right from the get go with some awesome bass playing. In some songs that are parts where he even takes the lead over the guitar. And then there's frontman David Draiman giving one of his best vocal performances to date. His voice ranges from soaring melodies, to all out agression, to soft and haunting, to his signature "ahs," "ows," and other vocal sounds.

If you haven't yet heard this fantastic album, take a listen to the limited deluxe edition below. Ten Thousand Fists is a must-have for any metal or hard rock fans.

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