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Artist: Various Artists
Album: Sunset Overdrive Original Soundtrack: Best of Sunset Overdrive Music
Genre: Punk Rock, Garage Rock, Soundtrack
Release Date: November 25, 2014


This week I’m taking a break from reader recommendations to feature a game soundtrack I recently fell in love with. I started playing Insomniac’s Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive back in December, but I only just finished the game’s single player campaign a little over a week ago and I’ve been listening to the soundtrack a lot since then. Best of Sunset Overdrive Music features eighteen tracks written for the game by artists such as Meat Market, Bass Drum of Death, Boats, and Cheap Time. While this doesn’t include every song written for the game, it does include most of the best tracks.

If you haven’t played Sunset Overdrive, the game has a very strong punk rock vibe going for it. As such, the soundtrack is full of awesome punk rock and garage rock songs, all of which were recorded by actual punk and garage artists specifically for the Sunset Overdrive. The in-game soundtrack is mostly instrumental versions, but the actual release features the versions with vocals.


I can say with ease that “Smell the Night” by Bass Drum of Death is my favorite song on this album, and in the entirety of Sunset Overdrive, but some of my other favorites are “I’m on the Run,” and “Between the Lines,” also by Bass Drum of Death, “We’re Gonna Have a Party,” by Dan Sartain, “Folding Socks,” by Meat Market,” and “Alright OK,” by Boats. Of course, every song on this release is super solid. The one complain I have is that the song “Sunset City,” by The Bronx isn’t included on Best of Sunset Overdrive Music, despite being one of the main themes from the game.

Take a listen to Best of Sunset Overdrive Music in the playlist below (now that Kinja actually allows the embedding of YouTube playlists) and let me know what you think. The playlist also includes the aforementioned “Sunset City” despite it not actually being on this release.

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